11 Best Free Spy Apps for Android Devices

Android phones have promptly made our lives easier by bringing a variety of services and utilities to our convenience, and one of them is spying (though quite rare) too. Do you know, what is Spying? Spying is simply keeping a check on something or someone for a legit purpose; and so are the spy apps for Android devices helpful.

Spy apps are just like other Android apps, but the mechanism that they use for working is a bit different. Unlike other apps, spy apps have expertise in performing their task with accuracy, and perhaps, each spy app performs only one specific function. Spy apps have become very important these days because they make our lives easier in one or the other ways. They help you in business by keeping your strategies secret while in personal life they reduce your stress by solving the issue of your children’s security and well being. Spy apps can be used for many other operations also.

Don’t worry if you are unknown of the concept of spying and the free spy apps for Android. We have compiled a list of various best spy apps for Android, and we present this list to you.

Disclaimer: – Spying is illegal in some countries, so before you start spying: do your due diligence of legal rules in your region. This post is for educational purpose only. TechReviewPro does neither promote any unethical activity nor do we promote any Android spying apps mentioned below. Hence we will not be responsible for any misuse of the information provided here. By reading below, you agree that you’ll not misuse any of these best free spy apps for Android.

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11 Best Free Spy Apps for Android Devices

1. WhatsDog

WhatsDog – watchdog for WhatsApp. This free spy app for Android is for those who are a bit insecure regarding their kids, spouse or any of the acquaintances. The recent WhatsApp update introduced a new feature to increase the privacy of its users. Now users can hide their last seen, status and profile pic also.

WhatsDog - best free spy apps for android

But the issue of hidden last seen is patched by one of the Android spy apps, i.e. WhatsDog. With this app, you can keep a check on any of your WhatsApp contact regarding how often he/she uses WhatsApp and for how long was he/she online. But the major limitation of this app is that it lets you spy only one contact (WhatsApp). This app is available for free in play store.

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2. SPY Message

SPY Message is yet another free spy app for Android that will perfectly suit you if you don’t want anyone else to spy on your messages and read all your confidential talks. So it’s time for you to become a spy of yourself before anyone spies you and keep safe the ideas regarding your business, from your rivals.

Spy message - Best free spy apps for android

This free Android spy app lets you send secret messages and self-destructs them after a particular period (as decided by you). The SPY Message app can be downloaded from the play store and with its simple user interface, registration is quite simple. Users can register using their existing or new Google account.

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3. SpyVisio-Free

SpyVisio is one of the best free spy apps among all the free spy apps for Android. A kid is every parent’s concern and if you don’t want to see your baby crying, go for this app.

Spy Visio - best spy apps for android devices

Most of us have got an unused Android phone, and now it’s time to use that phone. Install this app, register and keep that phone wherever your baby is sleeping. Whenever the baby cries, the alarm will be loud enough to wake you up. Not only alarm, but this app has got more features than that. It can send text messages, emails and even make calls too. Though this app isn’t confined to keep an eye on your baby, it can do more than that.

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4. Cell Tracker

If you want to employ some delivery boys and of course, you will have to provide them with company’s vehicles. But you can’t trust any human being working under you and worried about the misuse of your vehicles. Not only delivery boys, if you are also concerned about your spouse and children – where do they spend their most of the time. Then this free Android spy app is for you.

Cell Tracker - best free Android spy app

With Cell Tracker, you may provide anyone (on whom you want to keep a check regarding location) with your smartphone with this app installed in it. This amazing app automatically makes the list of locations which the person had visited (in the presence of data connection). Whenever you wish to see the places where the targeted person had gone, simply tap on ‘View Now.’

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5. Sneaky Cam

Have you ever visited a place – so beautiful that you want to capture the entire place on your phone? You with great excitement take out your Android phone, open the camera and as soon as you were about to click the first picture, you see a rude notice board or a guy saying “Photography is prohibited.” Most of us would loose our hope of having captured such a beautiful place on our phone.

Sneaky Cam - best Android spy app for free

Well, with this app you can capture the beautiful places and not appear like you are capturing something. This app lets you select a custom background image for your camera (which you and everyone else will be able to see) and simultaneously, you can click pics too. To click a picture, tap on any part of the screen.

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6. Spy Video Recorder

Imagine you are having some good time, watching a movie in a theater and suddenly you feel like recording a funny scene of the movie. But as per the rules and regulations of the theater, recording is prohibited. But don’t worry, Use this free Android spy app.

Spy Video Recorder - best free spy app for android Users

The above mentioned free spy app for the Android device, not only lets you click pictures secretly, but this has got something more than that. With this app, you can make videos secretly without being subjected to suspicion. In addition to recording videos, this app keeps you updated with before as well as after pictures of the video. While a video is being recorded, the screen turns black.

7. Ear Spy: Super Hearing

Have you ever wondered what people talk about you, behind your back or when you aren’t listening? Of course, at some point in life, we all have got this urge now be it regarding schoolmates, employees, neighbors, colleagues, etc. Now you can listen to these kinds of conversations with this another free Android spy app.

Ear Spy - best free spy app for android for spying friends

With this free Android spy app, you can leave your phone anywhere in the room with people talking about various stuff or even remain in the same room pretending to listen to some music with headphones plugged in. Just launch the app, and all the voices will be recorded via your Android’s microphone, made clear with amplifier and saved.

8. Phone Tracker Official Site

Now that you have overcome most of your issues with the help of above mentioned free Android spy apps one of the worries about which you may continue to think constantly is – What your child does all day long on the internet?

Phone Tracker - best free spy app for android

As soon as you hear this name, I know quite well what comes to your mind but believe me this app is more than those ordinary phone tracking apps. In addition to tracking your child’s location via GPS, this app also tracks calls, emails, texts, web history and much more. Just install this app on your child’s phone and keep an eye on your child with its simple user interface. However, this app has one limitation – whenever you want to see the activities of your child via this app, it takes you to some fancy web pages.

9. Mobile Hidden Camera

This is one of the ‘Two-in-one’ Android spy apps. Though in the apps mentioned above we have talked about taking pics and recording videos without being subjected to suspicion, the uniqueness of this app can be understood only when you use it at least once.

Mobile hidden Cam - best free spy app for android users

The major benefit of this app is that even if someone asks for your phone or snatches it, they will never come to know that you use spy apps. In the app drawer, it appears as a ‘Simple Notepad, ’ and there is none (except you) who knows what this app is in the real sense.

10. Secret Agent Fake Call

Ever tried to skip a meeting or a class or any other family function but didn’t have any excuse to make? Secret Agent Fake Call is yet another free Android spy app that will help you do so. Now, you may make plans for such occasions because now you have come to know about this stunning app.

Secret Agent fake calls - best free spy app for android

The Secret Agent Fake Call app is a free spy app for Android or rather your non-living friend who calls you whenever you need him. Select the identity from whom you want to receive calls, prepare the conversation’s recording and select the time when you want to get a call. Once you have configured these settings, believe me, no one can stop you to escape from boring classes, meetings and everything else.

11. Secret Agent

This free Android spy app is your secret friend about whom no one knows except you and your Android smartphone. If you have this app installed on your phone, then you are a complete spy.

Secret agent - best free spy app for android to make fake calls

This free spy app has various tools, sensors and all other utilities that you need to become a complete spy. Moreover, this app is available in the play store, so you need not look anywhere else for this app.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

When used right, Android spy apps can be very effective in tracking, monitoring and keeping an eye on your beloved ones. However, the downside is such utility tools which are meant to enhance human being’s life standard with the help of latest technology, are being misused by humans themselves. Hopefully, this list of best spy apps for Android will help you spy for better reasons.

Do you know any other spy apps that we missed? Let us know your favorite, using the comment section below.

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