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Welcome to TechReviewPro resources section, a curated list of tools, software, apps, and websites that I highly recommend for building, optimizing, and taking your business to the next level. I have personally tested each and every recommendation on this page. Many of these resources listed here, have been very helpful in developing my businesses to the heights where it is today and I could have never been so successful if I hadn't found these tools.

Most of these tools are very crucial to running my businesses efficiently and I still use them everyday. I update this resource very frequently and you'll only find the resources that I know and trust. 

But before we get into awesome resources list, here is an important disclaimer: 

"Some of the links below are my affiliate links which means if you make a purchase using the link, I may get a small commission from these companies. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. But that doesn’t mean I would recommend any average product – I recommend products based on its merit only. Please understand that I have experience with all these companies, and I recommend them because they are helpful and useful, not because of the small commission I make if you decide to buy something. Please don't spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or you believe that they will help you achieve your goals."

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#1 for Website Hosting

All of my niche websites are hosted on Bluehost. Why? Because they make it incredibly easy for beginners to get a new site up and running with their one-click automatic WordPress Blog installation.

You can use your Bluehost account to host multiple domains—no need to pay more for hosting when you’re ready to start another website. Also, they have an outstanding customer service and I love the way they help their customers. In case you are beginner, their phone support is best, they are happy to talk direct.  

I highly recommend using Bluehost for your first website, and you can get started now at $2.75/month, which is an exclusive deal for TechReviewPro readers!

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#1 for Creating High Converting Landing Pages

LeadPages is my favourite tool for creating high converting landing pages. It has a drag and drop landing page builder which makes it super easy to create amazing landing pages without having technical know-how or coding skills. 

LeadPages helps you convert website viewers into subscribers and then turn them into buyers. And best of all, it works with both - WordPress sites and non-WordPress sites. 

I highly recommend you to create landing pages with LeadPages so that you can take advantage of its drag and drop landing page builder without having to messup with codes.

#1 for Building Email List

ConvertKit is my favourite tool for creating and building an email list. I started with other email marketing tools and kept switching from one tool to another as none met my requirements - Until I found ConvertKit. ConvertKit has easy to use drag and drop tools that make managing your email list and setting up autoresponder so easy that even beginner can use it. 

On top of all, ConvertKit comes with the functionality to segment my email subscribers which makes it super easy to group my subscribers into different categories based on their interests - something which I didn't find in any other email list building service. Thus, delivering email content that is more specific to my subscribers' needs and interests has become a less pain now.

Switching from one email marketing tool to another is always a pain and I have wasted many days in this process (which otherwise could have been productive), that's why I highly recommend you to start email list building with ConvertKit so that you don't have to waste your time later. 

#1 for Creating High Converting Sales Funnels

ClickFunnels is my favourite tool for creating highly successful sales funnels. It also has a drag and drop sales funnel builder which makes it super easy to create amazing sales funnels without having technical know-how or coding skills. 

ClickFunnels helps you convert random website visitors into high paying customers - especially with the idea of upsells and downsells. And best of all, it works with both - WordPress sites and non-WordPress sites. 

I highly recommend you to create your first sales funnels with ClickFunnel's user friendly and easy to use drag and drop builder so that you can take your sales automation to the next level.

#1 for Creating Ecommerce Store

Shopify is my favourite tool and number one recommendation for creating an e-commerce store. I have created my own e-commerce store using Shopify and creating store was almost fun. 

Shopify has a good collection of beautiful themes that make your store look awesome and various plugins ensure that your customers get the best possible experience.

On top all, if you are in dropshipping business, there are plugins in Shopify directory that make it super quick and easy to import high selling products from other e-commerce stores, thus you don't have to spend many hours in manually importing products.

#1 for Competitor Analysis and Website Traffic Growth

When it comes to SEO tools, SEMRush is my top one-to-go SEO Tool. Why? It's because SEMRush is complete SEO suite. Whether you want keyword research tool, competitor analysis tool, backlink analysis, SEO audit tool, social media tracker, brand mention - whatever you call it, SEMRush is all-in-one solution.

SEMRush is the only tool I use to grow my website traffic and I highly recommend this if you want to increase your website traffic.

#1 VPN for Your Online Privacy 

While browsing web, at certain times you'll find some services to be blocked in your country or even by your internet service provider, this is where CyberGhost VPN comes to the rescue. It helps you protect your data online by safeguarding your online privacy and allowing you to browse web anonymously. 

No matter whatever you do on the internet - you need a VPN. I have been using CyberGhost VPN since 2015 and I highly recommend it.

Start Your Blog/Website Step by Step

It's worth mentioning again, all of my niche websites are hosted on Bluehost. Why? Because they make it incredibly easy for beginners to get a new site up and running with their one-click automatic WordPress Blog installation. 

On top of all, they have amazing customer support to help you. Get started now at a price as low as $2.75 per month.

Genesis Theme framework by StudioPress is the most popular and robust WordPress theme to design a highly attractive website/blog. It's not just a theme, it's complete framework. I love the way StudioPress themes are coded. 

Unlike other themes that don't keep Search Engine Optimization intact, Genesis theme by StudioPress has been coded to meet Google and other search engine's optimization guidelines. Thus providing you an edge over your competition.

Enhance Your Blog Post with Visual Graphics

Pixabay has a huge database of royalty free images and pictures that you can use to enhance your blog posts. 

If you need images for your blog posts, look no further other than Pixabay, because all of the images on Pixabay are in the public domain which means they are completely free for commercial use and you don't even need to credit the photographer.

Just like Pixabay, Unsplash also as a database of royalty free blog images in the high resolution. Although not as huge as Pixabay, yet having this in your arsenal will always be helpful in case you didn't find your desired image on Pixabay. And good thing is: all images are in the public domain (free for commercial use).

Sometimes, high-quality royalty free blog images are not enough, you need to add text on the pictures or personalise them based upon your brand name, watermark, and other needs - this where Canva.com comes to the rescue.

Canva allows you to create beautiful social media graphics without you having to worry about the graphic size for different social media platforms. The drag-and-drop functionality is very useful even if you are a complete beginner and you don't have graphic design skills. 

Start YouTube Channel and Grow Step by Step

Any successful content strategy starts with keyword research. And just like keyword research for blog posts, your video content also needs to be keyword targeted so that you may get free organic SEO traffic from YouTube. After all, YouTube is a search engine. 

KeywordTool.io is my go to solution for it. Unlike other keyword research tools that get data from Google's API, KeywordTool.io has YouTube specific API which fetches keyword stats and data from YouTube itself.

TubeBuddy is #1 Chrome extension for YouTubers. It helps you optimize videos for organic growth so that you can get free organic views on your videos.

TubeBuddy integrates directly into your YouTube account to help you run your YouTube channel with ease. You can optimize videos, manage comments, add info cards, create thumbnails, add end screens, find keyword tags, and do much more with TubeBuddy. 

On YouTube, video thumbnails play a very crucial role in the success of your videos. But let's face it, creating an eye-catching thumbnail graphic without having graphic design skills is tough. 

Canva makes it easy. You can choose "YouTube Thumbnail" from their categories and create high-quality thumbnails for your videos very easily and quickly. The drag-and-drop tools ensure that you don't have to spend many hours in getting an awesome thumbnail ready.

This was my first DSLR camera and I no longer use it. But the reason why I'm recommending you is: this is a great camera for budget conscious people. Although you can shoot videos using your smartphone and I would recommend you to do that specially when you are on completely tight budget and don't want to upgrade to DSLR. 

But often times, basic smartphone camera is not enough and you might feel the need to upgrade to a DSLR camera. Canon EOS Rebel T5i is a good choice to upgrade without breaking your budget. 

With the increasing number of devices supporting 4K videos, you might want to consider creating high resolution 4K video content for viewers. And nothing is a better buck for your money than Panasonic Lumix G7 4K Mirrorless Camera. 

Since Canon Rebel T5i doesn't have support for 4K, I recently upgraded to this and it has amazing features like better autofocus which saves lots of time when you are shooting alone, slow motion, burst mode, and much more.

Since I use iPhone 11 Pro in my everyday life, I often shoot a few quick videos (especially Instagram Reels, Stories, and YouTube Shorts videos for helping people on social media platforms) using iPhone 11 Pro camera.

iPhone 11 Pro has amazing camera and it supports 4K as well. So if you already have an iPhone (no matter whichever), utilise it to your best advantage and shoot quick videos using that.

When you are shooting 4K content, you often have to deal with "storage is full" message specially if you have a memory card with less storage. The reason for this is: 4K content takes more data than 1080p HD content. 

Although you can stop recording, move content to your computer and then come back to start recording again. But this is not a convenient way - you end up wasting lots of time in moving data from memory card hence and forth. 

Also, if you have a memory card with slow writing speed, this can be a headache and kill your productivity. That's why I use Sony 64 GB SF-G Series UHS-II SD Memory Card. It has very high writing speed which helps me in copying data faster.

Should I share one secret with you? You need to keep a backup of each and every video you create. Why? Because you never know when something goes wrong and you loose your years of hard work. I keep backup of my every video so that if anything goes wrong, I can upload them later and save my several years of hard work. 

Creating every video takes lots of time and effort that's why I would recommend you to backup your every video content from very first day. But you can't rely on your computer for this, because if you ever accidentally formatted your computer without having backup, you might loose everything. 

So use an external drive. I use Sony HD-SL2 2TB external drive which is perfect if you are starting out. 

This is the Tripod I use everyday and it's the best buck for your money. It has 3 horizontal section of aluminium legs that are sturdy enough for flexible shooting. The reason why I prefer this over other tripods is: it has so strong legs that I can use it for indoor shooting as well as outdoor shooting without having to worry about instability. 

It provides great stability and has saved my camera from falling on the ground a few times. It has load capacity of 9 Kg which is amazing and you don't find such a good load capacity in other tripods.

BlueYeti is the microphone most YouTubers use and while I didn't want to buy it in the first place, I ordered pricy Rode NT USB which is also a great microphone, but that didn't fulfil my needs as living in a noisy environment, I had less control over reducing background noise. So I purchased BlueYeti and since then I have been using BlueYeti. It provides more control over what kind of recording you need - voice over, interview, podcast type, etc. 

The best thing I love about this mic is: it has got four polar patterns - cardioid, bidirectional, omnidirectional, stereo. You can adjust pattern to be Cardioid which only picks voice that you speak in front and ignores other noises in the background.  

Whether you want to record outside or you need a quick plug and play solution for indoor recordings, Rode SmartLav+ is the best budget microphone that you can plug into your smartphone and start recording right away. 

With this budget microphone, you get good quality audio recording even while shooting outdoors because this mic is attached to the collar of your shirt and remains close to your mouth. But if you need even more clear audio, you'll eventually need BlueYeti which I mentioned above.

If you are a Mac user, here is good news for you: Your Mac comes with in-built iMovie app. In case you have deleted or don't have this installed on your Mac for some reasons, you can search for iMovie in the App Store or click on the above link for free download. Although it has some limitations and you'll eventually need an upgrade to premium solution like Final Cut Pro, but iMovie is the best when starting out. You don't want to spend money on video editing software, do you?

I use iMovie for editing most of my videos. It is very easy to use and can run on even low end devices with less specs. However, you'll need to go through a few tutorials if you are a complete beginner and have never done video editing before.

Unfortunately, for PC users there isn't any free solution like iMovie for Mac. I don't understand why Microsoft has been ignoring its users for so long. Anyways, there are 3rd-party solutions available which come with a one-time price but worth it. One such software tool is Camtasia Studio which allows you to record on-screen video tutorials, your face via webcam as well as edit videos quite efficiently. You can start your 30-Days free trial and decide if it's right for you.

Attain Digital Minimalism to be Productive

I use Google Docs for writing articles, blog posts etc. It's free, easy to use, and easily accessible for everyone, even on the mobile devices. Google Docs allows you to collaborate with friends, thus they can contribute their inputs if needed. And the best thing is: you have control over managing permissions for sharing with others. As you start typing in Google Docs, it auto saves everything so that you don't loose your work even if something goes wrong. I highly recommend you to write in Google Docs.

It didn't take me so long to figure out which note taking app is the best. I tried many note taking apps and finally came to a conclusion that Evernote works best in all scenarios. I have been using Evernote for several years and I don't think I'll ever stop using it.

Most of the times you come across great articles, videos, or other important links when you don't have enough time to read, watch, or visit - even chances are that you are at a place where you are not allowed to watch a video. But you don't want to miss that, right? Pocket app is the solution to save or bookmark them. I have been using Pocket app when it was known as "Read It Later" and I'm so thankful that it has saved my tens of thousands of articles, videos, and other important links to read or watch them later- thus, not missing any crucial information.

Dropbox is one of the most popularly used cloud storage and the best way to securely store your files online. Once you create a free account, you can upload your files and important documents in the Dropbox's Cloud Storage and access it from anywhere online. It's highly recommended to store your important documents in Dropbox cloud storage so that you don't loose your files when your computer's hard disk crashes. And the best thing is: Dropbox also allows you to securely share your files online, thus allowing you to collaborate with others. 

If you are like me who uses Google's products like Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Photos, etc. to accomplish most of online tasks, you need Google Workspace for getting most out of Google Drive. With Google Workspace, you don't only get extra storage space (30GB), but also professional email address like [email protected] - which is obviously good for branding.

Books that'll Inspire You

If you are struggling to find your voice using your hidden talent, build a tribe of raving fans, and get paid to spread your message; Experts Secrets is the book you need to read. It's an amazing book and I highly recommend you to read this. No more struggle in figuring out the "big thing" within yourself. Just read the Experts Secrets book once (it's FREE*) and become an expert.  

Once you have found your hidden talent and ready to go with your big idea, it's time to validate if that idea will be profitable for you? Will It Fly book is all about validating your next business idea without wasting time and money. It is a WallStreet Journal best selling book by Pat Flynn who also happens to be one of my mentor and I feel privilege to learn from Pat.

DotCom Secrets is another FREE* book by Russel Brunson - same person who wrote Experts Secrets. If you are running an e-commerce business or any kind of online business, you need to read this book. DotCom secrets book is free and will help you learn secrets to increase traffic, conversion, and sales online.

If you are like many other professionals working 70+ hours per week, you are probably trading time for money - leaving less and less time for rest, exercise, family, and friends. Free to Focus by Michael Hyatt (NewYork Times Best Selling Author) is your total productivity system to achieve more by doing less. I recommend everyone to read this.

If you are an entrepreneur, Hustle is a must read. In Hustle, you'll learn how to look at work and life through a new lens—one based on discovering projects you enjoy and the people and opportunities that support your talents, growth, income, and happiness. Hustle is a NewYork Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, and IndieBound bestseller. It is your power to change life with money, meaning, and momentum.