9 Best Chrome Addons to Create Animated GIFs Quickly

Internet has become an indispensable part of each and every individual’s life. The medium through which we access internet or rather the utilities that facilitate the use of internet are called ‘Web Browsers’ or simply – Browsers. Chrome is just another fast web browser yet the first relevant browser to replace Microsoft’s default web browser i.e. Internet Explorer. It can be used for various purposes like watching movies, downloading games, music etc. and one of it’s use is to create animated GIF images too.

What are Animated Gif Images ?

Animated GIF or graphics interchange format is just another format of image like jpg,png etc. that may seem to many of us as a – very short video clip. In animated or usual GIF images, more than one (to a limit) images are tied together in a pre-decided order to depict a message or story or for any other purpose. An average GIF image supports up to 8 bits per pixels. Though there are many third party softwares available for creating GIF images, it can also be performed via Chrome web browser.

Though initially it may seem to you a time-eating and cumbersome task, but various free addons for chrome have made the process of creating animated gifs easier, even with a mouse’s click.

Wondering which chrome addons will help you to create animated gifs easily ? We are going to explore 9 best chrome addons for creating animated gifs. Previously we have shared best chrome extensions to supercharge your Google Chrome web browser, now have a look at best chrome addons for creating animated gifs.

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9 Best Chrome Addons to Create Animated Gifs Easily

1. MakeGIF Video Capture

This is the first addon in the list and of course, the best chrome addon to create animated GIF images. Once you have downloaded and installed this addon on your Google Chrome web browser, making animated GIFs won’t take much time.

MakeGIF video capture - best chrome addon to create animated gifs with HTML5 websites like youtube MakeGIF Video Capture is a very useful Chrome addon for animated gifs creation. Although it is developed basically for creating animated GIFs using chrome, yet users can also add frames, text, set size etc using this awesome addon for chrome. Once the desired GIF is created, the user can share it or simply download it. However, the only downside of this chrome extension is that it works only with HTML5 websites like YouTube.

2. Make a GIF

As the name suggests, Make a Gif makes the process of making a gif easier. Make a GIF, is an easy to use free chrome addon that helps you create animated GIFs very easily. And if you are a novice user, I recommend you to go with this chrome addon for creating animated GIFs.

Make a gif - best chrome addon to create animated gifs with webcam Though like all other chrome addons, Make a GIF too lets you create GIFs using two or multiple images. But the thing that it offers more than other chrome addons is that the users can use their personal pics and webcam too.

3. Jiffy – The GIF Creating Plugin

Jiffy is yet another powerful chrome addon to make animated gifs creation easier. Just like MakeGIF video capture, it offers various options for animated gifs creation. But downside of Jiffy is that, just like MakeGIF Video Capture Chrome addon, it also works with YouTube only. The utmost time duration for which it can create a GIF (from a YouTube video) is 15 seconds.

Jiffy - Best chrome addon to create animated gifs with youtube To create a new GIF with Jiffy, firstly download and install it in your Chrome web browser. After it is installed, locate the Jiffy toolbar under the video; enter start time and end time and click on Make GIF button.


GIF ME is yet another free Chrome addon plugin that makes saving, sharing and organizing gifs easier. GIF ME not only makes GIFs of human faces but also makes GIFs of other videos and images too. The user can then save the created GIF into any desired format.

Gif me - Best chrome addon to create animated gifs for Beginners To create a GIF, select an image (on the net) then right click on it and in the menu that appears, select “GIF Me” option. Selecting “GIF ME” option will help you create an animated GIF for free. Hence this chrome addon can be used by anyone, even if you aren’t much acquainted with computer stuffs.

5. GIF Your Face

The name says it all. GIF Your Face is yet another free chrome addon that allows you to create an animated GIF using your webcam in under 10 seconds. GIF Your Face Works in co-ordination with your PC/Laptop’s webcam and does exactly what it’s name says.

GIF your face - free chrome addon to create animated GIFs with video recorded - Best Chrome Addons Making GIF image of your own face is no more a hard task if you have this free chrome addon. Record a video with your webcam, save it, and then this addon will convert your video into an image (GIF). What’s more is that it takes negligible amount of time to perform this task (less than 10 seconds).

6. Animated GIF Maker

Animated GIF maker is yet another free chrome addon to create animated GIF images and offers many features for easily creating animated GIFs. Creating an image (GIF type) with this awesome chrome addon is just a click away.

Animated GIF Maker - Best Chrome Addon for Creating Animated Gifs Easily Once you have downloaded and installed Animated GIF Maker Chrome extension, click on the top right corner of the browser to create a GIF, with the assistance of various other tools. Moreover, the quality of the created GIF images is also remarkable.

7. PsykoGif

PsykoGif is one more awesome yet slightly unique free chrome addon to create animated GIFs. With this chrome addon, GIF images can be created but a bit unique. This chrome addon lets you create GIF Images of your avatars.

PsykoGif -Best free chrome addon to create animated GIFs with avatars PsykoGif is a Chrome addon that works in coordination with your laptop’s webcam. The desired GIF image can then be shared online or stored on your hard drive. But the only downside of this chrome addon is that it lets you to add only 6 snaps per GIF.

8. GIF Express Camera (formerly Face2Gif)

The Face2Gif of old days is now GIF Express Camera. It is yet another best Chrome addon which is also free. GIF Express Camera allows you to make your own animated pictures. It can be used on devices like phones/tablets as well as on your PC/Laptop. The basic idea this chrome addon follows is – compliance with your phones/PC’s camera or web camera respectively.

GIF express camera - Best free chrome addon to create animated GIFs with phone or PCs camera Creating an image (GIF) is quite simple with this addon and so is the process of sharing and saving. Moreover the user can also add effects to the pictures and ultimately to the GIFs created with it. Hence this addon is best suited for GIFs with reaction faces, selfies and time-lapse shots.

9. Animated GIF capture

Animated GIF Capture is yet another free chrome addon that makes GIF images with screen captures be it desktop’s, game’s or any other event’s going on, on your screen. Animated GIF Capture helps you convert screen capture to animated GIF image. Creating an image is a quite easy process with this chrome addon.

Animated GIF capture - Best Free Chrome Addons to Create Animated GIFs with ScreenshotsTo create a GIF image – click the icon (addon’s icon) on the screen in order to begin screen capturing. The leftover time will be displayed by the side of the screen meanwhile the capturing process goes on. After completion, the GIF image will be automatically downloaded and saved.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Facebook recently introduced the sharing, commenting and sending of GIFs. Since then the usage of GIFs on social media has increased much more than ever before. If you don’t know how to create those animated GIFs, these best chrome addons or extensions to create awesome animated GIF images are meant to help you. So now create as many animated Gifs as you can and have fun with friends.

However if we missed any of the best Chrome addons for animated gifs creation, let us know using the comment box below.

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