14 Reasons Why Your Website Must Have Responsive Web Design – [Infographic]

Have you ever visited any website using your smartphone, tablet and noticed that it was not easily view-able ? Yea, it required some extensive re-designing in size and scrolling. You know why ? There is an important feature lacking in that website – Responsive Web Design. Now a days, every website must have responsive web design.

You know, people all around the world including me prefer to browse on the go using their smartphones, tablets and other small sized screens. So if any website is not responsive, it provides a bad user experience to readers. Thus I highly recommend you to must have responsive web design. Is your website or blog responsive ?

What is Responsive Web Design ?

Okay before going in depth, let me tell you what is responsive web design !

Reasons Why Your Website Must Have Responsive Web Design

A website with responsive web design is designed to provide an optimal viewing experience across multi-screen devices. In simple words, I would prefer to say “A website which is easy to read, navigate and scroll when browsed through desktop PC-Monitors, smartphones and Tablets is definitely having responsive web design”.Why Your Website Must Have Responsive Web Design ?

I have already discussed that responsive web design is one of those 4 must have things that you need from day of blogging. Also, above in this post I highly recommended you to must have responsive web design. You know why ?

It’s because a large number of users are browsing web using their smartphones, tablets and other small sized devices. Recently some researchers at Super Monitoring revealed that 91% of all people on the earth are having mobile phones and 50% of mobile phone users use mobile as their primary source of internet based information.

So if you don’t provide them a good viewing experience, I’m sure they won’t come back. So think how much traffic, people and customers you are missing ?

Apart from this here are few things you are missing :

  • SEO – Responsive websites/blogs are often ranked higher in search results as compared non-responsive ones.
  • Influence & Credibility – All round well-designed website ensures your influence and credibility in market.
  • Traffic – Many popular websites including TechCrunch, Mashable and ShoutMeLoud experienced a huge rise in traffic after switching to responsive web design. In fact, at TechReviewPro we also experienced the same.
  • Sales – When your SEO, traffic, credibility and influence etc. gets better – number of sales or conversions automatically increases. Thus more profit for you.

However we have an interesting info-graphic from Fullestop.com that depicts why your website must have responsive web design. So checkout this info-graphic to know “10 Reasons why your website must have responsive web design.

10 Reasons Why Websites Must Have Responsive Web DesignThe Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Responsiveness of website is must. Whether you are running a website or blog, you must provide your readers an awesome user experience. No doubt, for that your blog must have responsive web design.

If you are running a site on WordPress, you can do it either by installing a responsive WordPress theme or installing plugin called – WP Touch. WP-Touch is one such plugin that makes your blog/website responsive and provide a better user experience to your readers.

However if you have a static or HTML website, you can do it either installing a responsive template or editing some codes in theme files. Though I would recommend you to code only if you are good at coding, if not – consider outsourcing a freelance designer from top 5 sites to hire freelance designers.

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Do you think your website must have responsive web design ? Why ? Do share you views with me in the comment box below.

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  • Evan Ross

    Great article. Responsive website is more seo friendly than non-responsive which helps to get a higher ranking. So it is must to have responsive website to gain traffic.

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