Top 6 Android Apps to Make Unlimited Free Calls Even in 2G

Human Beings are social animals. They love to communicate with others. Communication is a way of exchanging views ideas and information. And modern ways of communication has completely changed with telecommunication. Telecommunication once started with telephone evolved with the inclusion of many tools, but one of the most widely and efficient tools so far has been mobile phones.

Mobile phones let us make calls and helps us to remain closed to our loving ones. Even being miles apart, we are never so apart with mobile phones in our hand. We enjoy talking to our friends and family members. But one of the most fearful events is to watch those shocking calling bills for making calls. 🙂 What if I say there are some Android apps to make unlimited free calls?

Yea, you heard the right words. Today, I’m going to share about some useful Android apps to make unlimited free calls. So let’s see our list of “Top 5 Android Apps to Make Unlimited Free Calls“. 🙂

Top 5 Android Apps to Make Unlimited Free Calls

Top 5 Android Apps to Make Unlimited Free Calls

1. Skype

Skype is one of the most popular calling apps developed by Microsoft. Skype allows you free video chats, voice calls, instant messaging and group chat. Skype is also available for Computers-PCs and smartphones having iOS and Android OS. You can freely talk with your loving ones but note that it is free to make unlimited calls over Skype network only.

Skype - Most Popular Android Apps to Make Unlimited Free Calls

I mean to say that to make calls on non-Skype numbers, you need to buy credits. However, for a good quality video and voice calls you will need a good internet connection. 🙂

2. Line

Line is another awesome android apps to make unlimited free calls and enjoy free video chat also. You can now be more expressive with thousands of stickers. You can send one-on-one SMS or group messaging with Line.

Line - Best Android Apps to Make Unlimited Free Calls

Line has more than 400 million users worldwide. Line allows users to send images, videos, documents and much more that is very exciting. Line support most mobile operating system while you can also use it on your PCs. So you don’t really need to worry if your loving ones have no smartphones.

3. WeChat

WeChat offers free video calling with group messaging and chats. You can do Video calls and chat with your friends face to face. WeChat offers a newly developed feature to the users that are Walkie-Talkie.

WeChat - Awesome Android Apps to Make Unlimited Free Calls

Walkie-Talkie is a feature that helps you to make a call with all ease; No additional charges are applicable. Using WeChat, you can send unlimited documents, images, voice messages and much more with it. WeChat also offers many cool stickers that make your chatting experience impressive.

4. Viber

Viber is one of the most used Voice calls solution for smartphones. Viber allows free voice calls to any network in any condition. You will get a good quality voice calls and video calls while you are on 3G or WiFi network.

Viber - Awesome Android Apps to Make Unlimited Free Calls

Free text messages, voice messages and video messages with location sharing are some of the very cool features of Viber. Viber is now customized for a decent look. It is quite simpler to use than the other android apps to make unlimited free calls. You just have to scan QR code of your friend or save contact of your friend and let Viber do rest of all works.

5. Nimbuzz

Nimbuzz is one of the oldest apps in the category of communication. It works same as all the above-listed Android apps to make unlimited free calls. But the thing out of the box about Nimbuzz is that it allows users to connect using their social sites also. You know what it means?

Nimbuzz - Cool Android Apps to Make Unlimited Free Calls

It means you can now contact with your loving friends with your social network IDs too. Nimbuzz offers HD quality calls with a clear tone. Nimbuzz works on all platforms like Windows, Android,  iOS, Symbian, Java, Blackberry, Windows Phone, and Mac, etc.

The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Friends, unfortunately, it is disappointing that these all apps deliver free calls to the same platform means you can freely call to those who have the same app installed if you want to call others or cross platform number then you have to buy credits that are available only after paying some money.

I know you think that what is the advantage of these apps if they can’t deliver free calls to cross platform numbers? Friends, don’t be upset because we offer pro reviews to readers and the pro thing is:-

Nanu – Free Calling App for Android

You’ll be surprised after hearing that Nanu offers free calls to any mobile numbers and telephones. Yes, Nanu gives free calls to everywhere and everyone. You can also call to non-Nanu users. Right now it works on only Android Phone but soon it will be available for most of other operating systems. So just get it and enjoy free calling wherever you wish. 🙂

Nanu - Best Android Apps to Make Unlimited Free Calls

According to Nanu, it doesn’t need a fast network, like other apps, and it works on 2g and congested networks. In other words, it works anywhere, wherever your phone works. Friends if you call to any number with Nanu you will see the ad that is what who pay for your free calls. Read Nanu Free Calling App Review.

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 Tip: – You can increase your free non-Nanu minutes by inviting friends. So just invite your friend on Nanu and earn free minutes credit.

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Do you know any other such android apps to make unlimited free calls? Do let me know via comment section below.

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