Numbertank Free Download: How to Make Free Calls to Any Mobile from PC?

Numbertank is a social messenger with an interesting approach. Shantai Technologies has developed it, which is an Indian startup hailing from Surat. Numbertank came into the limelight in around the year 2011 when it started offering free web to mobile calling to its users. It claimed to work on a unique monetization plan but didn’t work out.

Now, given NumberTank’s popularity, it still houses a lot of Indian users. So, here, we will take a look at NumberTank’s popularity and does it still offer free calling to any mobile number from PC?

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The Sign-Up Process for Numbertank

When we get down to talk about a social messenger, we tend to notice the sign-up process often. Usually, users check how easy it is to sign up or how time-consuming it is.

Well, with Numbertank, it is neither too quick nor too clumsy. After installing the app, you will be required to enter your Email ID, your name, birth date, and the gender.

Being available for both Android and iOS, the signup process varies a bit. With an iPhone, you will find your birth date and the gender to be optional information whereas in an Android every information required is mandatory.

The User Interface of Numbertank

Well, the sign-up process is manageable, what about the user interface of Numbertank?

Most of the people use WhatsApp, Hike, Telegram, and other instant messaging apps. How does it stand up to them? Numbertank does not offer a mind-blowing user interface, but it is decent enough. The user interface isn’t sluggish but smooth. Also, it is easy to use.

Download Free Numbertank - Numbertank Free Download - Download Numbertank for Free

With a decent UI and an easy-to-use interface, it definitely becomes a pick for the users who opt for a simple messenger instead of the rich messengers offering a wide range of stickers, supporting GIFs, and so on.

If you are using an iPhone, Numbertank’s user interface should look good enough to provide an optimal user experience. However, the Android version needs refinement and could utilize the material design guidelines to present a tad better user experience.

Does Numbertank Offer Free Web to Mobile Calls?

Well, Numbertank made its way to the limelight by providing free web to mobile calls. But, now, it is history. The company made its claim as a communications company and avoided to being called a social network.

However, now Numbertank is solely a social messenger app without calling facilities. So, yeah, Numbertank does not offer free web to mobile calls anymore, nor does it feature voice calling.

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Numbertank For Android Free Download: How Good Is It?

When it comes to an Android device, users tend to choose a messenger that is rich with features. Moreover, now they look for end-to-end encryption.

Numbertank for Android acts as a basic chat application which lets you create groups and channels. You can discover several channels and follow them to get notified of their latest activities via push notifications. You can do the same by creating your own channel.

numbertank for android - Numbertank Free Download - Make Free Calls from PC to any Mobile

Also, you get the ability to share Audio, Album, and Image/Video to a friend who you have added as a contact on Numbertank. The application also syncs through your contact list to find the ones that are on Numbertank already.

If you are running on Android 6.0+, you might find the user interface dull, but it is still something to be appreciated if not too bad.

Download Numbertank For iOS: How Good Is It?

You might be sticking with the thought that Android and iOS must have the same set of options (if not the same UI). But, in this case, we find that Numbertank offers a different set of options on iOS.

numbertank for iOS - Download Numbertank for Free - Make Free Calls to Any Mobile from PCNumbertank for iOS features an Album option among the tabs present. While on Android, you would notice a tab for – Discover – feature.

The albums can be shared to all at once with a 24 hours timer. Just like the status feature works on WhatsApp, Numbertank’s album works the same way. Your album shared will vanish in 24 hours after you share it.

The user interface for an iOS device is pretty perfect. It does blend well with the whitish theme, which is the default theme for every iOS device. Of course, you won’t be getting the calling feature here as well.

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Other Features of Numbertank Social Messenger:

Numbertank presents the status feature as a broadcast to all of your friends. Your friends would never miss your latest status while the counter badge on the status tab would remind them of it.

It lets you control the media auto-download feature where you can choose to download media when connected to WiFi in the background or choose not to.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Numbertank is a sleek yet modern looking messaging app for iOS devices. It may not be the same for Android users.

Nevertheless, for both of the platforms, it remains to be an underdog yet to incorporate more useful features to bring more users on board.

The security of the app is basic but not good enough for a privacy buff. If you are looking for a simple messenger, Numbertank would be the one. In either case, if you were looking for an isolated messaging platform with fewer blunders to distract, this would be a perfect choice.

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