5 Steps Kids Online Safety Tips to Keep them Safe on Smartphones – [Infographics]

Our digital life is reaching new heights. The usage of smartphones, tablets, PCs and other electronic devices is increasing alarmingly. In fact, not only we (adults) have got habitual of using gadgets on large-scale, but also children below 13 are getting addicted to latest technology trends.

Keeping your kids updated with new technology or gifting them latest gadgets to help them learn is not a bad idea, and I’m nowhere against it, but the way cyber crimes, cyber bullying and sexual harassment of children below 13 in the US and other developed countries is increasing – that’s threatening.

A recent report [2015] by The Tinder Experiments shows that online predators are using the apps to groom underage girls. And many more stats and reports prove that a large percentage of children in the US are getting addicted to sexting, nudity and sharing nude pictures online.

So, does it mean you should keep your kids away from smartphones, tablets and another online world ?

No !

Instead, you should teach your kids effective online safety tips to keep your kids safe on smartphones. So what are those useful kids online safety tips?

Well, that’s what I’m going to share with you today.

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5 Steps Kids Online Safety Tips to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Our folks at Pumpic Mobile Monitoring have done an excellent job in creating a great visual to help you visualize the useful kid’s online safety tips to keep your children safe online. So just go through this infographic, and I’m sure, you’ll get a handful of tips to make your kids aware of potential cyber threats.

Update: We have removed the infographic for security reasons.

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The whole idea behind these kids online safety tips is to make your children aware of potential cyber threats and help them learn how to deal with strange people, what to share with them and how to manage technical stuff like your kids’ privacy while browsing an app or a social community.

Being parents of your children, it is your duty to keep your kids safe. So do let me know, what additional online safety tips will you offer to children to safeguard their online privacy?

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