Private Photo Sharing : How to Protect Your Privacy on the Internet ? – [Infographic]

Online photo sharing is trending these days, especially in this selfie era when people love snapping selfies and sharing them on social medias. Though, posting your selfie pics on social media is a great way to get exposure to your photos and have fun with friends. But you need to be cautious! Sharing your photos on social media can be risky.

You need to know, how to keep your photos private to protect your privacy on the internet. No matter, whether you are a social media super geek or a new social enthusiast who just joined Facebook, Instagram, Picasa, Flickr and other online photo sharing social sites – tweaking your social updates in some simple steps provides you complete control over who can see your photos and albums.

If you are still unknown about custom audience targeting on popular social sites like Facebook, Instagram, etc. you should follow the tips provided in this infographic so that you may keep your photos private.

The fun part is, even if you have unknowingly committed mistakes in online photo sharing then also you may make your existing personal albums private using these steps, which is beneficial in protecting your privacy on the internet.

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How to Protect Your Privacy on the Internet?

When it comes to protecting online privacy, you need to be smart in limiting the audiences reach of posts, status, photos, tweets, galleries and albums you share online. If you are on private photo sharing mode, make sure none other than the person you want to share with can see your photos.

Let your friends, family members or only those people who you trust, should see your pictures and keep every other person away from your selfies or any other pics for which you want privacy.

Our folks at StudyWeb have done an excellent job in creating this illustration to teach you how to keep your photos private while sharing on social medias. Take a look a this:

Update: We have removed the infographic for security reasons.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

When it comes to sharing digital photos, it is effortless to download, copy, upload and post as social updates. The best way to protect your privacy on the internet is to limit the audience reach of your post. It is much easier than you think to protect your online privacy – considering if you care your privacy online.

However, do remember this:

If you are in doubt, just don’t upload it.

Do you have any tips for protecting online privacy? Do share in the comment box and let us know.

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