Apple Music Free Trial Code - Get 6 Months of Apple Music Subscription for Free

Apple Music is a very popular music streaming service. Not just limited to its growing library, but it offers a fantastic user experience and sound quality, especially with lossless audio support and spatial audio support introduced in 2021. To get access to Apple Music, you normally need to opt for a monthly subscription of about [...]

Adobe Lightroom Photo Editor - Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone Photo Editing

Editing a photo on your iPhone or iPad rightly can actually uplift the quality of your iPhone pictures to a considerable extent. iPhone photo editing is an important, yet daunting task, specifically for beginners who are getting started with iPhone photo editing. However, choosing the right iPhone photo editing app might make things easy for [...]

Phraseboard Custom iPhone Keyboard App - Best Custom Keyboard Apps for iPhone to Customize iPhone Keyboard

When it comes to the typing experience on iPhone, the default iPhone keyboard already provides an amazing experience, but sometimes you might not want to remain limited to the default options. Thankfully, the App Store has many custom keyboard apps for iPhone that can help you customize your iPhone with a custom iPhone keyboard. The [...]

Photoshop Express for iPhone - Best Photoshop Apps for iPhone to Edit Photos on iPhone and iPad

Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur, you can’t underestimate the power and effectiveness of professional photo editing apps like Photoshop. And, if you are an iPhone user, you have got support from some of the best photoshop apps for iPhone that would ensure that you don’t have to compromise with the quality [...]

Best Altimeter Apps for iPhone to Measure Altitude on iPhone

iPhone offers a lot of features out of the box. But, every now and then, you will end up utilizing specific applications for certain tasks. And, measuring the altitude or elevation point when you are off on a hike, mountain biking, and other outdoor activities will require you to use an app as well, ideally, [...]

How to Spoof Location on iPhone? - Fake iPhone GPS Location?

Can you spoof location on the iPhone? Yes! But what does spoofing iPhone location mean? Spoofing the location of your iPhone means that you will be sharing a fake location with an app or a website making it think that you’re from that (fake) location (not your original location). You probably want to do this [...]

How to Change App Store Country Profile to Any Country without Credit Card?

In this article, you’ll learn how to change App Store country profile. First I’ll learn the default method to change country in App Store which is basically the official method to update country profile in App Store. And in the latter part of the article, you’ll also learn about a tweak that helps you change [...]

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