Top 10 Best Language Learning Games for Language Learning

Learning a new language includes memorizing vocabulary, pronunciations, and learning to write a word. Yes, it takes considerable time and effort. It’s always better if it is done in a fun way with the help of something like language learning games or interactive video games, or else, you might get bored and give up.

This is the reason why I highly recommend learning a new language using a language-learning game. A language-learning game ensures that you are able to learn a new language with ease and fun. Fun actually gives your learning process a pace, and even makes you remember things for a long time.

I have enlisted some of the best language-learning games, on which you can count to learn new languages while having fun. Do read them out to find and explore the best language learning games.

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Top 10 Best Language Learning Games for Language Learning with Fun

Read about the best language learning games to make your language learning process easy and fun for yourself below.

1. Influent: Language Learning Game

Influent is the first game on my list of language learning games on which you can count for learning any language with little effort. This language learning game is all about learning new vocabulary by enjoying the 3D virtual interface that this game provides.

Influent - Best Language Learning Games for Language Learning

The game takes you into a different world when you start playing it. It has been a proven success when it comes to making gamers learn the language of their choice. Plus, it keeps on offering you several challenges, which along with fun makes you squeeze your mind, and hence, aids your language learning process.

If you are a beginner or even an intermediate, you can count on the Influent app to help you simplify your language learning process. The game gives you a platform to learn more than 16 languages.

2. Kloo Games

Kloo is an award-winning language-learning game that has been helping people of all ages learn new languages for a while now. You can either play it as a single player or with multiple players.

Kloo is basically an educational card game that can be played by learners of all age groups. The game comes with a deck of cards. As a player, you need to match the color-coded cards to create meaningful sentences of the words in the cards you have. You get points as you match the cards.

Kloo - Best Language Learning Games for Language Learning

The language learning game has won 10 international awards, which clearly justifies the fact that it has been a great help for learners in terms of learning the language of their choice.

With Kloo, the more you keep learning and playing, the more you get a grip on the language. You learn how to make new sentences, and that is quite useful in terms of mastering a new language.

Languages Offered: English, French, Spanish, Italian.

3. StudyCat: Kids Learn English

StudyCat is primarily meant for 3 to 10 years old children. However, even you can play this game if you are a beginner in terms of learning a new language.

This language learning game offers you a range of colorful games that look quite attractive. You get to play six different games per lesson, where you face several challenges relevant to the language you are learning.

StudyCat - Best Language Learning Games for Language Learning

StudyCat can give you a grip on the vocabulary of the language you are learning. It includes various elements like colors, animals, numbers, etc. that make it easy for you to remember the vocabulary of another language.

Plus, StudyCat presents several challenges in its own way, which won’t let you get bored while playing this game. Be it spelling games, coloring activities, or vocabulary memorization, the game covers every aspect that you need to cover in order to learn a new language effectively.

Languages Offered: English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German.

4. MindSnacks

MindSnacks come with different apps that help you learn other languages. Just type in MindSnacks, and you will see a list of MindSnacks game apps for different languages.

This game primarily focuses on helping you build your vocabulary. It includes balloon games, spelling games, etc. that not only improve your vocabulary but improve your communication skills too.

With this language learning game, you will be learning more than 1000 words and conjugate verbs, and that too by having some fun and with little effort. The game is suitable for both, beginners and intermediate language learners.

MindSnacks - Best Language Learning Games for Language Learning

What more? Well, the game keeps on adding challenges and stages. It gives you more room to improve yourself while having some fun. MindSnacks has that element that will encourage you to play it even after a hectic day.

The game is trusted and played by millions of learners worldwide, and it validates the quality and the learning room it offers.

Languages Offered: Spanish, French, Chinese, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese.

5. Scrabble

Scrabble is undoubtedly one of the most popular board games for language learning. However, you can even download the game on your mobile and play whenever you want.

With the Scrabble language learning game, you can practice the spellings and vocabulary you have learned, and hence get yourself a strong grip on the same.

Scrabble - Best Language Learning Games for Language Learning

Learning a language is a different thing, but you need to keep on practicing, ensuring that you don’t forget things. Scrabble is a perfect platform to do so. You can either play this game as a single player or with multiple players.

Scrabble incorporates lettered tiles that you can place on the game board and form new words. It won’t only help you to brush your vocabulary, but also to enhance the same. The language and vocabulary learning game is available in multiple languages. You can select one of the languages that you are learning or wish to learn.

Yes, Scrabble will make you squeeze your mind, but the extent to which it sharpens your vocabulary, giving it a try is absolutely worth it.

6. Digital Dialects: Online Language Learning Games

Digital Dialects is a website where you can learn various languages by playing games. When you land on this online language learning game website, you will find a list of languages that this website offers in terms of learning. Just select one, select the game you wish to play, and you are good to go.

Digital Dialects - Best Online Language Learning Games

The list of languages that this language-learning game can help you learn is huge. Be it grammar, sentence structure, verb conjugation, phrases, numbers, or anything, Digital Dialects helps you get a grip on the same with no to little effort.

The language learning online game starts with basics and gives you room to learn the most advanced concepts, and that too in a subtle way.

What more? Well, the interface of this game is just fantastic. You would simply love the gaming experience with Digital Dialect, and that is guaranteed. The gaming experience is one major reason why I have recommended it here. The game teaches you multiple languages. Just visit the website, select the language you wish to learn and start learning now.

7. Learn Languages – LinGO Play

More than 600 lessons and 16 exercises! Yes, LinGO makes you do some work, but you won’t ever feel overloaded here. After all, you are going to do everything while playing a language-learning game and enjoying yourself.

LinGO Play primarily uses visuals to make you learn the language of your choice. And, the visuals actually give your learning process a pace.

LinGO Play - Best Language Learning Games for Language Learning

You get a list of languages as soon as you download the game. Select the language you wish to learn and start learning.

At last, you can take a language test when you feel confident enough after learning the language. Also, you will be getting the certificate when you pass the test.

LinGO is a game for both, beginner and intermediate learners. Beginners can play this game to clear their basics, while intermediate learners can play it to give themselves a strong grip on the language they are learning and to enhance the clarity of the concepts.

8. Drops: Language Learning Games

Drops is yet another language learning game that supports more than 40 languages in a fast, easy, and fun way. This language-learning game gives you a grip on the vocabulary of the language and makes you fluent overall.

The Drops language learning game provides custom illustrations for each word of the language. These illustrations make it easy for you to remember things and concepts. It is safe to say that Drops employ one of the unique ways of all games to make you learn things.

Drops Language Learning App - Best Language Learning Games for Language Learning

More than 35 million users play this game, and this number validates the fact that it does offer quality. You can start playing this game when you are a beginner, and it is assured that if you complete the game, you will be gaining that expertise level. Of course, 35 million users are there for a reason.

Drops present you with unique challenges with every level you pass, and these challenges keep on instilling clearing different concepts of the language you are learning.

9. Earthlingo: Language Learning Video Game

Earthlingo is a language learning video game that helps you learn languages in a fun way through video games. It incorporates more than 1000 nouns, adjectives, and verbs for the language you select to learn. As the name suggests, Earthlingo gives you a reference of location with each word that makes you remember that word with ease.

Earthlingo - Best Language Learning Games for Language Learning

The game keeps on adding new words and phrases at regular intervals, which gives you a big room to learn more and more. With Earthlingo, the learning simply never stops.

The language learning video game is developed such that you will get an amazing gaming experience on this platform. Ever played a video game? Well, Earthlingo exactly gives you those vibes when you play it.

10. Language Gain

Language Gain is another online game for language learning. One of the main features of the Language Gain game is the simple design layout that it comes alongside. The easy navigation ensures a high gaming experience for you.

Language Gain - Best Language Learning Games for Language Learning

The online game for language learning makes you relate to various things like food, animals, locations, clothing, etc. It makes you a grasp on the concept for the long term, which is a major benefit of this game.

The language learning game supports more than 10 languages. It is expected that the game will add more languages in the future, which will definitely make it cater to your language requirements.

Languages Offered: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Hindi

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Frequently Asked Questions About Language Learning Games:

Along with playing a language learning game, what should I do more to learn a language quickly?

To learn a language quickly, you can read books in that specific language, watch video tutorials, listen to podcasts in that language with subtitles, and make your notes and revise them regularly. Make sure to note down words and their meanings and keep on revising them as much as you can.

How long does it take to learn a new language?

Well, there is no specific answer to the question “How long does it take to learn a new language” as it purely depends on continuity, and your ability to process new things. Also, the difficulty of language matters here. For instance, learning Chinese is tough and will take longer than Spanish.

Can a language learning game help me learn a language in the long term?

Yes, a language learning game can definitely help you learn a language in the long term. Most language-learning games employ methods that make you remember things for the long term. If you nail these methods, then yes, you can remember things in the long term.

Which language is best to learn using a language learning game?

It purely depends on your requirements and preferences. Also, your interest does play an important role here. Learning other languages, no matter which, is always a great thing. You just need to figure out your preference to select the right language to learn using the language learning game.

How do I learn the other language naturally?

To learn the other language naturally, firstly, make sure not to cram things. Be clear about the concepts, keep making notes and revising them, and keep continuity. Also, make sure to select the right source to learn a language. Not every source can help you learn a language naturally.

Is a language learning game free to play?

Yes. Most language learning games are free to play. However, I do recommend investing in a board game like Scrabble too, as it is a great way to keep on revising things that you have learned.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Along with playing language learning games, you can also watch movies, and video tutorials, listen to podcasts in that language, read books, and listen to music in that language. It would give your language learning process a pace.

Plus, all the above-listed ways by no means would add any burden on you. In fact, they would work as an element of fun for you.

With language learning, it’s always about figuring out what works best for you. For instance, some people might find listening to music more comfortable as compared to reading books. Ultimately, it’s you who has to decide what will work and what won’t.

However, no matter what way you decide to go, make sure to maintain continuity. With something like language learning, it’s easy to forget things, and hence, continuity is a must. Also, make sure to prepare your notes and revise them on a regular basis. Writing with pen and paper is always better than typing it somewhere.

So, which language-learning game you are going to go with? Do let me know your choice of a video game for language learning.

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