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We live in a dynamic world where things keep changing. You must have heard, “Changing is the rule of nature“. In fact, it’s not the rule of nature only. We, human beings also keep changing ourselves and the things around us.You know lots people in your contacts change their contact details (Mobile number, email, photos etc.) every year.

So ultimately you loose many of them as updating those details manually is tough. And even if it is not tough for you, who has the time to keep contacts updated manually ?

We usually have hundreds of contacts in our iPhone’s phone book. So whenever someone changes his/her contact details like mobile number, address, email or photos etc. you need to update it yourself. If you don’t update it, you’ll no longer have their new contact details and the old one won’t work any more. So eventually, you end up loosing them.

Download Perpetuall Contacts Updated - Free Android/iOS AppLoosing a large percentage of your contacts may be very frustrating if you are having some important business contacts in your phone book. And unfortunately you can’t do anything.

I was facing this problem and hence I asked one of my friend about it. He suggested me about an app – Perpetuall that keeps your contacts updated always. He suggested me to download this app to keep my phonebook or contacts updated. Sounds new ?? Okay, let me introduce this app here.

What is Perpetuall ?

Perpetuall is a free app for Android and iOS that keeps your phone book and contacts updated. Commonly known as Perpetuall Contacts Updated, it notifies you about the changes in your contacts and automatically updates your smartphone with the new changes.

Perpetuall Keeps Your Phonebook and Contacts Updated

So whenever someone in your phone book updates his/her contacts info, you get a notification from Perpetuall about changes and the app do changes on behalf of you to keep your contacts updated.

How Perpetaull Keeps Your Contacts Updated ?

Perpetuall is an easy to use app with outstanding features that almost anyone can use. All you have to do is download and install the app from android play store if you are android user or from iTunes if you are iOS user.

Install Perpetuall to Keep Your Phonebook and Contacts Updated

After installation, you need to sign up providing your basic details like name, email, mobile number etc. During sign up process Perpetuall verifies your mobile number with a call or SMS. Once the sign up and verification process is complete, you job is over and you can forget about it.

Now the app runs in your smartphone’s background and keeps your phone book or contacts updated always.

Other Important Features of Perpetuall Free Android/iOS App

Please note that Perpetuall is not a phone book app that will replace your native phone book. In fact, it runs in background to keep your native phone book updated. Of course, it comes with some other important features to improve your phone book and contacts. Here are those important features :

1. Instant Notification

One of the important feature of Perpetuall is its ability to notify instantly. Not only it notifies about changes in your contacts details but also provide real time notification.

So when installed, Perpetuall first take backup of every contact details and when your friends are trying to change their contact details, you’ll be notified instantly. That’s the beauty of this app.

iOS phonebook backup

2. Complete Backup

Complete backup is yet another useful feature due to which Perpetuall keeps a complete backup of your contacts. So whenever you’ll loose your contacts accidentally, you can easily sync all your contacts and update your phone book in no time just by clicking on “Recover my contacts“.

Perpetuall Backup Your Contacts from Phonebook

3. Best Photos

Perpetuall has an interesting feature that it shows the best photos of your contacts and similarly your best photos to them. The reason being, Perpetuall knows who in your contact is having Perpetuall installed. So when they call you or you call them, both of you can see latest uploaded best photos of each other.

Perpetuall Updates Best Photos from Your Phonebook

Download Perpetuall Contacts Updated

Perpetuall is a user-friendly important app developed by Perpetuall Software S.L. that you can download from below links.

Direct Download Link for iOS users

Direct Download Link for Android users

The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Perpetuall is a tested, verified and secure app that never compromises with your security. Apart from verifying your phone number during sign up process, it keeps all your contacts and data encrypted on highly secure servers. That means your data are safe and you really don’t need to worry.

And at the same time it provides these cool features for free. So how can you ignore from downloading Perpetuall contacts updated ?

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