Pokemon GO - Games Like Pokemon- 8 Best Games Like Pokemon for Android and iPhone

When Pokemon Go first came out, it got millions of people out on the streets, exploring their local area and making friends like we've never seen before. It was a worldwide phenomenon, and it showed us the power of GPS and location-based mobile games like Pokemon. While individuals may still be playing Pokemon Go, and [...]

Softros LAN Messenger Lets You Create Secure Office Chat Between Android and Windows

Nowadays, the users are more concerned about their conversations remaining private. Well, aptly put, the people expect their communications to remain encrypted. And if the conversation is related to business, you need to create a secure office chat between the teammates. So, even if an attacker manages to get access to the conversation, he/she would [...]

Top 7 Best Ringtone Downloading Android Apps for Free Ringtone Downloads

Ringtones have existed in one form or another and remained primary method for the alert about incoming calls, messages, and notifications since the existence of mobile phones. With the evolution of mobile phones, ringtones have also evolved and recognized with different names like - calling ringtones, SMS ringtones, notification tones, etc. Almost every mobile phone/smartphone [...]

Run Older Version of Programs on Newer Version of Windows - How to Run the Older Version of Programs on Windows 10?

Windows 10 has now become one of the most popular operating systems. Sometimes it happens that we wish to run the older version of programs for performing some particular task, programs developed by Windows XP or for older versions of Windows but we face some trouble in doing that. Some programs just don't work, but [...]

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