Apps Similar to Showbox - Top 7 Best Android Movie Apps Like Showbox

Showbox is a very popular Android movie app to let you stream latest movies and TV shows for free. Even though it is believed to be the best place to stream pirated (new content) – it is very risky. No matter whether you use it on your phone or Android TV – I would not [...]

11 Best Soundbars Under $200-$300

Top 11 Best Soundbars Under $200-$300

When I watch a movie, I want to do so by having the best soundbar possible. Soundbars are great since they can deliver high-quality sound while enjoying a good movie. They also save you space, are not complicated to set up and offer the same experience as a home theatre system. Soundbars are long so [...]

startup disk creator - Best UNetbootin Alternatives to Make Pendrive Bootable for Linux and Windows

UNetbootin is a quite popular tool to make pen drive bootable using image files. However, the development pace surprisingly slowed down and it does not support a lot of things even though it is a cross-platform utility tool available for Windows and Linux. So, when you try making your pen drive bootable using UNetbootin, you [...]

youtube go - Best YouTube Alternative Video Watching Apps

When we talk about alternative video apps to YouTube, there can be a variety of choices as YouTube alternatives. First, you will find video watching apps that utilize YouTube as the source and which equips you with several additional functionalities. For the second part, you will find a different video hosting websites other than YouTube [...]

Fix Wacom Tablet Driver Not Found on Windows 10?

Wacom Tablet is an amazing device if you want to utilize Windows to draw something – no matter whether you use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, or any other tool. Technically, you can do it using a mouse but it’s very difficult. Hence, you need the Wacom tablet for greater precision and the comfort to design something [...]

Best Zombie Gun Games for Zombie Shooting Games Lovers

Nowadays the mobile gaming scene has evolved a lot after the introduction of Battle Royale games like PUBG and Fortnite. But, if you’re someone who’s looking to take a break from those games and try out some zombie shooting games or zombie gun games, you’ve come to the right page. Of course, we’ll mention the [...]

Filmora9 Review - What's New in Filmora9?

Affordable software solutions are often underrated – and so is Filmora9. We definitely see a potential for Filmora being an Adobe Premiere Pro / Final Cut Pro alternative for most of the video editors and creators who are looking for easy/quick editing tools to enhance their videos. Also, compared to its previous version (8)- Fimora9 [...]

Best Bookshelf Speakers under $200

Bookshelf speakers are a must if you’re a music lover. They don’t take up too much space and let you listen to your favorite music after a terrible day at work. But, not everyone has an unlimited budget where they can buy a speaker worth over a thousand dollars. That’s why I have selected the [...]

Best Torrent Clients for Ubuntu Linux - Best Ubuntu Torrent Clients

A Torrent client helps you manage the torrent files easily without any problems. Of course, depending on your Linux distribution, you may have a Torrent client installed by default. But, in general, including for Ubuntu Linux, you need to know about best Torrent clients available out there to make things easier. Also, do note that [...]

How to Check Ubuntu Unity Version

Linux distribution is famous for its ability to give users the choice of a desktop interface. You might go with KDE or GNOME or Unity. Well, you have more options as well – but it depends on what distribution you have and what are the pre-installed/supported desktop environments. If you have Ubuntu 16.10 or previous [...]

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