7 Google Photos Tips and Tricks to Make You a Google Photos Pro User

Google’s photo storing service has more uses than you might think. Many people may believe that Google Photos is a service for storing your photos and making it easier to access them from anywhere. However, Google Photos is an all-in-one photo storing and organizing tool with some amazing, jaw-dropping features.

It can organize all your pictures by places, time and items, and its search feature is extremely strong. Its search function can identify all the elements in your photo and let you quickly search for a picture with a specific object name. It is just the basics, there is much more to Google Photos that will surely amaze you, and may be a little uncomfortable as well for how much Google is accurate.

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7 Google Photos Tips and Tricks to Make You a Google Photos Pro

To help you learn more about Google Photos and help you become a Google Photos Pro, we are going to list down some useful Google Photos tips and tricks. Let’s see how Google Photos can organize your photos and make it easier to access the right photo when you need it.

1. Share Photos and Albums

Google Photos make it incredibly easy to share your photos and albums over popular social media networks, including Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. All you have to do is open the album or photo and click on the “Share” button on the top right corner of the window.

Google-Photos-Tips-Tricks-Share-button - Google Photos Tips and Tricks - Tips and Tricks for Google Photos

You will see all the options to share the pictures, and you can either share over a social media network or get a link to share the photo anywhere you like.

Google-Photos-Tips-Tricks-Share-options - Google Photos Tips and Tricks - Tips and Tricks for Google Photos

You can also share collages, animations, videos and panorama shots using the same process.

2. Save Unlimited Photos

Google Photos lets you save unlimited pictures and videos without any pressure on your Google Drive storage. However, this only applies to high-quality photos compressed by Google and all the videos under 1080p quality. If you want to save to original size, only then your Google Drive storage will be used. For most people, the quality offered by Google is more than enough. Although, if you are a photographer who just wants the photos in their best quality, then you may have to opt for buying more storage in Google Drive.

You can select your preferred option by going to the main menu and clicking on “Settings.” The options are at the top of the “Settings” page.

Google-Photos-Tips-Tricks-Settings - Google Photos Tips and Tricks - Tips and Tricks for Google Photos Google-Photos-Tips-Tricks-Unlimited-Storage - Google Photos Tips and Tricks - Tips and Tricks for Google Photos

3. Select Multiple Photos

On the Google Photos app for smartphones, you can easily select multiple photos to move or delete. All you have to do is tap and hold on any of the pictures and without letting go, move your finger up or down to start selecting photos. This feature is perfect for selecting hundreds of photos quickly without any need of tapping on each one of them.

4. Restore Deleted Photos

It is quite common to accidentally delete your important photos or change your mind after deleting the pictures. Thankfully just like other online storage services, Google Photos also keeps your deleted photos in “Trash” to be restored any time you need. Google will only hold the deleted photos for 60 days, after that, it will automatically delete them. Go to the main menu and click on “Trash” to see all your recently deleted photos.

Google-Photos-Tips-Tricks-Trash - Google Photos Tips and Tricks - Tips and Tricks for Google Photos

5. Send Videos to YouTube

You already know that Google Photos stores your videos, but did you know you can also import those videos to YouTube to share with your viewers? On the YouTube upload page, click on the “Import” button under “Import your videos from Google Photos” section. It will show all your videos stored in Google Photos, and you can quickly select the one you want to upload to YouTube.

Google-Photos-Tips-Tricks-Import - Google Photos Tips and Tricks - Tips and Tricks for Google Photos

6. Remove Location Data

Google Photos can use the location data stored in your photos to organize them easily. However, you may not want this data to be shared with other people when you share your photos. To remove Location data while sharing, go to the main menu and click on “Settings.” Here, turn on the option “Remove geolocation in items shared by the link.”

It will remove all the location data while sharing using the link option, but the data will be shared with other sharing options, like Social media.

Google-Photos-Tips-Tricks-Remove-Location-Data - Google Photos Tips and Tricks - Tips and Tricks for Google Photos

7. Search Photos

Google Photos search option is very powerful, you can enter pretty much anything you can think of, and it will show you all the photos you need. You can enter dates, categories, location, people inside the picture and even items inside the picture.

Google-Photos-Tips-Tricks-Search - Google Photos Tips and Tricks - Tips and Tricks for Google Photos

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The Pro Review From TechReviewPro

If you don’t mind being in the Google’s ecosystem, then saving all your photos and videos to Google Photos is an excellent choice. It will let you access all your photos and videos from anywhere and also give you unlimited space to store data. If you do decide to store your data on Google Photos, then the above-mentioned Google Photos tips and tricks will surely help you get a better experience.

If you know any other useful tips and tricks for Google Photos, let us know in the comments.

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