Top 10 Best Free Download Manager for Android

Downloading files is an integral part of the internet, even though the world has now changed to streaming but still many people like to download songs and videos. Usually downloading on PC doesn’t seem a tedious task, since there are many third party download manager app and extensions that provide you a better downloading experience on your PC.

But when it comes to downloading with your smartphone, you need some best download manager app because downloading in the Android web browsers might be very slow as compared to the downloading speed that you usually get from internet download manager apps. If you think your downloading speed in Android browsers is slow, then you might feel the need of any great internet download manager for Android to boost your downloading speed.

Though there are lots of free best download manager for Android, choosing the best one among best is a tough challenge. So if you are wondering which is the best download manager for Android, stay tuned ! as I’m going to share top 10 {free} best download manager for android that might help you.

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Top 10 {Free} Best Download Manager for Android

Gone are the days when you had to manage your downloads through web browsers. With the availability of various internet download manager, managing downloads on Android has got easier. Simply, install any of the best download managers for Android and start boosting your download speed.

1. Advanced Download Manager {ADM}

Advanced Download Manager is one of the best download managers for Android that catches files and download links from your browsers and start downloading your files itself. ADM is only designed for providing the best downloading experience. Advanced Download Manager also provides an inbuilt web ADM browser that lets you surf any thing for your download.

ADM browser also has multiple tab facilities with the list of history and bookmarks. It is an easy Android downloader for downloading any files on Android. Though Advanced Download Manager itself intercepts with all download links, you can also add files to it just by clicking on add button and paste your download link in it.

Advanced Download Manager - Best Download Manager for Android

It is a very user-friendly download manager for android, its interface customization themes, material designs, quick menu option and download information like size, speed, time, etc. makes it best download manager for Android. It also provides background downloads, resuming download option, download complete reminder with sound and vibrations.

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2. Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator plus is an android download manager app that boosts up your download speed on Android. It is packed with all premium features with unlimited size downloads and much more in a tiny size app of 1.3Mb.

Like ADM, it also divides your files into 3 parts to boost download speed with auto resume option. If there is any download interruption due to internet connectivity, it pauses your downloads automatically.

Download Accelerator Plus - Best download manager for android mobile

Built-in web browser makes downloading work easier by catching links of your videos and music automatically with history and bookmarks option. Its material design, download progress bar with speed, time and file size provides an excellent experience. It also works when your screen is off.

3. Fast Download Manager

Here is one more internet download manager for android mobile with multi-threading downloads to accelerate download speed. The name of the Android internet download manager is Fast Download Manager. Fast Download Manager (also known as FDM) comes with full control of downloading files in the background.

free internet download manager - Best Android Download Manager for Free

Its pause and resume option helps you to download your files whenever you want. The built-in browser support and file manager provide you quick access to download links and downloaded files. You may download unlimited files without restrictions with Free Download Manager for Android.

4. Download Manager Accelerator

One of the best download managers for android that lets you download any files on your Android phone or tablet is Download Manager Accelerator. It is a very powerful Android download manager. It has a straightforward and clean user interface. Download Manager Accelerator is a fast Android downloader app with fast downloading features.

Download Manager Accelerator also supports pause and resume download function. You may quickly resume your task without having any data loss. There is not any limitation in downloading as compared to downloading limits in other web browsers.

Download Manager Accelerator - Great android Download Manager for Android

It notifies you about your download with live download progress bar. It also allows you to schedule your downloads in Android. Download Manager Accelerator also provides “download only when wifi is available” option to save your mobile data.

5. Downloader & Private Browser

Downloader & Private Browser is yet another popular name in the list of the best Android download manager, but it is different from other download managers for Android. For downloading files, videos and music from it, you have to use its inbuilt private browser. The private browser provides full featured multi-tabs as other Android web-browsers do.

Downloader and Private Manager - Best android downloader Password Protected

It also supports almost all types of file extensions like – mp3, mp4, m4v, m4a, mov, pdf, and txt, etc. for downloading. The best thing about Download & Private Browser is that it is first internet download manager that provides password protection to keep your file confidential. It also has built-in music and video player for your downloaded files so that you may play music and videos downloaded from this powerful Android download manager.

6. GetThemAll Any File Downloader

GetThemAll Any File Downloader is an all-in-one best download manager app for Android. Forget the time-consuming process of getting download links of any file from a webpage and then pasting them in your download manager. This internet download manager app lets you download your files, music, and videos with just the simple step of choosing the desired file.

Get Them All Any File Download Manager - Best Android Download Manager App

GetThemAll Any File Downloader creates all downloads on any particular page itself, and you have to select the folder to download only. An integrated fast web browser makes surfing files fast and easy. It also offers background download and Wi-Fi transfer to your PC. So obviously, it is a very powerful download manager for Android that makes your work easy.

7. Turbo Download Manager

Like all other Android downloader apps, Turbo Download Manager also works similar, but there is little bit difference between all other download managers for Android and Turbo Download Manager. It does not have any integrated browser for web search. It only works with direct download link. If you have to download files on Android from any file sharing or downloading sites that require login, then Turbo Download Manager is not for you.

Android mobile download manager App to Download Files on Android

It offers you normal/turbo mode download option. You can download multiple files with unlimited sizes at one time. TDM also have pause, resume and recover download option that does not let you any data loss. It works in the background even if your screen is off. Search any file from your default web-browser and press long to share the link with TDM as it automatically starts downloading your files.

8. IDM Download Manager

Another best files downloading manager for android that speeds up your downloading speed on Android is IDM Download Manager. Using IDM Download Manager, you may download music, videos, games and other things with ease. It allows you to search web page with the built-in fully functioned web browser. It also splits files into different parts for fast download.

Android Internet Download Manager - best app to download for android

IDM Download Manager offers a quick option to select default download directory whether in phone memory or external memory. You may also manage your downloaded files in IDM Download Manager which means you may also use it as a powerful file manager for Android.

9. FVD – Free Video Downloader

Free Video Downloader (also known as, FVD) is one of the best video downloaders for android as it lets you download video files on Android easily. It allows you to download video files from any website directly to your Android smartphone or tablets. It is simple to use powerful Android video downloader.

Free video downloader - Best Video Download Manager for android

Free Video Downloader lets you immediately search your file with your favorite browser or with a built-in web browser by clicking once on file and selecting FVD. It automatically does the rest process of downloading. It allows you to download multiple files at same time. You may also hide FVD icon from your icon tray.

10. Video Downloader

Video Downloader is also a good video downloader app for Android. Quickly download video, music and other files with an integrated browser. Search files and click download then select download path where to download your files. Open your downloaded files from the left menu button. You may also add pattern lock to protect your downloaded files on Android.

Android Video Downloader - Best video downloading app for Android

Disclaimer: – Due to some terms of service the best internet download manager for Android might not allow you to download videos from YouTube.

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Internet download managers for Android are the perfect way to manage your internet downloads on Android. If you have gone past the basic internet downloading and want to boost your internet downloading on Android, it is time to try any of these best download managers for Android. Which is your favorite Android download manager? Let us know if we missed any.

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