How to Lock Apps on Android? – Top 5 Best App Locker for Android

Concerned about privacy? You are not alone! Every individual is nowadays proactive towards privacy. And, to talk about the most popular mobile operating system – “Android,” security & privacy is definitely needed (Trust me!).

Well, it’s just a theory, but in real life, some friends try to sneak into your phone and also snoopers who try to steal information in your absence. Let it be your clever child, parents, and others!

How to Lock Apps on Android - Top 5 Best App Locker for Android

Security and Privacy are interrelated, and if you are wondering how to secure your privacy on Android in such advanced era, one of the easiest ways is to password protect Android apps using best app lock for Android. There are a large number of guides and stories available about Android security, but here, we are going to take a look at the best app locker for Android which enhances privacy protection.

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How to Lock Apps on Android? – Top 5 Best App locker for Android

Many Android users are concerned about privacy for specific apps to hide important data and information. If you are in a similar zone and wondering how to lock apps on Android, then you are at right place. Locking apps on Android are easier as there are many Android app locker apps available, that do the job remarkably.

So, we have picked five of the best App locks for Android, available on the Google Play Store. Read on and choose the best for yourself! Before moving on to the list, you should know the factors on which we filtered out the apps from the Play Store. Those are – User Interface, Usability, Features, In-app Ads, and Performance. 

1. Smart Applock (Price: Free, Size: 3.4 MB)

smart app lock - Best App Locker for Android to Lock Apps on Android

Who doesn’t want feature-rich apps? Unless they are sluggish and drains out the battery, one would definitely want it! Smart Applock is both feature-rich and resource friendly. It merely took 4-8 MB of RAM usage when enabled to lock everything in the device.

Fortunately, it doesn’t show any in-app Ads. So, it brings in an Ad-Free experience along with loads of features for free. It doesn’t have a great UI but takes the lead in all other aspects.

Features that you get:

– Fake lock screen
– Intruder Alert and Selfie
– Multiple Passwords
– Remote Lock
– Timer Lock, Wi-Fi based lock & Bluetooth based lock
– Screen Lock
– Rotation Lock
– User Profiles

There are some tweakable settings as well to edit the lock screen, notification icons, etc. However, it doesn’t support transparent status bar. But, we may see a complete makeover soon. So, if it is already your favorite app lock for Android, it is going to be better soon!

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2. AppLock (Price: Free, Size: 12.29 MB –  Varies with device)

applock - How to Lock Apps on Android - Best App Locker for Android

It isn’t anything different from the previous but lacks some customization options. For instance, you can customize your lock screen right from the app on “Smart Applock,” but you have to install an external theme to do it on “AppLock” which in turn increases apps installed. And, that is inconvenient.

It’s quite sad to see these kinds of apps – “Smart Applock” & “AppLock” to have a bad UI. For real, it isn’t the worst but not very good either. A serious makeover is needed.

If you majorly want an Android password protector app with great and responsive UI, then the next three Android app locker apps would fulfill your requirements.

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3. LEO Privacy Guard (Price: Free, Size: 3.7 MB)

LEO Privacy Guard applocks for Android - Best App Locker for Android to Password Protect Android Apps

It has the best UI among all the mentioned Android app locker apps. And, it has necessary features but not as much as options available with the previous app lockers for Android. It deserves to be the best, but the number of features doesn’t pay off. And, also, it doesn’t give a pure ad-free experience. You can observe the Ads on the lock screen but it isn’t annoying nor does it affect the performance.

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It does take a lot more RAM than the above mentioned best app locker for Android. Real-time usage would be between 22-40 MB, and while using the app (performing privacy status check), it goes up to 150 MB. You’ll definitely get an immersive visual experience while using this app locker.

Features that you get:

– App Lock
– WiFi security
– Break-in Alert
– Anti-theft 

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4. Hexlock (Price: Free, Size: 4.14 MB)

Hexlock applocks for Android - Best App Locker for Android - Best App Lock for Android

Well, the developers haven’t baked in any fancy feature into this app. It is a clean, one-purpose – “App Locker.” The developers of this app have been tagged as “Top Developer” on the Play Store. You can customize the lock screen to any available color or set a background picture for the app lock screen. It is fast and responsive. But, contains in-app Advertisements. However, you can get rid of the Ads by paying just 10 INR. And, it has been awarded as one of the best apps of 2015 made in Canada.

Unfortunately, you can’t lock the system toggle functions on Hexlock.

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5. Magic Applock | Privacy Wizard (Price: Free, Size: 11.15 MB)

Privacy Wizard Magic Applock - Password Protect Android Apps with Best App Locker for Android - How to Lock Apps on Android

It is yet another simple app locker for Android with no smart features. But, it does have impressive covers (fake lock screen). And, is both user-friendly and resource-friendly. It’s easy to use, but the lock screen can’t be customized. User Interface is pretty nice, and it supports a custom picture as the lock cover which seems to be a unique feature among all the above. If we consider the package size, it fails to prove its worth. But, is still a secure locker to protect apps.

In other words, Magic Applock | Privacy Wizard may be considered as a good Android app locker to password protect apps.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

For now, the above five apps are one of the best app lockers for Android, available on the Play Store. If you are going to be rocking with great UI design, you should probably use LEO Privacy Guard. And, if you want a feature-rich app, then Smart Applock should be your choice. Well, in the end, it’s your final choice.

Do let us know in the comments below about it. And, also feel free to share your experience with these Android app locker apps on your device.

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