9 Most Funny Games to Play Over Text – Best Texting Games

These days, you can easily kill time by playing fun games on your smartphones. There are millions of games to choose from, and there is a game for almost every type of person. However, there are also other ways to kill time on your smartphone, which can be quite entertaining. One such activity is to play texting games with your best friend.

There are dozens of texting games that you can play with your friends over text. These games can be very entertaining and may also foster friendship. They can test your knowledge about a specific thing and may also help you learn more about each other.

If you have unlimited texting plan or you have enough free texts to play a game, then all you need is a friend to start the game. There is no need to download a separate application or even use smartphone. You can play these games even on old phones that don’t even have any internet connection.

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9 Most Funny Games to Play Over Text – Best Texting Games

play games over text - Most Funny Games to Play Over Text - Funny Text Games

In this article, we will list down 9 best texting games to have hours of funny entertainment with your friends and foster friendship. You might have to set rules or clear few things out before each game, but once you are set, there is no stopping.

1. What If…?

What if? is a question that pops quite often in our mind when we are bored or in most cases, taking a shower. This is where we think about a particular scenario, and then give a answer of what we will do in that scenario. To play this game over text, you need to send a text with a “What If…? scenario to your friend and see what they answer.

Things can get quite funny when you give them hard or funny situations and learn what may be done in such a situation. For example, What if a Gorilla comes bursting through your room’s door while you are having a nice cup of tea? Got any funny replies to it? let us know in the comments…

2. Abbreviations

This is quite a challenging game if you use the right words and scenario. In this game you need to give abbreviation of your current activity or any other scenario like your feelings about the opponent. Then your opponent will have to put that abbreviation in to words and solve the riddle.

For example, “I think you are funny” can be turned into “ITYAF”, and your opponent will have to put it back in words. You can get some really funny replies as your opponent makes up different sentences without any clue.

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3. I Spy

I Spy is a really fun game, especially, when you are outdoors. The plot is simple, you need to tell your opponent exactly where you are and then look for something common around you and keep it in mind. Now, tell them the first letter of that thing and they will have to guess on what you have set your mind.

There will be a lot wrong guesses, so it is better to provide clues and let your opponent ask hint questions to make the game interesting. You can also add limitations to how many times they can guess, so they won’t just say the name of everything near you.

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4. Kiss, Marry, Kill

A very interesting game but only when played for fun’s sake, as things can get quite awkward/offensive if not played right. You need to give names of 3 individuals to your opponent and you both know of very well. They could be celebrities, your friends and anyone you both know. Now, your opponent is bound to distribute these three tags between the 3 individuals, .i.e who they would Kiss, who they would Marry and who they would Kill.

It is your job to make it hard for your friend to make the decision, like providing multiple names they may not be comfortable with, but will be bound to either Kiss or Marry them.

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5. Never Have I Ever

This funny texting game is a combination of fun, suspense, fear and a test of honesty. As the name suggests, you must ask an act that you have never done in your life, but you expect your opponent to have done it. Like, “Never Have I Ever watched TV wearing just my Underpants”. If you were right, your opponent will lose a point and they will have to explain when, how and why they did that thing. Both you and your friend must be honest, while playing this game, otherwise there is no point of playing it.

This can reveal many secrets and you learn a lot about your friend. However, be careful about what you ask and don’t extend the game with a fight.

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6. Story Time

A very creative and fun game with tons of twists and thrill. In Story time, you need to write up a story, but instead of using 1 head, you will be using 2. You must start a story with a sentence or phrase and your friend must tell the next sentence/phrase and you both will keep repeating this process.

This leads to an amazing yet challenging story that is written by two minds with different approach and ideas. Stories can be funny, horror, suspense or may be a mix of types depending on how you both take it.

7. 20 Questions

A very simple game, but still good enough to kill hours of time. You must think of something in your head and your opponent will have to ask questions about it to narrow it down and guess it. However, only questions with reply “Yes/No” can be asked, and you should not give any other details besides saying Yes or No.

As the name of the games suggests, your opponent can only ask 20 questions and must guess the object before he/she runs out of these 20 questions.

8. Song Lyrics

If both of you friends love music (with lyrics, of course) and preferably share the same music taste, then Song Lyrics will be an awesome texting game. You just need to send a few lines from a song lyrics to your friend and they must guess the title of the song. You can allow him/her to ask questions about the song to make it easier to guess, like “hip hop or Rock?

You can also play this game with lines from a movie, where the opponent will have to guess the name of a movie from which you quoted lines (famous lines, to be exact).

9. Would You Rather

A game that can be played in almost any type of relation with different outcomes. In this game, you have to provide two scenarios (preferably, bad ones) and your friend has to choose one of the scenarios. For example, “Would You Rather sleep for 2 hours on a comfy bed or sleep for 10 hours on a wooden chair? You can also try out the famous “Would you rather fight a hundred duck-sized horses, or one horse-sized duck?”.

Things can get quite interesting if you be little creative and make up scenarios that will interest both.

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The Pro Review From TechReviewPro

Above are the most funny text message games you can play with your friends. They might not be able to entertain you as much as blowing zombie heads in a FPS with your friends, but they can be quite entertaining while helping foster your friendship and understand more about each other.

If you want to try something new (or rather old for some people),  then playing these texting games would be fun and refreshing decision. Is there any texting game you like to play with your friends? Or got any funny replies to the above game questions? Do let us know in the comments below.

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