100+ Best Chrome Extensions – Ultimate List of Best Extensions for Chrome Users

Out of the various web browsers, we have got today, no doubt Google Chrome is the most popular among them. Despite the stiff competition offered by Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, and Internet Explorer – the way Google Chrome has led the supremacy of web browsers is very appreciable. Google Chrome is a very powerful web browser that offers an uncluttered user interface for safe and secure browsing experience. You must be enjoying its modern browsing features. But have you ever thought to supercharge your browser with best Chrome extensions?

If not, then you need to think about it as there are many best Chrome extensions available in Chrome web store that improve your browsing experience. Chrome offers some powerful plug-ins [extensions] that add more values to your web browser and improves your browsing. From blocking ads to ensuring safety against malware and security theft, from social sharing to checking emails, from translating to saving documents, from downloading files to managing passwords – there are millions of extensions that make your browsing simpler and efficient.

Today we have got a mega list of best Chrome extensions for every kind of Chrome users needs. No matter whether you are a novice internet user looking to supercharge your Chrome browser, an advanced user who wants to protect your privacy, a professional who wants to get productive with best Chrome extensions or looking for other needs – we have best Chrome extensions for your every need.

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100+ Best Chrome Extensions – Ultimate List of Best Extensions for Chrome Users

In this mega list, you’ll get to know about 100+ best Chrome extensions. We are starting with best Chrome extensions to protect privacy and best Chrome extensions to get productive while using Google Chrome. As the day passes, we’ll keep adding more and more best Chrome extensions for your every need. Here is a glimpse of what we’ll be adding:

  • Best Chrome Extensions to Protect Privacy and Security while Browsing Web
  • Best Chrome Extensions to Be Productive while Using Google Chrome
  • Best Chrome Extensions for Developers to Simplify Complex Tasks
  • Best Chrome Extensions to Save Money while Shopping Online
  • Best Chrome Extensions for Bookmark Management
  • Best Chrome Extensions for Photo editing, Video editing, and other Media Services
  • Best Chrome Extensions to Integrate with Google Services
  • Best Chrome Extensions for Creating Animated Gifs Easily
  • Best Chrome Extensions for WordPress Users
  • Best Chrome Extensions for Professional Bloggers
  • Best Chrome Extensions for Smart SEO Experts

So let’s start!

Best Chrome Extensions to Protect Privacy and Security while Browsing Web

If you take a look at the total percentage of the desktop/laptop users, you will find that more than 65% of the total aggregate users prefer using Google Chrome as their primary browser. The more the number of users, there’s more privacy risk. So, to keep your online activities private and to prevent your online identity from being misused you need to use specific Chrome extensions. Not just some fancy extensions, but the best Chrome extensions to protect privacy.

You should always remember that it is important to protect privacy while you’re using the Internet. If you aren’t cautious, you might unconsciously hand over sensitive information. Not just private information. But your browsing activities, history, and other information from the browser would always be useful to a hacker. Therefore, to protect privacy, you can take the help of these great chrome extensions to protect privacy.

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1. AdGuard Adblocker

Advertisements are usually considered to include 3rd Party trackers. Well, that doesn’t refer to the situation where every type of ads tracks your browsing activities. The trackers enable cookies and learn from your daily browsing activities to display advertisements. To our belief, Google Adsense program may be on the safe side in using the same, only for improving the Ad quality not selling the data about your browser activity. You may trust them.

adblocker - video ad blocker - Best Google Chrome Extensions

However, if you value every inch of your privacy, installing AdGuard Adblocker chrome extension to protect privacy would be a good choice. It would keep your browsing activities and likes (and dislikes) safe from the Advertisers. Although I must warn you, the browsing experience may be worse. The reason – some functionalities of the website wouldn’t work as expected.

2. Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger is yet another great 3rd party tracker service blocking extension for Chrome. It’s almost similar to AdGuard and related Adblockers. However, it is free from any business policies (come on it’s EFF!). It uses an intelligent algorithm to control and block the trackers on the web pages.

privacy badger - Best Chrome Extensions to Protect Privacy - Best Security Extensions for Chrome
It just doesn’t target standalone advertisements but also the scripts and functions which violate the principle of users consent. It isn’t an ad blocker. It just focuses on blocking scripts which are objectionable to users privacy. So, if you don’t want to break functionalities of a website while protecting your privacy, Privacy Badger is better.

3. Signal Private Messenger

If you’ve used secure messaging apps for Android, you must be familiar with Signal Private Messenger. It’s a secure messenger developed by Open Whisper Systems following military grade encryption. It helps to protect your conversations by encrypting them and even making them inaccessible to the developer team.

signal private messenger - Best Chrome Extensions to Protect Privacy - Best Security Extensions for Chrome

For using this, you need the Signal app to be installed on your Android phone. After you’re done setting it up on your Android device, you can quickly set it up on Chrome. This extension comes handy when you’re working on your laptop/desktop and don’t want to reach out to your smartphone. There’s no doubt about the application’s security, being an open source project. Don’t just be concerned about protecting your privacy, encourage your friends using the same as well. It would make your conversations secure.

4. Ghostery

ghostery - Best Chrome Extensions to Protect Privacy - Best Security Extensions for Chrome
Protecting privacy revolves around finding out the trackers and blocking them. Ghostery is a similar kind of extension. But, it does not exclusively block advertisements. It first informs you about all the trackers active on a site. You can then decide which one to disable. It’s a better chrome extension to protect privacy when you want more control.

5. Zenmate VPN

A VPN would always be necessary for protecting your privacy. However, Chrome extensions to protect privacy would come handy to use. There are different types of VPN Chrome extensions available to protect privacy. However, we found Zenmate VPN service to be the best among them.

zenmate - chrome extension to protect privacy - Best Chrome Extensions to Protect Privacy - Best Security Extensions for Chrome

It’s free (with some limitations), and you can choose a location for your encrypted connection. To get started, you would need to sign up an account for that, and sign in to activate the extension. It even offers a cool feature by which you can set different locations for preferred websites. It’s termed to be as – Smart Locations – which proves to be useful by strengthening the security. According to what we found out, it’s one of the best chrome extensions to protect privacy. You can consider similar VPN service Chrome extensions as well. Of course, if you trust them with your privacy.

6. KB SSL Enforcer

Websites which implement SSL security for their visitors are safe. The HTTPS connection they offer to a reader makes sure of any dangerous thing. It enables a secure connection of the visitor with the site. Thus, a significant step to protect users privacy. You can observe the same thing implemented on this website as well. So, you can be sure that no attacker tries to snoop at your browsing activities while viewing our website.

KB SSL Enforcer - Forced HTTPS - Best Chrome Extensions to Protect Privacy - Best Security Extensions for Chrome

Here comes the savior – KB SSL Enforcer. Many websites have SSL certificates installed, but they don’t enforce the HTTPS connection. So, by the help of this plugin for Chrome, you can implement the HTTPS connection at the web pages where they do support it. For instance – you can try lifehacker.com. It pulls up the non-encrypted version by default. But with the help of KB SSL enforcers, you can force lifehacker.com to use an encrypted connection.

7. ScriptSafe

ScriptSafe is a complete privacy protector extension for Google Chrome. It gives you an enhanced report of resources that are pulled up as non-encrypted. It focuses on the scripts and resources on the web page.

script safe - chrome extension to protect privacy - Best Chrome Extensions to Protect Privacy - Best Security Extensions for Chrome

If you’re viewing a website which is already secured by an SSL connection, it’s safe. However, if the site happens to use external resources, what are the chances, you’d detect them quickly? I don’t think that would be a quick process. And, external resources can be modified anytime, and you won’t know if it’s a protected resource or not. You’ll have to open the console and view the source codes and scripts to see whether the site has external resources active or not. Now, even if you detect them, there’s no way, you can disable them from pulling up manually.

So, ScriptSafe Chrome extension comes handy in such situations. And, you could analyze better and block the external resources from loading if you don’t trust them with your privacy.

8. HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS everywhere - Best Chrome Extensions to Protect Privacy - Best Security Extensions for Chrome
If you don’t want HTTP resources to load at all, you should consider using this extension to forcefully load secure resources wherever possible. And, also if you don’t want to visit a web page without SSL security. You can just turn on the “Disable HTTP” option. So, it would automatically block the web pages that usually loads with the HTTP request.

9. Don’t Track Me Google

disable tracking - dont track me google - Best Chrome Extensions to Protect Privacy - Best Security Extensions for Chrome
When you search for something on Google and click on a result, what happens? Google tracks your activity with referral IDs and a bunch of other information about your browser. If you don’t want Google to track any information of yours, then consider using this chrome extension to protect privacy. However, there are Google alternatives and private search engines as well.

Experts Ideas for Choosing Best Chrome Extensions for Privacy and Security:

Well, to protect your privacy, you would need the best chrome extensions to protect privacy as mentioned on this list. Privacy Badger should be the priority, and HTTPS everywhere should follow the choice. AdGuard is impressive as well but would probably ruin the web experience. Don’t Track Me Google, is an interesting choice to have if you’re fond of using the Google search engine.

Did we miss any of your favorite Chrome extensions to protect privacy? Let us know through the comments section below.

Best Chrome Extensions to Be Productive while Using Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers that offers tons of features to make your browsing experience out of this world. What makes Chrome first choice for most people is its gigantic Web Store that lets you add almost any type of feature to Chrome. There are thousands of extensions to choose from, and most of them are completely free.

There are many extensions available that focus on making you productive with your work or just get things done faster. However, when there are so many extensions to choose from, it can get a little confusing as well. Whatever category you search for, you will get hundreds of extensions. We are going to solve this problem by listing down just the best Chrome extensions that will boost your productivity one way or another. We have only selected the best ones in the category, so you don’t have to worry about getting anything less than the best.

10. OneTab

OneTab- put all tabs in one place - useful google chrome extensions - Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity

If you are one of those people who have dozens of tabs opened all the time, then OneTab will surely please you. As the name suggests, OneTab is all about arranging all your opened tabs into OneTab. It will close all your opened tabs and show them in a vertical list to choose from. It will save memory (a big issue with Chrome) and make it easier to access any tab. You can also select which tabs to arrange in OneTab and which to keep open.

11. StayFocused

StayFocused- block distractive websites - extensions for google chrome - Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity

Being productive requires focus, and to our luck, now there are hundreds of distracting website to keep us distracted. Facebook, YouTube, your Email, blogs and hundreds of other sites are there to keep you away from your actual work. StayFocused solves this problem by only allowing you to access distracting websites for a specific duration in a day. After that, they will become inaccessible for that rest of the day. It can be annoying to get back in as you will have to solve puzzles to break the restriction.

12. Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket- save online content - google chrome extension page - Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity

Pocket is a bookmark manager on steroids, which will let you save online content to view later. The current Chrome bookmark manager is good, but if you bookmark a lot of websites and looking to be more productive, then Pocket is perfect for you. Pocket will let you save images, web pages, videos and text content. It syncs the saved content over all your devices and it arranged by categories and tags for easier access.

13. Readability

Readability- declutter online content - extensions google chrome - Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity

Web sites offer tons of side content alongside the main content. You have to deal with ads, promotions, related content, videos, and loads of other distracting content. If you just want to focus on the content, then you can use Readability. With a single click, Readability will remove all the clutter and only show you the main content of the website. It can also save content for later viewing and sync content with Kindle.

14. The Great Suspender

The Great Suspender- save tab resources - google extension chrome - Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity

It is more of an optimization extension than productivity, but if a slower browser is leading to less productivity, then The Great Suspender will help. This extension suspends tabs after a specified time if they are not in use. It keeps the tab open, but taking on resources. As soon as you click on a tab, the page will load again, and you can navigate. It is perfect if you always have loads of tabs opened without frequent use.

15. Lastpass

Lastpass- manage passwords - Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity

Keeping track of all of your passwords used on different websites can be tough. It becomes almost impossible when you use extremely hard to remember passwords for each site (which you should). Lastpass will save all of your passwords, and you can access them from any device using a master password. All you have to do is remember the master password and Lastpass will handle the rest. It will also auto-fill the login forms of saved websites.

16. TabCloud

TabCloud - sync tabs - browser extension chrome - Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity

With the help of TabCloud, you can save all your opened tabs in the cloud. You may access these tabs from any desktop with just a few clicks. For example, if you have loads of tabs opened on your work computer, you don’t need to reopen them on your home PC. Just use TabCloud and sync your tabs over all your PCs.

17. Synata

Synata - combine cloud storage services - install best google chrome extension - Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity

If you are using multiple cloud storage services to store all your data, then it can be very confusing and time-consuming to find the required data. Synata let you sign in with your desired cloud storage services, like Box, Google Drive, and Dropbox, etc. And put all of their data in one place. With Synata extension you can find photos, videos, documents and your other data without having to search each service separately.

18. Honey

Honey - search discount coupons - chrome top extensions - Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity

If you are a Shopaholic, then this extension will save you a lot of time and money. Honey automatically search for coupon codes for supported websites and enter them to get discounts and offers. Just click on the Honey button on a coupon entering field, and it will automatically search for the coupon code. It supports over a hundred stores, specifically in the USA and the UK.

19. Adblock Plus

Adblock Plus - best chrome extension to block ads - google chrome extensions adblock

Ads can be annoying and distract you from your work, especially, those annoying pop-ups and intrusive ones. Adblock Plus will block all the annoying ads and replace them with white space or a background similar to the interface. It doesn’t block unobtrusive ads by default, but you can block all ads by configuring the settings. Although you should keep in mind that most websites survive on ads, so whitelist sites you visit often or which show least distracting ads.

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20. Lazarus: Form Recovery

Lazarus Form Recovery - recover crashed forms - top extension for chrome - Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity

If you need to deal with web forms often or just want to make sure you never have to re-edit any web form again, then try Lazarus. This extension saves all your entries in a web form, and if any accident like the power outage leads to closing the form, you can easily recover it.

21. Black Menu for Google™

Black Menu for Google™ - all Google services in one place - Best chrome extensions plugin

A must have Google Chrome extension for all those people love all of the services provided by Google. Black Menu puts all of the Google services you are using in one place. You can search the web using the extension, manage Google+, use Google Translate, Use Google, Maps, search Google Play Store, use YouTube, use Gmail and many other services all from this extension’s page.

22. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot - Best Chrome extension to take screenshots - useful google chrome plugins

Screenshots can be handy for illustration purposes, and there is no better option than Awesome Screenshot in this category. This extension will let you take screenshots of any area and annotate it. You can add comments, blur sensitive information and share screenshots with one click.

23. Google Dictionary

Google Dictionary - Find words meaning online - dictionary extension for chrome - Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity

Google Dictionary is the best dictionary extension for Chrome, which is easy and fast to use. If you have to search for word meanings online a lot, you can use this extension to find word meaning just by double-clicking it quickly. It will show meaning, synonyms and even offer a translation. Furthermore, it will keep a history of all the words searched to let you practice later.

24. crxMouse Chrome Gestures

crxMouse Chrome Gestures - Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity - best new chrome extensions

When this extension is enabled, you can control all your browsing activities with your mouse. It supports mouse gestures and specific keystrokes to use browser features. For example, you can open/close windows, open/reopen tabs, go forward or back, scroll up or down and do many other simple tasks with simple mouse gestures.

Experts Ideas for Choosing Best Chrome Extensions for Productivity

Productivity is what everyone seeks and being productive while browsing is crucial as the Internet plays a significant role in our life. The above mentioned best Chrome extensions will help you in multiple ways. Whether you want to work productively or just want to perform daily tasks faster, there is an extension for it mentioned above.

Black Menu is a must have if you are a fan of Google services, and crxMouse Chrome Gestures are perfect if you want to be fast and stylish while using Chrome. Resource friendly extensions like OneTab and The Great Suspender are also great options if you are low on resources. If you know any other productive Chrome extensions, do let us know in the comments.

Best Chrome Extensions to Integrate with Google Services

Google Services are awesome. For an average internet user, not a day passes without using Google services like YouTube, Gmail, Maps and of course, Google Search. That having said, nothing is perfect, so are the Google projects — don’t worry, though. If you are using Google Chrome as your browser, you have different ways to enhance these Google services. You just have to get the right Chrome extensions to integrate with Google Services, be it Gmail, YouTube or something else.

To make things simpler, we’ve created a well-crafted collection of best Chrome extensions for Google service integration, in your Chrome browser. Most of the extensions work as an extra layer on top of actual services while some bring brand-new features. We are sure that you’ll find most of these extensions useful in the end.

25. Turn Off the Lights

turn-off-the-lights - Best Chrome Extensions – Ultimate List of Best Extensions for Chrome Users

Do you stream your favourite content via YouTube? If so, Turn off the Lights is one of the best Chrome extensions you can try. It manages to provide a better YouTube experience, by making the YouTube player isolated. It literally turns off the other lights in your Chrome browser window, so that you can completely focus on the YouTube player. This is a cool feature if you don’t like going full screen while watching videos. On the other hand, when all other parts of web pages go dark, you can have a cinema experience on YouTube. It’s a lightweight Chrome extension, but really productive. If you watch longer videos on YouTube so often, Turn off the Lights will be essential for YouTube needs.

26. Google Input Tools

google-input-tools - Best Chrome Extensions – Ultimate List of Best Extensions for Chrome Users

Do you want to bring multi-language input support into your Chrome browser? Well, by installing the Google Input Tools extension, you can simply do that. Depending on the language you select, both Transliteration and In-script options will be available. For instance, in case of Indian regional languages, we find three options — Transliterate, In-Script & Phonetic. In light of our experience, Google Input Tools is the best way to communicate in your language, without knowing regional keyboard layouts. In addition, with selected languages, you can have the Handwriting Mode too. You can simply draw on screen to get things typed. In short, Google Input Tools is the best choice you have for non-English language input.

27. Boomerang for Gmail

boomerang-for-gmail - Best Chrome Extensions – Ultimate List of Best Extensions for Chrome Users

Gmail is undoubtedly the best email service in the world. However, you may need some additional features like scheduling to make your Gmail experience best. Boomerang for Gmail brings a bunch of automation options into the Gmail interface and it is tightly integrated with the service. Once you have installed the extensions, you will see Scheduling options within Gmail interface. Apart from Email Scheduling, Boomerang offers the options of email tracking. That is, you can know if receiver has opened and read your email. You can also set Reminders inside Gmail and get notifications right in the inbox. It’s free to use Boomerang for a few emails. However, for huge numbers, you will have to pay more.

28. Google Cast

google-cast - Best Chrome Extensions – Ultimate List of Best Extensions for Chrome Users

Google Cast for Chrome is one of the best entertainment extensions for Google Chrome as well. You can connect your Chrome browser with the Chromecast you own, use this simple extension. And, after that, you can stream your content to the TV screen in a few clicks. It’s an official extension from Google, and you don’t have to worry about safety. After installation, you can see a Google Cast button on particular websites like YouTube and Netflix. You can simply click on the button and the content will be available on your Chromecast-connected device. If you want to enjoy your favourite video content on a big screen, this extension will surely help you do that. Yes, you can send content to any other device that supports Cast.

29. Save to Google Drive

save-to-google-drive - Best Chrome Extensions – Ultimate List of Best Extensions for Chrome Users

Ever stumbled upon an awesome file and wanted to save it to Google Drive? Well, you don’t have to do that download-&-upload thing again. Save to Google Drive is the official Google Chrome extension for saving web files into your G-Drive storage space. You can save web pages, hyperlinks and media into the same storage, via context menu options. Suppose you want to save an image to Drive space. You can simply right-click on the picture and select ‘Save Image to Google Drive.’ The whole task will be done in a few seconds. This extension is useful if you want to make individual web files available on all your devices.

30. Google Calendar

google-calendar - Best Chrome Extensions – Ultimate List of Best Extensions for Chrome Users

Do you plan a lot? Wouldn’t that be great if you can keep track of all your upcoming events, right from the browser screen? You can do that by installing the official Google Calendar extension for Google Chrome. After the installation, you can see a Calendar button on the browser toolbar. For the initial setup, you will have to Authorize Google Calendar. In a single click, you can have the list of upcoming events. It also allows you to add new Calendar events without leaving the page. Suppose you are visiting the web page of an upcoming conference. You can add the Calendar entry, right from the page. It is an awesome way to integrate with Google Calendar and entries.

31. Magic Actions for YouTube

magic-actions-for-youtube - Best Chrome Extensions – Ultimate List of Best Extensions for Chrome Users

Just like the case of Turn Off the Lights, this is an excellent Chrome extension for hard-core YouTube users out there. It brings an impressive cinematic experience into the YouTube player, with the help of effects and certain actions. Auto HD is one of its coolest features. You can set YouTube to start playing content in High-Resolution HD standards, instead of changing it every single time. At the same time, you can use the mouse scrolling button for volume control and capture screenshots in a single click. Magic Actions for YouTube also brings a bunch of other options such as more than 20 color themes, support for HTML5 Player, Cinema Mode, Thumbnail enlargement, etc.

32. Send from Gmail

send-from-gmail - Best Chrome Extensions – Ultimate List of Best Extensions for Chrome Users

Send from Gmail is yet another Chrome extension that integrates well with your Gmail account. This Google Chrome extension is for those who send emails so often, to friends, families and for professional needs. Suppose you found a fantastic website and you want to share it with friends. If you have this Chrome extension installed, it’s all just a click away. This is an official extension from Google Inc and there’s no question about security. Working of the extension is too simple. When you are on a website, you can click the button. You will instantly see a beautiful pop-up box, where you can provide recipient details and subject line. The link will be pasted there and you can send the email in no time. The process works like charm and you needn’t leave the actual website.

33. Music Player for Google Drive

music-player-for-google-drive - Best Chrome Extensions – Ultimate List of Best Extensions for Chrome Users

Last in our list of best Chrome extensions to integrate with Google services, but not the least, Music Player for Google Drive is an exciting choice for audiophiles. It’s just that you’ve to keep your favorite tracks in the Google Drive storage. After installing this extension, you will see an option to open with Music Player for Google Drive in the context menu. You can select the tracks and open them via the player. And, it’s all about enjoying those tracks in the background. If you shift computers so often and can’t store music in all of them, this is a cool way to integrate with Google Drive and enjoy your favorite tracks. The extension brings a minimalist but better music player interface and layout.

Experts Ideas for Choosing Best Chrome Extensions to Integrate with Google Services

Well, these are the best Chrome extensions you can use to integrate with Google Services. Some of these best Chrome extensions bring the service to Chrome while others work as additional features. For instance, Save to Google Drive is an awesome way to bring Drive features into Chrome. At the same time, Boomerang for Gmail or Music Player for Google Drive is something of extra functionality. So, depending on what you need, you can pick a few Chrome extensions from the list. We have tested all these, and you can take our word for quality.

The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Google Chrome browser packs itself with full of amazing extensions which are of best utility and all together make your browsing experience incredible. However, it is worth noting that loading your chrome browser with tons of extensions will ultimately slow down your browser and even system may start un-responding.

Do let us know, which Google Chrome extensions are you using? Want to add your favorite extension in this list of best chrome extensions? Use comment box below.

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