Top 15 Best Free Text Messaging Apps for Android Users

Texting has become a common practice among people of all ages and mostly among teenagers of these days. Android’s default texting app can never fulfill your requirements if you are a texting addict or professional-like texter. Ultimately, you start searching for the best free text messaging apps for Android smartphone.

With the introduction of short messaging services (SMS), texting on smartphone has become quite common trend and hence, a habit for many. Technically, a text is a mere combination of words and phrases that is correct, understandable and meaningful. However, Android’s default texting application is a way too boring and this is the reason why other texting applications developed by third parties exist.

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15 Best Free Text Messaging Apps for Android Users

In the loads of paid and free texting applications supported by android, it becomes quite difficult and time consuming activity to try all of them and find a reliable text messaging app. Though there are a few texting apps that actually provide more features than merely texting. So, lets have a look at these awesome free text messaging apps.

1. Google Messenger

Google Messenger is one of the most popular Android texting app. Owned by Google itself, it is the most secure, safe and free texting app for android phones and tablets. Google messenger let’s you send SMS and MMS from any android device to another android based gadgets with Google messenger installed in the latter also.

Google messenger - best free text messaging apps for android devicesAs far as design and user interface is considered, the design turns out to be quite fluid and simple with unique and unmatched experience. Moreover users can temporarily or permanently block other users too. Furthermore, to make your conversation even more interesting, the text messaging app comes with stickers, emojis etc.

2. Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is another free to use yet interesting text messaging app for android users. Besides texting, it also encourages users to use their creativity to the fullest by allowing to tweak the themes or skins. Moreover, the users can also create their custom looks.

ChompSMS - best free texting app for android phones and tabletsShow what you exactly feel via more than 800 emojis offered by this free text messaging app. In order to maintain the privacy, the users can set custom passwords. The app keeps you connect with your dear ones via it’s scheduled SMS system and reminder for events like birthdays, anniversaries etc.

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3. Textra SMS

As the name consists of the word TEXTRA, this is yet another best free text messaging app that comes with some unusual yet unique and attractive features like – floating notifications, quick reply popups and lots more. Apart from bulk customization, the app comes with customization options for specific contacts also.

textra sms - best free text meassaging app for android - best voice to text app for AndroidIf you are a user of PushBullet, MightText or any Android smart-wear user, the app can comply with these utilities also to produce faster responses anytime. The free texting app also comes with protection against “StageFright” – an exploit that is spread through video messages.

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4. HoverChat Free (Ninja SMS)

HoverChat is another free to use text messaging app for android phones and tablets. Just like Facebook, this app also brings popup bubble functionality or link bubble to your usual SMS texting app. So you need not to disturb your phone’s screen and work but still you can reply to texts.

HoverChat - best free texting app for android devices - best group text app for AndroidTo make the screen even more soothing, minimize popup heads via collapse mode and also drag and drop the window anywhere on the screen. At the same time users can instantly switch to full texting mode. The app does minimal battery consumption.

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5. TextSecure Private Messenger

TextSecure is another free text messaging app that let’s you be in touch with your acquaintances yet keeping up with it’s commitment to maintain privacy of the users. The app also lets you create groups to chat among a multitude of people simultaneously and share attachments also.

text secure private messenger - best free texting app for android devices with privacyTextSecure is the only free Android open source texting app that uses open source peer-reviewed cryptographic protocols to keep messages safe. The texting app designed with keeping in mind the most constrained possible environment, results in faster performance.

6. EvolveSMS

EvolveSMS is a fantastic and free text messaging app for Android phones and tablets that can be said to have taken idea from Google+. The app is sleek and stylish yet non-compromising with the in-built features, perhaps the app is designed with the perception of an actual user.

Evolve SMS best free texting app for android devices - What is the Best Texting App for AndroidIf you are willing to spend more on premium in-app purchases, you can acquire more themes. Though the official orange one doesn’t look boring and out of fashion as well. Anyways, there are a few free customization options also available. The texting app is also highly compatible with android wearable devices and comes with password protect facility.

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7. Imo – Free video calls and chat

Imo is a quite popular free text messaging app for Android, however it offers more than a mere text messaging app. Besides, texting to your Imo contacts the users can also instantly message on major networks like Google Talk, Facebook chat, Skype and AIM by syncing the respective accounts with Imo.

Imo - best text messaging app for android phones and tablets - best group text app for AndroidThough the texting app comes with full efficiency to facilitate texting. It also offers free voice and video calls over Wifi or fast data connection. Furthermore, the app also offers encrypted chats and calls. But the only downside of this free texting app is that it runs on android 4.0 and up only.

8. WeChat

WeChat is another entry to the list of free text messaging app for android devices as it offers many features to grab the attention of users. Moreover, it also comes with some advanced features like – SHAKE that allows users to share files with their nearby features.

wechat - best free android texting app with built in translator - best voice to text messaging app for AndroidTo facilitate communication across regions, the texting app has recently introduced translate feature. To translate any message, simply long press it and select ‘Translate’ in the popup menu. Some other features include – lock for group chats, easily add one or more texts to favourites and a few more. This makes it one of the best group text app for Android.

9. Kakao Talk : Free Calls & Text

Kakao Talk is yet another free text messaging app for android devices that is preferred by millions of people worldwide. Like other reliable android apps for texting, KaKao Talks also allows its users to text anywhere in the world and with its smart and interactive user interface, users never get bored of using this app.

kakao talk - best free android texting app with attractive emojis - best group text messaging app for AndroidThough this Android texting app is a multi platform app, but as far as Android is concerned the app offers free calls, emojis, stickers and even free coupons and deals from your favourite brands. Furthermore, the users can also share their locations via this app and comply it with their Android wear devices to reply instantly.

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10. textPlus Free Text + Calls

TextPlus, often written as text+ calls, is another free text messaging app for android which is the most unique one among all the relevant free and paid texting apps for android. Unlike other apps, the user need not to register with his own contact number, instead the app itself provides you with a virtual contact number.

TextPlus - Free Text and Calls - Best Android Texting AppThe app also offers free calls to more than 70 million text+ users with more number of users joining the text+ community regularly. Also, all the calls and texts and calls that you receive via text+ are saved to cloud storage to prevent data breach of the users.

11. POP Messenger

POP Messenger is a free android based text messaging app that is officially accessible in more than 100 countries of the world. This free texting app also saves your time as you need not to search any contact’s name to open the chat or other interaction, in fact this can be done by simply tapping a pic of that person.

pop messenger - beautiful texting app for android devices with free Android texting functionalityMake your conversations engaging with tweaking the font’s properties like colors. To keep the users engaged, the app also offers free sharing of GIF’s and music other than usual multimedia files like images and videos. The users can send POP messages to anyone, even if the other end does not use this app.

12. mysms SMS Text Messaging Sync

mysms is a free multi-platform based text messaging app that is available for Android as well. The app not only offers free texting via Android devices, but the users can also send or receive texts from their PC’s browsers by clicking on this link (, login with their registered contact number and follow the simple procedure.

mysms- best free multi platform texting app for android - free text messaging on PCMoreover, if you have lost or restored or transformed your Android device, the messaging can be restored easily in no time. With one of the extension of this app (mysms mirror) two or more smartphones, say personal and private one can be synced. Ultimately, the conversations can also be exported to a .CSV file.

13. QKSMS – Material SMS Messanger

QKSMS is one more free texting app for android that has brought revolution in texting with its more than 200 customizable themes. Apart from themes, the prettiness of this app cannot be overlooked due to it’s simple yet effective material design and various themes available for night mode too.

qksms- best free texting app for android phones and tablets - Best voice to text app for AndroidQKSMS is completely free, open source texting app for Android that brings magic in text messaging/chatting with its beautiful and refreshing design interface. For fast texters, typos are quite common and the Delayed Messaging feature of this app is a saviour against these typos. Moreover, the app is also compatible with Android wear devices.

14. Mighty Text – SMS Text Messaging and Group MMS

Mighty Text is a free multi-platform texting app that is available for Android as well. The app makes it easy to text to anyone amidst your busy life, regardless of the device you are currently using. Similarly notifications and received texts can also be checked from any device.

MightyTexts - best free texting app for android devices - best group text app for AndroidThe app is mostly preferred by teens and students as it offers easy texting – both for individuals as well as group contacts. The texts can also be scheduled to be forwarded at a particular time to maintain the punctuality even if you are busy. Moreover, bulk SMS can be sent to 25 contacts in one go.

15. Telegram

Telegram is the last yet one of the best free texting app for Android phones and tablets that is very much trending these days as it has been regarded as a substitute for WhatsApp Messenger. In addition to multimedia files, Telegram also lets you share doc, zip, pdf and a few other types of files.

telegram - best free text messaging app for android devices - best replacement for WhatsAppThe frequency of members per group can be as much as 200 members and for broadcast, it can be up to 100 members maximum. The app tries to use minimum data and hence can work even with the weakest connections. If you prefer privacy, simply give this app a shot as it also provides a quite unique “Secret Chat” feature.

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Each texting app mentioned in the list of free texting app for Android devices above has it’s own unique feature and a distinct user interface that seems to be appealing to try that particular app. Hopefully, your search for best free text messaging app for Android ends here.

Do you use any other text messaging app and still find it interesting? Do share your experience with us using the comment box below.

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