Cool Desktop Backgrounds

We all want to work on the platform which is quite swift, where we can do our work efficiently. Sometimes we think can we increase the speed and performance of the PC or make Windows 10 run faster on the PC? Is it possible without making any change in the hardware components?  The answer is "Yes." By following [...]

Delete Blank Rows in Excel - How to Remove Blank Rows in Excel?

Blank rows aren't bad, but in most sheets, they're undesirable. Excel uses blanks to determine data ranges, and a blank row in the wrong place will inhibit many built-in features. Fortunately, there's an easy way to remove blank rows from a data range, but this easy technique has the potential to destroy data, so you [...]

Top 15 Best Android File Manager & Explorer Apps for Better File Management

Android's Play Store is getting competitive with loads of applications getting introduced to the users. Some of the aggressive Android purists believe now there are too much more apps on the Play Store than we need. It's somewhat accurate because the number of applications confuses the user for the best option for his or her device. [...]

How to Repeat YouTube Videos - 3 Methods to Repeat YouTube Videos

YouTube offers an interactive interface to play videos and easily find videos you need. It makes accurate suggestions and offers continuous entertainment by loading a new interesting video at the end of the current video. Although this might be entertaining, what if you liked the video and would like to watch it again? In other [...]

Ashampoo DVD Burning Studio Free - Best DVD Burning Software - Top 10 Best DVD Burning Software to Burn a CD Easily [Free & Paid]

Even though USB drives and the cloud storage services are becoming the primary source of data storage, but still DVDs have their status. Many people still prefer to store their personal information on DVDs due to their safe nature. They might not be unbreakable, but they are still very reliable with least chances of getting corrupt [...]

Insert a checkbox in Word: How to Insert a Checkbox in Word Easily?

I am sure that you must have filled online surveys or forms that have checkboxes to register your answers. If you want to create a survey of your own using Microsoft Word and were wondering how to insert checkboxes in Word document, we are going to make your job easier today. Inserting checkboxes in a form [...]

Best File Sharing App for Android - Best Android File Transfer App for Easy File Transfer - Transfer Files from Android to Mac

The storage offered for Android devices is expanding fast. The flagship devices are now coming with a base model coupled with 64 Gigs of internal storage, and the usual other variant comes combined with 128 Gigs of internal storage. Now, comes the scenario to save storage and free up space on Android. Alternatively, only sharing [...]

Free Online Photo Converter Tools to Convert Photos Online for Free

Photos come in different formats, such as PNG, JPG, BMP, ICO, DIB and many other. Different applications have different demands for image format and each image format serve a different purpose. So converting images to a different format is a universal need. Fortunately, there are many free online photo converter tools available to convert photos [...]

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