Top 7 Best Meme Generator Apps for Android

You could use a photo editing app on Android to create memes out of images on your phone, but the meme generator apps for Android take the meme generation on Android to the next level. Well, as you know, Memes are an essential part of the Internet crowd on the social media platforms. With a hilarious tone, it is also considered that if your friend does not tag your in a meme, then they are not your best buddies! Memes are so popular that there are literally endless of them being created as we publish this article. While encountering so much of popularity, wouldn’t you want to create some memes as well?

Maybe you are not involved with a group of friends or a community where Memes still aren’t a thing. You can change that by generating a couple of memes on your Android device and start spreading the smile! So, meme generator apps for Android could surely come handy for such situations.

Also, if you do not want to search for the perfect meme to share endlessly, you can always generate one quickly using one of the best meme generator apps for Android available at the Play Store.

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Top 7 Best Meme Generator Apps for Android

There aren’t many dedicated meme generator apps available for Android. However, we pick the best for you in this article. Are you looking for the best meme generator app? Meme Creator, Thug Life Photo Maker Editor, ModFace, Meme Creator by Gentoozero, Ololoid Meme Generator, Photo Editor by Aviary, and Meme Generator Free are the best meme generator apps for Android.

Note: Our list of meme generator apps contain photo editing apps and true meme generator apps on Android as well.

1. Meme Creator

Meme creator by “Top Dogs Developer” is a fantastic meme creation app that lets you generate a lot of memes with a cartoon character. It includes some unique cartoon character that can be added to your meme and also a variety of popular meme cartoon characters.

Meme Creator App for Android - Meme Generator App - Best Meme Generator Apps for Android to Generate MemesThis meme creator app does not put a watermark on every image or meme generated using the meme. So, you do not have to pay anything extra to get rid of the watermarks. It offers you the ability to easily save and share your memes via Google+, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Email, and a lot more services.

It may not offer the most powerful photo editing tool to tweak the meme, but it does support creating custom memes from the pictures on your device.

2. Thug Life Photo Maker Editor

Thug Life category of memes are incredibly funny but does require a perfect picture to fit into. You won’t have a problem finding the perfect picture when you have a variety of thug life shade icons, chain, cigarettes, and so on.

Thug Life Meme Generator - Meme Generator App - Best Meme Generator Apps for Android to Generate MemesEverything you would need for meme generation using a meme generator app is already here. You just need to put it into action after tweaking as per your choice. There’s nothing fancy here without any additional tools added. The Thug Life Photo Maker Editor is a good meme generator app which offers a simple and concise way of generating a thug meme!

3. ModFace

ModFace is a specific kind of meme generator app where you got to utilize a real image of people in it. You just add the funny cartoon character expression over the face of a person as an overlay. It literally changes the meaning of the original photo taken (if it was ever a serious thing).

ModFace Meme Generator - Meme Generator App - Best Meme Generator Apps for Android to Generate Memes

With this meme generator app on Android, you can hilariously apply your creativity to get attention on social media! Who doesn’t love attention, aye?

4. Meme Creator by Gentoozero

It is more like a classic meme generator how it all started. You get a collection of selected pictures filtered according to a variety of categories. You just need to pick a category to get started using it. You can insert a text and edit it to some extent. Here, you will not find the options to utilize a lot of different fonts but a very few of them.

Meme Creator App for Android - Meme Generator App - Best Meme Generator Apps for Android to Generate MemesThe user interface of the meme generator is nothing impressive but does the work. With the memes generated, you can even make a comic out of it via this meme creator app. And, the best thing here as well – you get no watermark on your generated meme, which is great!

5. Ololoid Meme Generator

Ololoid Meme Generator is another good meme generator app for Android. It lets you utilize over 900 public templates to try your imagination on. You either choose to pick a template and start generating the required memes or simply add a custom image to make your own.

Ololoid Meme Generator - Meme Generator App - Best Meme Generator Apps for Android to Generate MemesIf that is not enough, you can search for more images online from within the app. You set a list of favorites as you browse through the app to select a public template. It gives you the ability to use somewhat advanced text formatting tools to get your work done.

For instance, you can add a row to the bottom or the top with colored text lines. You can even specify the exact dimensions and size of that text line. The meme generator app has a lot of font styles to make use of. Overall, it is one of the most straightforward meme generator apps for Android.

6. Photo Editor by Aviary

We realize that not every photo editing app could help you generate memes – that’s why we picked Aviary as one of the best Meme generator apps for Android being an image editor. In essence, you can utilize a photo editing app to create memes only if you have good drawing tools available.

Create Modern Meme by Meme Generator App - Meme Generator App - Best Meme Generator Apps for Android to Generate MemesAviary does offer the perfect set of tools to make a meme or simply use it to edit a picture. There might be similar apps available, but as per our usage, we think this is the best one so far! The advanced set of tools that come along with the drawing tools should be a bonus to help make high-quality memes!

7. Meme Generator Free

One of the best meme generator apps for Android – Meme Generator Free, developed by ZomboDroid. It is by far the perfect meme generator we have ever come across. You can generate classic memes and modern memes, all through a single meme generator app.

Meme Generator Free - Android Meme Generator App - Best Meme Generator Apps for Android to Generate MemesThe user interface of the app is perfectly fine and well responsive. It lets you choose from a lot of available categories. Just as you would get with a photo editing app, it lets you add stickers to make your meme look unique. Also, the font styling tools are enough to make the best out of your picture. Of course, no watermark on the generated memes as well.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

So there we have the best meme generator apps for Android. If you want to generate the perfect meme you have always wanted, get one of these installed and have fun!

Our recommendation would be the Meme Generator free for most of the users. However, if you want a thug themed meme or the hilarious face overlay memes, then you need to pick any of the other meme generator apps mentioned. So, there’s something for everyone!

Are you a creative meme creator? A lot of unique memes that you were responsible for? Let us know about that in the comments below.

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