Transfer Files from Mac to Android - How to Transfer Android Files to Mac

It is always easy to transfer files from an Android device to another Android. However, when it comes to transferring files between different platforms, there are certain tools or methods that you need to remember in order to properly transfer the files from Android. Want to transfer files from Android to iPhone? Sure, no problem. [...]

Google messenger - best free text messaging app for android devices

Texting has become a common practice among people of all ages and mostly among teenagers of these days. Android’s default texting app can never fulfill your requirements if you are a texting addict or professional-like texter. Ultimately, you start searching for the best free text messaging apps for Android smartphones. With the introduction of short [...]

Malware Scanner for Linux - Best Antivirus for Linux

To be honest, Linux does not necessarily need Antivirus programs. In other words, you don’t need an antivirus program for Linux operating system. However, just for the sake of additional protection – you may opt to install one of the best antiviruses for Linux. After all, additional protection for virus protection on Linux isn’t bad [...]

Mario Kart 8 - Best Mario Kart Games of All-Time

We can all agree that Mario games are fun. And, what about Mario kart games? Well, even though Mario kart games are restricted to a couple of platforms – it is still one of the best games around to have a little fun and spend a great weekend. If you have heard about Super Mario [...]

Access iMessage Online - How to Access iMessage Online for PC and Mac?

iMessage is an essential app for iPhone users. It is the default SMS app that you have on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and other Apple devices. And, it also works as an instant messaging app for iOS users. But have you ever thought of accessing iMessage online? In this article, you’ll learn how to access [...]

Barbie Dress up Games for Girls - Free Barbie Dress up Fashion Games

Hold on, by now you must be thinking that a girl must have written this article – but I hate to break it to you, it is not the case. Well, even though I don’t have a personal interest in barbie dress up games – who doesn’t know about barbie dolls and barbie dress up [...]

Find WiFi Password on iPhone - How to Find WiFi Password on iPhone without Jailbreak

You might have an iPhone that’s already connected to a WiFi network. However, you just forgot the password to connect with another device or maybe you were using your friend’s network and he/she is unavailable to get the password from. Whatever be the case, are you wondering how to find WiFi password from your iPhone? [...]

PlanGrid Construction App for Android - Free Construction Apps for Android

Construction apps for Android? Well, you might be wondering why are we talking about such applications here. Fret not, construction apps aren’t anything useless, they are quite useful. Of course, construction apps aren’t something that is used by all but suitable only for a specific group of people. These apps may be utilized by professionals [...]

What Happens When You Block Someone on iPhone?

You are probably here just because this (What Happens When You lock Someone on iPhone?) is one of the most requested questions by iOS users in general. Of course, it is not rocket science to explain what happens after blocking someone on iPhone. However, for the very first time – if you are not sure [...]

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