10 Best Android Call Recorder Apps to Record Phone Calls on Android

Many a times you might feel the need of recording a phone call. There may be many reasons why you would wish to record a phone call. Whether you are dealing with customers, getting a training on Phone, interviewing someone or just having an important conversation that you would wish to reference in future as proof – recording a phone call becomes necessity in such situations.

There are very few Android smartphones that come with in-built call recording functionality. Hence, it becomes tough job to record a phone call on Android as not all Android smartphones has in-built functionality for call recording. If you are wondering how to record a phone call easily then this post is exactly going to help you learn how to record phone calls on Android.

Top 10 Best Android Call Recorder Apps to Record Phone Calls on Android for Free

Thanks to some of the best Android call recorder apps available in Google Play Store, now you may easily record phone calls on Android with the help of free phone call recording app.

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Top 10 Best Android Call Recorder Apps to Record Phone Calls on Android

Disclaimer : Before we proceed, you must know that recording a phone call without letting the other party know is illegal in some countries. In some of the US states, it is required to let one party be notified while in others, you need to let the both parties know. It is recommended that you do your due diligence about laws in your state before recording a phone call or conversation. The Wikipedia article about “Telephone Recording Laws” and “Digital Media Law Project” will be helpful.

1. Call Recorder

Call Recorder is one of the best Android call recorder app developed by Boldbeast that makes recording phone calls on Android easy. It has built-in functionality to record calls automatically as you may enable automatic call recording from settings. It also allows you to create a list of phone numbers whose calls you wish record automatically.

Call Recorder - Best Android Call Recording App to Record Calls on Android

After installing the call recorder, you’ll see a call-recording button on home screen. Tapping twice slowly (not double-click) will start recording calls while again tapping twice slowly will stop call recording. Next, a dialogue box will appear asking you to save voice memo or discard. You may save it in internal memory or external SD card to access later. That’s how you may easily record a phone call on Android.

2. Call Recorder : ACR

Call Recorder : ACR [Another Call Recorder] is yet another free call recording app for Android. Using ACR Call Recorder, you may have many powerful call recording features. It allows you record call manually as well automatically. You may also set auto deleting of old recordings after a certain time.

ACR - Another Call Recorder - Another Free Call Recorder App for Recording Phone Calls

It allows you to password protect your recording and encrypt it for privacy. You may also multi-select recording files and send or delete them as per your requirements. The free version comes with some limitations while its pro version provides many more features like automatic sending of recording files to your email or Dropbox, Google Drive etc. cloud integration.

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3. Automatic Call Recorder

As the name suggests, Automatic Call Recorder lets you record calls on Android automatically. It is one of the best Android call recorder app that lets you choose which calls to record or which you want to ignore. Simply select a conversation as important and after ending the call, recording will be automatically saved to inbox.

Automatic Call Recorder - Free Android Call Recording App to Record All Calls Automatically

You may also change the default recording storage from inbox to external SD card. The saved recording can be searched by contact name, phone number etc. You may easily listen recording, add notes and share with others. The free Automatic Call Recorder app on Android automatically synchronises the recording files to Dropbox, Google Drive etc.

4. RMC : Android Call Recorder

RMC : Android Call Recorder (also known as Record My Calls on Android) is another free Android call recording app that lets you record your all calls – incoming calls as well as outgoing calls easily. As this Android Call Recorder records calls using microphone so you need to turn Loudspeaker on while talking on Phone to record calls on Android.

RMC Android Call Recorder - Record My Calls on Android

Without turning on the loudspeaker, you won’t be able to get clear voice of recorded calls. So you must turn loudspeaker on in order to get better record quality during calls – which is one of its disadvantage. However, the user interface is simple as you may easily filter recording based on known and unknown numbers/contacts. The recorded files are saved in “Record My Call” file in external memory card.

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5. Easy Voice Recorder

There are many apps to record phone calls on Android but Easy Voice Recorder has the easiest and simplest user interface. It is one of the highly rated Android call recorder app with many easy to use audio and voice recording features.

Easy Voice Recorder - Best Android Call Recorder App to Record Calls on Android for Free

Not just a call but also you may use Easy Call Recorder to reliably record your meetings, classes, personal notes, songs and many more important things that you wish to record without limits. It lets you record easily in background and manage recording from home screen widget. There is also functionality to manage and share recorded files easily. You may also transfer voice call recordings to your computer.

6. Call Recorder Free

Call Recorder Free is one of the most highly rated free call recording app for Android that provides automatic as well as manual call and voice recording functionality. It allows you to start or stop call recording manually with one click. You may easily record the conversation on Android and save it or delete it as per your needs.

Call Recorder Free - Best App to Record Phone Calls on Android - Free Audio Voice Recorder

Call Recorder Free app on Android also allows you to select recording quality and recording files format. After saving the recorded files on your device’s memory you may also quickly sync it to Google Drive. It also allows you to browse recorded files, edit, manage and filter the call recordings.

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7. Total Recall – Android Call Recorder

Total Recall is another useful Android call recorder with many powerful call recording features. Basically, it is a premium Android call recording app but it offers 30-days free trial without ads or spamware. It is one of the most highly rated best Android call recorder app developed by Killer mobile.

Total Recall - Android Call Recorder App - How to Record All Calls on Android for Free

It provides the real call recording as you don’t need to turn your loudspeaker on in order to get higher quality call recording voice. It is an easy to use call and voice recorder for Android with better quality call recording feature than other free Android call recording apps.

8. Call Recorder

There are many so called “Call Recorder” apps available in Google Play Store but this Call Recorder really works very effectively for recording calls on Android. Call Recorder is a free app to record phone calls as it provides the easiest way to record phone calls automatically while calling.

Call recorder - Free Audio Voice Recorder - How to Record Phone Calls on Android

You may not only record calls, but also manage and organize call recording files as it provides various options to organize call recordings by listing and grouping of contact names, time & dates etc. It lets you save recorded files as MP3 in your external SD card memory also.

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9. Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder is yet another free Android app to record phone calls as it lets you record phone calls on Android automatically and listen them later any time. It lets you record all calls automatically – no matter whether it is an incoming call or outgoing call.

Automatic Call Recorder - Best Android Apps to Record Phone Calls for Free

If you are looking for an app that may help you in recording day to day information of important conversation then this app is for you. You may record and save recorded Mp3 files to external SD memory. It also provides easy way to share or send recording by email, MMS, messenger apps, cloud apps etc.

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10 All Call Recorder Deluxe [Paid]

All Call Recorder Deluxe is a premium call recording app for Android that offers many powerful call recording features and integrations. It is an efficient and easy way to record important phone calls on Android. All Call Recorder records all incoming and outgoing calls on your Android phone. It saves telephone conversations in 3GP files.

All Call Recorder Deluxe - Best Premium Android App to Record Phone Calls

It provides an easy way to record every calls and send recorded calls via e-mail, Skype, any cloud storage (Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft SkyDrive, YouTube), Facebook, Bluetooth, etc. It is one of the best premium Android call recorder app with perfect call recording solution for your Android.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

One of the easiest way to record phone calls on Android without any additional third party app is using Google Voice. Simply press 4 to start recording phone calls while pressing 4 again will stop the recording and you’ll have the recording file in MP3 format which you may download or listen online.

But since Google Voice is not yet available in all countries, so these best Android call recorder apps will be helpful. So how do record calls on your Android phone ? Do you know any other android apps to record calls ?

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