Brb Meaning – What Does WTF mean ? : 231+ Handy Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp Chatting Abbreviations

Life is getting short and we are in rush ! The reason is we don’t generally have much time. As we are getting more and more busy, this has influenced our life completely. Not only we have got a habit of taking short-cuts in real life but also the usage of short-form of words can be seen anywhere. Even while chatting with friends on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. we prefer to use handy abbreviations.

Using such quick abbreviations help us save time from typing longer while chatting. That is why you may notice use of the terms like LOL, WTF, BRB, ROFL, AKA, PS, PPS etc. a so many times on social medias these days. But ever wondered what does WTF mean ? What is the meaning of BRB ? Why Your friends use LOL, ROFL etc. ?

Brb Meaning - What Does WTF mean - Handy Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp Chatting Abbreviations

The fact is that – if you don’t know the meaning of these chatting short-cuts, you may certainly ask your friends that what does it mean, but asking the meaning of such popular chatting abbreviation may be awkward situation. So we have compiled a list of all commonly used popular Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp etc. chatting abbreviations with their meaning.

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Brb Meaning – What Does WTF mean ? : 231+ Handy Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp Chatting Abbreviations

  1. A&F, AAF meaning Always And Forever
  2. A3 meaning Anywhere, Any time, Any place
  3. AA meaning Alcoholics Anonymous
  4. AAB meaning Average At Best
  5. AAK meaning Alive And Kicking
  6. AAMOF meaning As A Matter Of Fact
  7. AAP meaning Always A Pleasure, Kejriwal
  8. AAR meaning At Any Rate
  9. AAYF meaning As Always, Your Friend
  10. ABD meaning Already Been Done
  11. ABH meaning Actual Bodily Harm
  12. ABT meaning Absolutely, About
  13. ADL meaning All Day Long
  14. ADMIN meaning Administrator
  15. ADN meaning Any Day Now
  16. AEAE meaning And Ever And Ever
  17. AEAP meaning As Early As Possible
  18. AFAIAC meaning As Far As I Am Concerned
  19. AFAIC meaning As Far As I’m Concerned
  20. AFAICS meaning As Far As I Can See
  21. AFAICT meaning As Far As I Can Tell
  22. AFAIK meaning As Far As I Know
  23. AFAIR meaning As Far As I Remember
  24. AFAP meaning–  As Far As Possible
  25. AFC meaning Away From Computer
  26. AFK meaning Away From Keyboard
  27. AGW meaning All Going Well
  28. Aight meaning Are you alright ?
  29. AKA meaning Also Known As
  30. ALOL meaning Actually Laughing Out Loud
  31. ANY1 meaning Anyone
  32. ASAP meaning As Soon As Possible
  33. ASL meaning– Age/Sex/Location
  34. ATM meaning At The Moment
  35. AYSOS meaning– Are You Stupid Or Something?
  36. A3 meaning Anytime, Anywhere, Anyplace
  37. B meaning Be
  38. B4 meaning Before
  39. BB meaning Bye Bye, Goodbye
  40. BBIAB meaning Be back in a bit
  41. BBL meaning Be back later
  42. BBS meaning Be back soon
  43. BBQ meaning Barbecue or Better Be Quick
  44. BC meaning Be Cool
  45. BD meaning Big deal
  46. BFN/B4N meaning Bye For Now
  47. BM meaning Bite Me
  48. BOT meaning Back On Topic
  49. BRB meaning Be Right Back or Bath-room break
  50. BRO meaning Brother
  51. BRT meaning Be Right There
  52. BTW meaning By The Way
  53. B4N meaning Bye For Now
  54. Blog meaning Also known as web log or an online journal
  55. C meaning See
  56. CFY meaning Calling For You
  57. COZ meaning Because
  58. CSWS meaning Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop
  59. CTS meaning Changing The Subject ?
  60. CU meaning See You
  61. CUL meaning See you Later
  62. CYA meaning See You Again
  63. CYS meaning Check your settings
  64. CUZ meaning Because
  65. DA meaning The, Domain Authority [Commonly Used by Bloggers, SEO Experts]
  66. DAT meaning That
  67. DER meaning There
  68. DIAF meaning Die in a fire
  69. DIY meaning Do It Yourself
  70. DUNNO meaning Don’t know
  71. DND meaning Do not Disturb
  72. EOS meaning End Of Story
  73. EOF meaning End Of File
  74. F2F meaning Face to Face
  75. FAQ meaningFrequently asked questions
  76. FB meaning Facebook
  77. FOS meaning Freedom of Speech
  78. FTL meaning For the loss
  79. FTUW meaning For the uber win
  80. FTW meaning For the win
  81. FWD meaning Forward
  82. FWIW meaning For what it’s worth
  83. FYEO meaning For Your Eyes Only
  84. FYI meaning For your information
  85. G2B meaning Going to Bed
  86. G2G / GTG meaning Got to go
  87. GAL meaning Get a life
  88. GBTW meaning Get back to work
  89. GF meaning Great/good fight/girlfriend
  90. GFU meaning Good for you
  91. GFY meaning Good for you
  92. GG meaning Good game, Good going
  93. GIYF meaning Google is your friend
  94. GM meaning Good Morning
  95. GN meaning Good Night
  96. Gonna meaning Going to
  97. GR8 meaning Great!
  98. Gratz meaningCongratulations
  99. GTG meaning Got to Go
  100. GTH meaning Go To Hail !
  101. G9 meaning Genius
  102. HAND meaning Have A Nice Day
  103. HF meaning Have fun
  104. HTH meaning Hope this helps
  105. HU meaning Hug You
  106. IACL meaning I am currently laughing
  107. IANAL meaning I am not a lawyer
  108. IANARS meaning I am not a rocket scientist
  109. IC meaning I See
  110. ICQ meaning I Seek you
  111. ICYDK meaning In case you didn’t know
  112. IDC meaning I Don’t Care
  113. IDGI meaning I don’t get it
  114. IDK meaning I don’t know
  115. Iggy meaning Igloo
  116. IIRC meaning If I recall correctly
  117. ILU meaning I Love You
  118. IM meaning Instant Messenger
  119. IMHO meaning In my honest opinion
  120. IMNSHO meaning In my not so honest opinion
  121. IMO meaning In my opinion
  122. IRL meaning In real life
  123. IS meaning I’m Sorry
  124. ITT meaning In this thread
  125. IYDMMA meaning If you don’t mind me asking
  126. JAM meaning Just A Minute
  127. JIC meaning Just In Case
  128. JJ meaning Just joking
  129. J/K meaning Just kidding
  130. JOOC meaning Just out of curiosity
  131. JP meaning Just playing
  132. K meaning Okay
  133. KISS meaning Keep it simple stupid
  134. KK meaning Ok Cool or Ok Kewl
  135. KL meaning kool, cool
  136. KU meaning Kiss You
  137. Kwl meaning Cool
  138. LAM meaning Leave a Message
  139. LDR meaning Long Distance Relationship
  140. LLAH meaning Laughing like a Hyena
  141. LMA meaning Leave Me Alone
  142. LMHO meaning Laugh My Head Off
  143. LMFAO meaning Laughing my f*cking *ss off
  144. LMK meaning Let Me Know
  145. LU meaning Love You
  146. LOL meaning Laughing Out Loud
  147. LQTM meaning Laugh quietly to myself
  148. LTNS meaning Long Time No See
  149. L8R meaning Later
  150. M/F meaning Male or Female
  151. Msg meaning Message
  152. MU meaning Miss You
  153. M8 meaning Mate
  154. MYOB meaning Mind your own business
  155. NE1  meaningAnyone
  156. NLS meaning Not Life Safe
  157. NOYB meaning None of your business
  158. NP meaningNo Problem
  159. NSFW meaning Not Safe For Work
  160. NVM meaning Never mind
  161. NWS meaning Not Work Safe
  162. O meaning Oh
  163. O3 meaning Out Of Office
  164. OIC meaning Oh I See
  165. OJ meaning Only Joking
  166. OMG meaning Oh my God!, Oh my Goodness!
  167. OOC meaning Out of Character
  168. OP meaning Original Poster, Original Post
  169. OS meaning Operating system
  170. OT meaning– Off topic
  171. Pic meaning Picture
  172. Pix meaning Pictures
  173. Plz, Pls meaning Please
  174. PM meaning Private Message
  175. PPL meaning People
  176. Q4U meaning Question for You
  177. R8 meaning Right
  178. RIP meaning Rest in Piece
  179. RL meaning Real life
  180. ROFL meaning Rolling on the floor laughing
  181. RSVP meaning Response Requested
  182. s2pid meaning Stupid
  183. S2R meaning Send to Receive
  184. SD meaning Sweet Dreams
  185. SEC meaningsecond
  186. sk8 meaning skate
  187. Sis meaning Sister
  188. Some1 meaning someone
  189. Spoz meaning suppose
  190. Sry meaning sorry
  191. SS meaning so sorry
  192. str8 meaning Straight
  193. SU meaning shut up
  194. SUP meaning What’s Up
  195. SWW meaning Sorry, wrong window – typing in the wrong box
  196. SYS meaning see you soon
  197. SYL meaning See you later
  198. TC meaning Take Care
  199. TG meaning That’s great
  200. Thnx meaning Thanks
  201. Tho meaning Though
  202. THX meaning Thank You
  203. TIA meaning Thanks in advance
  204. TMI meaning Too Much Information
  205. TOS meaning Terms of service
  206. TTFN meaning Ta ta for now
  207. TTYL meaning Talk To You Later
  208. TTYT meaning Talk to you tomorrow
  209. TXT meaning Text
  210. TY meaning Thank you
  211. TYT meaning Take your time
  212. meaning You
  213. U4E meaning Yours For Eve
  214. Wanna meaning Want to
  215. WB meaning Welcome Back
  216. Wd meaning Well done
  217. WDUWTA? meaning What do you want to talk about ?
  218. WTH? meaning What the hell?
  219. WTF meaning What the Fuck
  220. WURSC meaning Wow, you are so cool
  221. W8 meaning Wait !
  222. W8AM meaning Wait A Minute
  223. YCM meaning You copied me
  224. Ye meaning Yeah, Yes
  225. YMMV meaning Your mileage may vary
  226. Yo meaning Hey, Your
  227. YSVW meaning You are so very welcome
  228. YW meaning You are welcome

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The services like Twitter and short text messaging service (SMS) etc. allow you to express your message or words withing 140 -160 characters only. Using these handy Facebook, Twitter, WhatApp etc. Abbreviations ensures that you may express your messages easily withing the word limits.

Did I miss any of the meaning ? Do let me know what abbreviations you most commonly use while chatting with your friends ! If you liked it, share your views in the comment box below.

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