How to Download Instagram Videos and Photos on Android?

Instagram is a popular image/video sharing platform. In fact, it’s the most popular app at the time of writing this with over a billion active users.

Even though they don’t officially share any numbers, there are third-party reports that give you a good idea of how popular it is. Considering the popularity of it, you must be already a registered user. With its reels, IGTV, stories, and post features, it is a convenient social media platform for most of the smartphone users.

However, it does lack certain features like saving or downloading a video previously uploaded by you or just any other video that you come across in general. So, most of the users look for ways to download Instagram videos on Android.

In this article, I’m going to show you a couple of working methods to get it done.

Is It Legal to Download Instagram Videos on Android?

Unless you’re re-using any content for commercial purposes, there is no harm in downloading it. Just because Instagram does not officially allow downloading the videos, you should not abuse the third-party apps or services that I will be recommending to download videos.

And, if it’s your content that you’ve shared earlier on Instagram, you don’t have to worry about it in any way.

Is It Safe to Download Instagram Videos on Android?

I know it’s exciting to be able to download Instagram videos on Android, and we will talk about that just right after this section (spoiler: it’s possible, and we have safe methods to do that).

But, it is also important to know that there are many websites out there who offer you the option to download videos, photos, and also ask you to log in through their website using your username and password.

You will end up compromising your account if you go down that road. In either case, you should only trust reputable sources or apps to download Instagram videos.

How to Download Instagram Photos and Video for FREE?

Watch this step-by-step video tutorial to learn how to download Instagram photos and videos for free:

Best Apps for Downloading Instagram Videos on Android

In this article, I’m going to show you two applications on Android, one from the Play Store and the other from the F-Droid store, to safely download Instagram videos on Android.

1. Instagrabber / Barinsta

Personally, I give priority to open-source applications that can be trusted and can be independently verified for its safety. So, Instagrabber (or also rebranded as Barinsta) is a free and open-source app available on F-Droid for Android.

Fret not, F-Droid is also a popular open-source project that aims to provide an alternative store free from Google on Android.

How to Download Instagram Videos on Android?

Once you install F-Droid on your phone, you just have to search for Instagrabber or Barinsta and then get it installed. Unlike any other app on the Play Store, it does not collect any of your personal data for display advertisements

In addition to the ability to browse public profiles and downloading posts/videos, you can also log in to your Instagram account and browse the stories anonymously (you have to check the settings for that). Fret not, it does not store your passwords and it also removes the like button from posts so that you avoid tapping on posts unintentionally and browse without interruptions.

The most interesting option is the ability to download posts/videos in bulk from a profile at once. You can learn more about this amazing app on F-Droid’s store page as well.

2. Video Downloader for Instagram – Repost Instagram

If you don’t want to use F-Droid, there’s this popular app on Play Store which includes in-app advertisements to let you download videos and repost posts/videos as well.

When compared to InstaGrabber, it lets you repost Instagram posts and videos. So, that’s definitely a plus here. And, it’s available on the Google Play Store in case you feel like F-Droid is a hassle to use.

How to Download Instagram Photos and Video for FREE?

You can also copy tags when you’re reposting something with the permission of the content owner. It should definitely come in handy.

You might get options to get rid of the advertisements through in-app purchases (it existed when I tried it out). If you don’t want the ads, you can go for in-app purchases.

But, other than that, it’s completely free to use and potentially safe as well. It has received a lot of good reviews compared to any other similar app for downloading Instagram videos. So, I don’t think there is any reason to try other dodgy 3rd party apps.

How to Download Private Instagram Profile Pictures?

Here is a step-by-step video to learn how to download profile pictures of a private Instagram account:


As I previously mentioned, you should always stick to safer methods to download videos or posts on Android. These two applications are the most popular solutions as of writing this.

And, always keep an eye on permissions when re-uploading content from other Instagram accounts to avoid any violations of the platform.

Which app do you prefer to use to download Instagram videos on Android? Feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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