YouTube Tips and Tricks: How to Blur YouTube Videos to Hide Things in YouTube Videos?

YouTube is the largest video-sharing website that allows you to share your videos easily with the whole world. YouTube makes it simple to upload videos and share it with your viewers. Furthermore, it comes with a reliable video editor that will let you easily edit your videos to make them look their best. And one [...]

5 Best Free web Browser Cleaner Tools to Clean Your Browser

The browser is the gateway to the internet, and if your browser is slow, you will also have a bad internet experience. Unfortunately, no matter which browser you are using, it will slow down after some wear and tear. When you browse the internet, you are saving loads of data including cookies, cache, browsing history, [...]

How to Clear Autofill: How to Delete Autofill in Chrome & other Browsers?

Almost all modern web browsers come with the autofill feature that enables you to fill forms fields automatically without any need for manually entering the data every time. It is very convenient and makes your browsing experience very smooth. It can autofill your address, phone number, postal code, shipping/home address, Emails, Credit card details and [...]

Apps Like Google Authenticator: Google Authenticator Alternatives to Secure Your Online Accounts

2-Factor Authentication is an excellent way to ensure no one can access your online accounts. The users will have to provide the username, password and a temporary code sent to their phone. Thus making it almost impossible for any hacker to hack your account without access to your phone. However there is a downside to [...]

Android Multiplayer Games - Games to Play with Friends - Top 8 Best Android Multiplayer Games to Play with Friends

Playing games all alone on your smartphone? That would be fun for a short period. And, after you've completed the levels, either you would have to wait for an update which introduces new levels, or you would end up uninstalling the game. Gaming on Android is evolving quickly, and most of the credit go to [...]

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