25 Most Popular and Best Free Android Apps to Make Your Smartphone Much Smarter

If I were to leave a building in hurry because the building caught fire, the only thing I would try to get with myself is my smartphone. πŸ™‚ – Rahul Dubey.

The reason being my smartphone is so important for me as it contains many utility apps that makes my life easier. Along with some best free android apps, it also contains some important personal information about me. The same might be case with you. Your smartphone contains lots of personal and professional data about you. And you can’t really let your smartphone go, leaving it in any burning building. That also shows how much you love your smartphone.

Smartphones have become a new definition of smartness. That is the reason why you tend to make it much smarter by installing some best free android apps in your android phone from the very next moment you buy it. But as there are many android market places present out there and each of them containing a huge number of android apps, so it becomes quite confusing which one to download and which to leave.

Best Free Android Apps - Most Popular Android Apps

Because you know very well that having lots of apps in your smartphone not only affect your smartphone speed by making use of large percentage of RAM, CPU time and installing many cached or junk files but also decreases your smartphone battery life quickly. Though you can always boost your smartphone speed instantly and increase your smartphone battery life using these smart tips & tricksΒ but it is recommended that install only those best free android apps that are must for you. Doing so will not only reduce burden from your smartphone but will also make your smartphone much smarter.

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25 Most Popular and Best Free Android Apps that Your Smartphone Must Have

The most popular android apps are those which are downloaded maximum number of times and having highest point on rating. Such best free android apps usually comes from various categories including educational apps, entertainment apps, business apps, productivity apps, health apps, web browsing apps, messaging apps, gaming apps, social apps, security apps and other performance based apps like battery saver and speed booster etc.

So let’s have a look at this info-graphic from Graphs.net below, where you’ll find out “25 Most Popular and Best Free Android Apps” that your smartphone must have.

Most Popular and Best Free Android AppsThe Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Android is a very powerful operating system where everyday new cool apps are being developed and added. This doesn’t mean you install tons of apps in your smartphone. Perhaps doing so will never make your smartphone smarter. However, having a minimal number of utility apps which are really important for you will always be a smart choice in order to make your smartphone much smarter.

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Hope this list of most popular and best free android apps will help you make your smartphone much smarter. However, do let me know which android apps would you like to add to this list in the comment section below.

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  • Rabin Mistri

    You are right ANdroid is a most powerful mobile OS and i think its main reason is the apps. You can get any kind of app from the store that suits your need. All the app that you have shared here are very important and I use most of them.

    Thanks bro for sharing such a wonderful list of popular android apps πŸ™‚

  • Sachin

    Hii Rahul
    Android today most popular O.S because everyone can use and handle this very easily and its very understandable..
    Its very Awesome Article for android user like me..

    • Hello Sachin ! πŸ™‚

      First of all, let me welcome you to TechReviewPro !

      Thanks for dropping your valuable comments here. Yea sure, you are right, Android OS can easily be handled and used and hence it is one of the most popular mobile OS. But when it comes to being most popular, it has to go a long way still in order to compete with iOS.

      What do you think ??

  • Sachin

    Hello Rahul
    I am back for your asking question to me
    I think you are right now

  • ankita gujrati

    Android is a most popular operating system because its very easy to understand and features are really nice.Thanks a lot for informative post.

  • Amit Nigam

    Great info Rahul

  • Android most popular apps, thanks for this article. Your article is really awesome.

    • Hey Ankit !

      Good to see you on TechReviewPro. I’m glad that you liked the article. I’ll love to hear more from you.

      Thanks for your kind feedback. πŸ™‚

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