60+ Amazing Cool iPhone Background Wallpapers for Free Download

Since Apple.Inc launched the first iPhone in 2007, iPhone is popularly known for a new definition of design and creativity loaded with amazing tech features. According to Cool HD Backgrounds and Themes by Pimp Your Screen (a popular iOS app for cool HD wallpaper backgrounds for iPhone), an average iPhone user checks his/her iPhone screen 100 times a day. Isn’t it boring to look at the same [whether hot or cool iPhone background wallpaper] again and again?

Though Pimp Your Screen wallpaper app for iOS allows you to change your iPhone background image by tilting your iPhone quickly. You may get unique themes and wallpapers as it provides you pixel-perfect wallpapers in the retina and standard solutions from various categories of cool backgrounds like abstract, sci-fi, cartoon, nature, minimal, animals, 3D, sports, architecture, etc.

You might feel the need to download free iPhone background wallpapers on your iOS. So we have collected some best cool iPhone background wallpaper HD images from various sources which you may download for free.


60+ Amazing Cool iPhone Background Wallpaper Images for Free Download

No matter whether you are looking for cool iPhone 4 backgrounds, iPhone 5 background images, iPhone 6 HD wallpaper background images or free wallpapers for iPhone 6 Plus – our collection contains links to various iPhone background wallpaper sources. Just download from here or explore more by the following link.

1. Pretty-Pink Monster Cool iPhone Backgrounds


2. Apple Logo iPhone Background Wallpaper

Apple Logo iPhone Wallpaper

3. Keep Calm And Be Cool iPhone Background

iPhone Background Images

4. Cute Rabbit Nose Close up iPhone Wallpaper

iPhone wallpaper cool background

5. Colourful Silky Smoke Line iPhone 6 Wallpaper

iPhone Wallpaper6. Abstract Triangles Dots Purple iPhone HD Wallpaper

abstract wallpaper for iPhone7. HD Beautiful Pink Tree Apple iPhone Wallpaper

HD iPhone Background Wallpaper

8. Hyacinth Dolichos Flower Close-up iPhone 6 WallpaperCool HD wallpapers

9. DNA Strand 3D Render iPhone Wallpaper

3D iPhone background images

10. Apple Products iPhone iPad Wallpaper

iPhone wallpapers

11. Lonely In Ocean 3D iPhone Wallpaper

Ocean Images iPhone backgrounds

12. Cool iPhone Wallpapers

iPhone background image

13. Minimal Cool iPhone Wallpaper

Cool Apple iPhone Wallpaper

14. Lovely iPhone 6 Plus Wallpaper

Love wallpapers, iPhone lovy background15. Cool Abstract iPhone 6 Wallpaper

abstract iphone wallpaper16. Steve Jobs Creative iPhone Wallpaper

steve jobs, iphone background

17. Best Official iPhone 6 Wallpaper Background

iPhone 6 wallpaper,background images18. I Miss You Wallpaper Download for iPhone

miss you cool iphone images

19. 3D Illustration Wallpaper for iPhone

wallapers 3d illustration20. Pink Liquid Dripping Latest iPhone Wallpaper

illustration images, wallpaper

21. Gentleman Best iPhone 5 Wallpaper

gentleman images, iphone wallpaper22. What is Love Valentines HD Wallpaper

love wallpaper, valentines images23. Fresh Cool Lemon Slice Background iPhone 5s Wallpaper

Cool wallpaper, lemon images, backgrond wallpaper24. Best Typography Based iPhone Wallpaper

tyopgraphhy images, iphone wallpaper

25. The Joker Funny iPhone Wallpaper

jokeer images best wallpaper26. Fire Hip-Hop Dancing Sports iPhone 5s Wallpaper

Hip-Hop Wallpaper, Fire B ackground

27. Be Cool iPhone 6 Wallpaper

cool wallpaper, iphone 5s wallpaper28. Girl-in-Moon Light HD Wallpaper

girl images, cool wallpaper

29. Mac OS X Mavericks Logo Black iPhone 5 Wallpaper

OS X Image, Mac wallpaper

30. Space Clouds Planets HD Illustration Wallpaper

Space Wallpaper, iPhone cloud wallpaper

31. Andromeda Galaxy Wallpaper

Galaxy Wallpaper,Background

32. Hexagon Nike Wallpaper

Nike Wallpaper, iPhone Wallpaper33. Never Retreat iPhone 5 Wallpaper

Cool Image, iPhone Wallpaper

34. Cat Eyes iPhone Wallpaper

Cat Wallpaper, iPhone backgroud

35. Wild Cat Retina HD Wallpaper for iPhone

Wild Cat Images, HD retina wallpaper

36. Spider Man HD iPhone Wallpaper Background

Spiderman wallpaper, iPhone HD Background

37. Colorful Mac HD Wallpaper

Mac Wallpaper, HD iPhone Background Images

38. Green Paddle Cactus Wallpaper for iPhone

Cactus Wallpaper, Background Image iPhone 5

39. Frozen Lake iPhone Background Images

Cool Background Wallpaper, Lake iPhone Image

40. Red Lipstick Kiss Lovely iPhone Background

Lipstick Wallpaper

41. Love Heat Pretty iPhone Wallpapers

Pretty Wallpaper

42. Paisley Cool Backgrounds for iPhone

cool iPhone background

43. Textured Dots in Black Pretty iPhone Background

Dots Image, Pretty Wallpapers

44. Apple Diagram iPhone Background

HD iPhone Screen image

45. Magic Eye HD iPhone Wallpaper

iPhone Wallpaper, Pretty Image, magical eye

46. Lips HD Wallpaper for iPhone

Lips HD Images, iPhone HD Wallpaper

47. Captain America HD Cool iPhone 4 Backgrounds

Captain America Background, iPhone 4 Images

48. Red and Blue Graffiti Shapes iPhone Background Wallpaper

Shapes Wallpaper, iPhone 4

49. Apple Logo HD Wallpaper Backgrounds

Apple Logo Backgroud

50. Best Colorful iPhone Wallpaper

Best iPhone Wallpapers

51. Grumpy Cat in Space iPhone Background

Cat wallpaper, space image

52. Coloured Stripes Shelves Cool iPhone Background

Shelves iPhone Background

53. Wolverine Without Shirts Background Images for iPhone

best iPhone wallpapers

54. Neon Circles iPhone 4 Wallpaper

Best iPhone 4 wallpaper

55. Red Batman Grinning iOS Wallpaper

Batman Image, iPhone backgrounds

56. Fire Heart Best iPhone Wallpaper

Heart Backgrounds for iPhinee

57. Parallel iPhone Background Wallpaper

Cool iPhone Wallpaper

58. Robot Tech Eye Laser Light HD iPhone 6 Plus Wallpaper

Robot Image, iPhone 6 Plus Wallpaper

59. Keep Calm and Slide to Unlock Wallpaper

Typography Images, Wallpaper

60. Internet City iPhone Wallpaper

Cartoon iPhone Wallpaper

61. Power of the Darkside HD Wallpaper

hd iPhone images, wallpaper

62. Kratos HD iPhone 5 Background

iPhone 5 Wallpaper

63. Daisies Flower iPhone Wallpaper

Flowers Image, Flowers Wallpaper iPhoneDon’t Miss:

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