13 Best Firefox Addon for Better Browsing Experience

Internet has become an integral part of our lives, not only for communication but also for getting information, playing games, listening music, watching movies and other entertainment activities along with many more everyday activities that revolve around internet. When it comes to getting information from web, web browsers are very helpful. Having a better browsing experience to browse faster on any web browser is must.

Among various fastest web browsers available, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari are some of the best browser. Just like Google Chrome allows you to download powerful extensions to supercharge your chrome browser, Mozilla Firefox also has powerful addons to improve your browsing experiences. We have selected 13+ Best Firefox Addons for Better Browsing Experience on Mozilla.

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13 Best Firefox Addon for Better Browsing Experience

1. BugMeNot

There are some websites that don’t allow their users to use any of the features until and unless they don’t register on those websites. Though all websites are not alike but whenever you visit such websites (that requires registration), you may use this free Firefox addon. BugMeNot helps you bypass compulsory web registration with the context menu. BugMeNot is the best Firefox addon for the websites that you don’t use very often, but you need to register on those websites whenever you use them.

BugMeNot - Best Firefox Addon to Automatically Loh in to any Websites

Whenever you visit to any such website, right click and select BugMeNot in the password and username field. You may use that website for as long as you want to without actual registration. However in case of social networking sites or any other sites that you visit most frequently, it is advised to register permanently.

2. Secure Login

Do you often use social networking sites or the sites that requires to login? For most of us, the answer is yes. Secure Login is one of the most popular Firefox addon. Secure Login is an extension for Firefox integrated password manager that helps you easily all your manage passwords. Whenever you want to login, just click on this addon’s icon or an even better option is to just use the hotkeys combination.

Secure Login - Best Firefox Addon and Free Password Manager for Firefox

Secure Login is a very powerful Firefox addon that complies with the Firefox’s password manager and saves user’s time. This Firefox addon not only saves user’s time, but also protects the privacy of it’s users from PC invaders i.e. hackers and vulnerable or malicious Cross Site Scripts (XSS).

3. Xmarks Sync

Xmarks Sync is yet another best Firefox addon that can help you improve your browsing experience on Mozilla Firefox. Xmaks Sync is primarily known as top rated Firefox addon for managing bookmarks and synchronizing open tabs in Mozilla Firefox. It is one of the best Firefox extension for employees, students, bloggers or any other person who consistently research on a topic. Install this Firefox extension on both the PC’s that you use and your bookmarks will be synced automatically with its powerful automatic synchronization mode.

Xmarks Sync - Best Firefox Addon to Enhance Browsing Experience

In addition to syncing your bookmarks on various devices, this Firefox addon does many more activities for you like backing up your bookmarks, open tabs etc. So even if you somehow loose your collection of bookmarks, don’t panic this Firefox addon has already backed up your bookmarks to it’s servers and you may easily restore them across multiple browsers and computers again.

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4. Better Gmail 2

Gmail is one of the most popular free email service offered by Google. But don’t you hate staring on default Gmail design. Well, there are many powerful Firefox addons to customize your Gmail. One such best Firefox addon for better Gmail customization is – Better Gmail 2.

Better Gmail - Best Firefox Addon for Gmail - Customize Gmail for Better Look

With this best Firefox addon for Gmail, you may customize the appearance of Gmail as per your needs. It adds useful extra features to Gmail, like hierarchical labels, an unread message icon on your browser tab, file attachment icons, and more. This addon is not confined to changing the looks or skins only, but it allows you to tweak the HTML code too; though to a certain limit.

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5. Sage

If you are a blogger or an enthusiastic learner then trust me mate, this Firefox addon is perfectly designed and made for you. Blogs are often updated you can be easily notified about the latest post via subscription to RSS feeds or their newsletters with the help of this Firefox addon.

Sage - Best Firefox Addon for New Reading and Feed Updates

Sage is the update of venerable sage reader. Visit to a blog or site and this awesome Firefox addon will automatically find the feed for you and you can simply click to subscribe. Apart from this, the reader being sleek, displays the latest feeds in Firefox along with graphics and summary. If you are interested to read the whole post just click on the link.

6. Google Preview

All of us use Google for a variety of reasons; hence google has become a synonym to encyclopedia. Whenever we google something, we visit a number of websites, but the downside of many website they do not actually contain what we see in the search results. Google Preview makes you able to see a short preview of links available in Google search result.

Google Preview - Best Firefox Addon to Save Time While Browsing - Faster Browsing Experience

This Firefox addon makes your work easier by displaying a short preview of the concerned search result or website in the side bar. Thus it ultimately saves your time as you need not to load various other websites if you already find any relevant one.

7. Adblock Plus

These days all the blogs and websites are filled with advertisements of various kinds. But good thing is : you may now go ads free. Simply Install Adblock Plus which is the best Firefox extension for blocking ads on your PC. It enhances your browsing experience by blocking all the banner and other kind of advertisements, though it claims to eliminate 99% of them.

Adblock Plus Best Firefox Extension for Firefox - Block Annoying Ads and Pop-ups in Firefox

Adblock Plus also allows you to customize the settings to allow few blogs or sites to show ads so that you may support them financially while blocking others which annoy you with pop-ups. If you are new to this Firefox extension and not sure what settings are right, it is advised that you should use a pre-programmed filter. However if want you want a distinct filter of yours, then you have the independence to build one.

8. NoScript Security Suite

The web has become a second home for most of us. But everything has pros and cons, hence so is the case with the WWW (World Wide Web). The cases of data breach and cyber crimes are increasing day by day, NoScript is your savior. NoScript Security Suite is one of the best Firefox security addon that allows active content to run only from sites you trust, and helps you protect yourself against XSS and Clickjacking attacks.

NoScript Security Suite - Best Firefox Security Suite Extension to Block All Unwanted Scripts

Whenever you open any website, this Firefox addon identifies the malicious JavaScript, Java and Flash Silverlight scripts. To the bottom right corner of the screen, appears an icon showing the work and progress accomplished by this addon. If you wish to customize it in any way or unblock any code, it can be done by clicking on the same icon.

9. Video DownloadHelper

These days we frequently visit and spend lots of time on YouTube and various other video sites that allow it’s users to watch movies and videos or even listen to any of the audio track. But one downside of most of such sites is that they allow their users to only watch videos on them and not to download them. Although many downloaders claim to download videos from these websites but in reality, most of them are irrelevant.

Video Download Helper - Best Firefox Addon Tool to Extract Videos and Images from Any Websites

But here comes the video downloading solution for all such downloaders. This Firefox extension or addon is the safest and the most relevant free tool when it comes to downloading videos or audio clips. It is a powerful tool to extract videos and image files from Web sites. To download any file just click on the icon of this addon and the files will be saved in your hard disk (concerned destination folder). Even if the file size is a bit large, it can be downloaded.

10. ColorfulTabs

Mozilla Firefox, even if it is among one of the world’s most popular browsers, it comes with a quite simple design and user interface. Moreover since all the users don’t know to code or even if they know, the browser doesn’t offers any option to make a change regarding it’s design and look.

ColorfulTabs - Most Beautiful Firefox Addon to Customize the Color of Tabs in Firefox

However there is a very powerful addon for Firefox – ColorfulTabs that helps you customize your browser’s design. ColorfulTabs is one of the most beautiful Firefox addon that allows you color various tabs in Firefox web browser. Either switch to default colors or customize as per your needs or set permanent colors for specific tabs – all the access granted to you.

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11. WOT (Web of Trust)

Cyber world is another world (virtual) with it’s population growing day by day. The websites are the houses, the blogs are apartments and the social networking sites are communities. But just as we keep ourselves safe from people that are not good for us, we need to protect us and of course, our data too from unauthorized and unethical people residing in the cyber world.

WOT - Best Firefox Addon to Find Secure Sites and Safer Browsing Experience

WOT [Web of Trust] is yet another worthy free Firefox addon that in protects you from hackers and malicious activities in the cyber world. Whenever you surf anything, the search results or web pages are automatically evaluated by the extension. The evaluation is depicted through a red colored icon meaning ‘online threats’, yellow colored icon meaning ‘be cautious’ and green colored icon meaning ‘no threats found’.

The evaluations are based on qualitative characteristics like relevancy, child safety, truthfulness etc. Overall, WOT is one of the best Firefox addon to find trustworthy sites on web and stay on safer side.

12. All-in-one Sidebar

Sidebar is the portion on distinguished on either the both or any one side of your screen, containing some information, links or graphics. All-in-One Sidebar addon for Firefox, as the name explains it contains all the utilities available in Firefox ranging from downloads to history and bookmarks to tools and much more.

All-in-One Sidebar - Best Firefox Addon to Switch Between Downloads, History, Bookmarks

Now open various windows as sidebar panels, and quickly switch between them with the help of All-in-One Sidebar Firefox addon easily. Though the Firefox sidebar is the least used utility available in it but believe me you are surely going to like it as it will make your work easier and browsing experience better.

13. Google Minimalist [CustomizeGoogle Earlier]

Everyone uses Google. But everyone can’t be satisfied with the default design and user interface Google provides. Ever tried customizing Google as per your wish ? If you had a horrible experience in customizing Google then here comes the good news. Customizing Google as per your needs and requirements is possible with the help of CustomizeGoogle addon in Firefox. But since that addon for Fiefox has been discontinued, minimalist Google design is still possible.

Google Minimalist - Best Firefox Addon for Customizing Google

With this Google Minimalist addon for Firefox, you may customize Google in whichever way you want. Like all the above mentioned best Firefox addons, it also improves your browsing experience by adding information and removing unwanted information.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Although there are huge number of free Firefox addon extensions available but we have selected 13 of best addon for Firefox to enhance your browsing experience. All of these mentioned best Firefox extensions are not going to suit your needs but even if you found one that belongs to your browsing needs then that Firefox addon may change the way you browse.

Let us know if you still have questions in your mind, through comments. Also consider sharing this post with your acquaintances if you liked it.

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