7 Best CSS Editors to Create and Edit Your CSS Files

Gone are the days when you had to stuff <font> tag in HTML file and get your hands dirty with codes while tweaking them to make websites look impressive, adding colors, backgrounds and all! Now, following the rise of CSS — Cascading Style Sheets —, things have become simpler, to the extent that a single CSS file can make your website look splendid. Despite that, people still use rudimentary, all-in-one editors to create and edit CSS files for their websites. But, why you should do that if some of the best CSS editors are available for you — both premium and free CSS editing tools?

Well, it’s necessary that you should have a dedicated CSS editor with you. At least, you should have an editor that is having CSS support in priority list! To help you choose the best one, we’ve created a list of best CSS Editors that help you edit CSS files like a pro. The list includes both offline HTML CSS editor solutions as well as online editors. So, shall we start?

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7 Best CSS Editors to Create and Edit Your CSS Files

1. Stylizer

Stylizer is a dedicated, real-time HTML CSS editor you can purchase for your Windows and Macintosh devices! It is popularly used in more than 89 countries, and the customers include popular brands such as Sony, Reuters, IBM, and Netflix. We must say the interface and feature section of Stylizer is just awesome. On top of everything, Stylizer edits all your CSS files in real-time, meaning that the changes would be in effect without hitting the reload button.

Stylizer best css editing tools dedicated - best HTML CSS editor tool for Windows Mac

Talking of other features, Stylizer is compliant towards all the standards of CSS3 and HTML5, giving you suggestions, pointing out errors and making the workflow smoother. Other features include Remote Control, which helps you to do repetitive tasks easily using a toolbar, drag-and-drop management, cross-browser previewing, auto-complete codes, etc. With a free trial and buying price of $79, it’s all good.

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2. Expresso

Expresso is a web editor that comes from MacRabbit! As the developer’s name says, availability of the tool is limited to Macintosh only, and it’s one of the most effective CSS editors for Mac. In short, you are going to get a smoother coding experience. In case if you remember CSSEdit 3, you would be glad to know that Expresso comes with it, pre-installed. However, in any case, you are assured of complete CSS3 compatibility, with all the features.

Expresso best CSS editor for Mac - best online CSS editor for Mac

Apart from the superb interface, there are some features. For instance, to enhance your workflow, its features such as language support, contextual completion, zen actions, smart snippets, etc. would be useful. As we do come to the case of coding, X-Ray lets you preview better while the code-folding and drag-and-drop techniques are way too awesome. The trial is available, but the full version costs $75.

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3. TopStyle 5

TopStyle 5 is an offline HTML CSS editor that has been optimized completely for both HTML5 and CSS3! It’s available only for Windows, but it’s one of the best CSS editing tools. From many aspects, TopStyle 5 is a fully-fledged IDE, but its difference is that it’s specialized for the web developer, especially for CSS. The one we are talking about now is the latest version of TopStyle, and it supports Prefixr and a lot more other things.

TopStyle 5 HTML CSS Editor Paid Windows - Best Offline HTML CSS Editor for Windows

Insight gives appropriate code auto-completion as well as suggestions, while Inspector is helpful for editing elements conveniently. It needs to be noted that TopStyle 5 supports multi-browser preview as well. There’s a detailed color selection section in the tool along with options such as auto-replace that help you type less and to code more. Another important feature we found in TopStyle 5 is the option to connect to your server using FTP & SFTP and enable remote editing. It’s available for $79.95.

4. Coda

Coda is a fully-fledged IDE available for Macintosh devices, which can effectively be used for editing CSS files! We will say Coda is the most professional IDE available there, not only regarding user interface but also the performance & compatibility. This IDE can be a good-to-go companion for you when you want to develop an entire website of yours, including HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, etc. There’s even support for Git, in case if you needed it. And, yes, editing your CSS files wouldn’t be a big deal here.

Coda CSS Editor IDE for Mac - Best Online HTML CSS Code Editor for Mac

One of the most impressive features of Coda is the quick-enough parsing of code and syntax highlighting after that! Also, Coda can index different elements of your sites, from different files, so that you get a unified auto-completion in the long run. Coda comes with support for a variety of plug-ins, which you can install according to your purposes. Also, the web development-oriented IDE has integrated publishing options as well. Coda costs $99.

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5. Notepad++

Notepad++ isn’t a CSS editor, per se! That is having said; you can use Notepad++ to create or edit your CSS files with an extreme ease and convenience. This open-source text editor is available for Microsoft Windows, and it’s free, completely free. What has to be noted here is that Notepad++ is the developers’ favorite choice when it comes to coding without boundaries. The size of this text editor is small, but you will have a fully-fledged experience once you have installed it in PC.

Notepad++ Common Coding HTML CSS Editor - Best CSS Editing Solution for Windows

Talking of features, we have to start from Syntax Highlighting and Syntax Folding. The best part is that you can define highlighting and folding as per your needs. Other features include the customizability of Notepad++ UI, options for autocompletion of words as well as functions, different viewing options for convenient editing of multiple files, the support for macros, etc. If you need a calm coding experience without much mess, Notepad++ is the best, we’d say.

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6. Editr

If you are looking for the best online CSS editor, why shouldn’t you host one on your server? If you are interested, Editr is for you! You can install Editr in the web server you own, and you will have a platform, where you can run CSS, HTML and JavaScript files. However, Editr is much more than a typical online CSS editor you have seen. You would be able to select the hard-code installation or the WordPress plugin.

Editr Web-based CSS Editor HTML Editor - Best Online HTML CSS Code Editor Tool

Coming to the case of features, there are a lot. You have a strong integration with Github, and you can use Gist that is quite well when coming to file management aspect. Also, to suit your convenience, several themes, easier options for embedding, error detection, etc. are there in Editr. Also, it uses the ACE Editor, which is rich in functions and syntax highlighting is considered. Once installed, it can be run anytime, simply, neatly.

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7. CodePen

CodePen is called the web-based front-end editor, available free of cost. Once you have launched the main sector of CodePen, you have two options; you can either import one CSS or HTML file through drag-and-drop, or you can type the whole code while the platform gives you suggestions and all. You have three sections in the interface, for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and it is possible to create a whole website, from the interface. It also has an integrated space for previewing — instant previewing.

CodePen best online css Editor free - Free Best CSS Editors - Powerful CSS Editing Solution

CodePen would be indeed the best free CSS editor online tool available. If for nothing else, we can count the tool in for the awesome coding interface. Syntax folding and syntax highlighting are available. And, in the end, you can also save the code into your account or create a Github Gist or .ZIP package. You even have some superb keyboard shortcuts, making things easier.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

So, you have seen seven different CSS editing tools available for different platforms. Two of them are web-based, and one can be installed on your web server. Of course, each CSS Editor listed here has one peculiarity or another. It can be noted, for instance, that Stylizer offers a real-time and neat CSS editing experience while Notepad++ is a good one for those who love traditional coding stuff. On the other hand, you can go with something like Expresso or Coda when you need an all-in-one solution for website development, along with a particular care for CSS.

We hope the list helps a lot of web designing and development folks out there. Have any suggestions? Leave us your comments.

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