10 Best Text to Speech Software to Turn Text into Speech

Text to speech software also known as TTS software are very helpful in e-learning. Text to speech software convert words into speech. If you want to turn text into speech and learn an audible version of written text, TTS software are best to go for. But what are other ways a text to speech software can be used for?

Suppose, you are going to go on that road trip you’ve wanted to take for quite some time now. You’re putting everything together for the journey, and since you can’t live without your books, you want to take those with you too. But wait! You are obviously not going to read them while driving so, now what?

Use a TTS (Text to Speech) software to turn your eBooks into audiobooks. That way, you can listen to your eBooks the entire trip if you want to. There are so many TTS software that you’ll find it tough to choose the best text to speed software among them. So which one should you choose? How about one from this list since they are the ten best out there.

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Top 10 Best Text to Speech Software to Turn Text into Speech

That’s exactly what I’m going to help you find. Let’s find out top 10 best text to speech software to turn text into speech.

1. NaturalReader

With NaturalReader you will be able to easily convert text to speech with various voice and language options. When you first start to use this text to speech software, it takes through a tutorial on how to use it. It is a plus since that is what people are usually worried about when they first try out new software. Once you get passed the tutorial, you will know how to connect the text to speech program to your Dropbox or OneDrive account.

You can also load files you have on the web type or copy and paste the text you want it to read aloud onto the interface. The text to speech software allows you to edit the text or if you prefer, it can read it back to you. It’s easy to go from one reading position to another, and it supports various languages.

2. LoobiText

LobiSoft brings us another useful text to speech software called LoobiText. The text to speech software can read all kinds of documents such as web pages, Emails, Documents, Etc. The program can also turn those documents into audio files so you can listen to them on any media device. This is great when you’re on the go and can’t stop to read something important.

The audio formats the software convert the text to are MP4, MP3, WMA, OGG, WAV, AIFF, OGG, SWF, and more. There is also a magnifier for the visually impaired and quite a few tools and audio modules for you to use. You can also have texts encrypted and create dialogues with two or more SAPI5 voices. If you want to give this text to speech software a try, it’s compatible with Windows 10, 8. 7, Vista, and even XP.

3. Balabolka

Balabolka (which means chatterer in Russian) is a text to speech software that uses VBScripts syntax for spelling and mistake correction. It’s compatible with the majority of the spell checkers out there and functions just fine with high-quality TTS voices as well. Balabolka offers you a large variety of options to customize the software’s colors, fonts, and skins.

The Settings Sheet has 12 tabs, and it even has a Tools Menu with a Batch File Converter, File Splitter, Magnifier and other useful tools. The program uses different version os Microsoft Speech API (SAPI), and you can modify a voice’s parameters such as pitch and rate. You can save the on-screen text as MP3, WAV, OGG or WMA file. It can also read clipboard content and view the text from DOC, PDF, RTF, ODT and HTML files.

4. TextAloud

If you are looking to multitask more efficiently, then TextAloud can help. You can enjoy a variety of navigation shortcuts. It has more than 29 languages and accents available. The interface of the text to speech software is always going to be in English, but you can buy the voices in other languages.

Text to Speech Software - Top 10 Best Text to Speech Software to Turn Text into Speech

You can either hear the audio of the text that is being written or create an audio file you can transfer to your phone or another mobile device. Don’t worry about the audio files taking up too much space since TextAloud will keep the sizes down to a minimum.

The speech sounds may seem a little monotonous, but it’s not so much that it doesn’t make the text to speech software an excellent choice.

5. Verbose Text to Speech Software

If you’re looking for a text to speech software that won’t bombard you with too many features, then you should give Verbose a try. It’s one of the best text to speech software out there and has a very easy to use user interface. It can read text from files such as DOCX, PDF, TXT, RTF, and HTML. If you want the TTS software to read your Emails aloud, it can do that and read from websites as well.

It also features pitch and voice control, but it is a little on the limited side. If you want to try the TTS software out, you can enjoy a 14 free trial. And if you want to buy it and the end, it’s going to set you back $60.

6. DSpeech

DSpeech is another excellent choice when it comes to choosing a perfect text to speech software. It is a TTS software with a functionality of ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) integrated, and you can also tell the software what to read with your vocal answers. The software doesn’t take up a lot of resources from your computer, and you can save the output as an MP3 or WAV file.

DSpeech features a vocal recognition system that lets you create interactive dialogues, capture and play the content of the ClipBoard. The text to speech software program is compatible with every vocal engine (SAPI compliant). Various TAGs allow you to modify the features of the voices during playback. You can change things such as volume, speed, and frequency.

7. Text Speaker

TextSpeaker aims to read your texts in the most natural sounding voice possible. Or, if you prefer, you can turn those texts into an MP3 file so you can listen to it on the go. The Text Speaker software supports languages such as German, French, English, Polish and Romanian languages. There is also an option to add background music of your choice, and when the software reads the text, you will hear the background music playing.

Creating and editing a file from within the Text Speaker software is also possible. You can even save and edit Microsoft Word documents even if you don’t have MS Word installed on your computer. If you ever need to create a reminder, the Text Speaker software does that too, but these are talking reminders instead of the traditional text reminders.

8. MWS Reader – Text to Speech Reader

MWS Reader also wants to be the text to speech software of your choice. That’s why you can read text aloud by just choosing it on the screen and hearing the text from pictures or other scanned images. The text to speech software can read text from files such as DOC, DOCX, ODT, PDF and more! You can also hear text from the clipboard read to you, and you can export the files as MP3 or WAV.

It supports more than 16 languages and 50 voices. You will enjoy an intuitive user interface that has 24 different skins including ones with high contrast. It can read text from documents, Emails, web pages and eBooks (just to mention a few).

9. IVONA Text to Speech Software

If you’re looking for the most natural sounding text to speech software, then you’ve found the right one with IVONA. On its official page, it lets you insert text so you can hear for yourself what your text is going to sound like. I have to admit that I was very impressed with the quality of the of the voices.

So if you decide to get this text to speech software, you can hear the text from any text file. It also features integrations with apps such as iTunes, Skype, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Word, Thunderbird and Mozilla Firefox. There is also a proofreading assistant, organizer, and reminders too. It also has a 22kHz sampling frequency which is the same frequency the newscaster on the radio has.

10. iSpeech

Last but not least there is iSpeech. This text to speech software lets you make high-quality speech audio in various formats such as WAV, MP3, MP4, and FLAC. You can also enjoy other online services and apps including the iSpeech Translator that can translate speaking text in seven languages and can also read translated text in 18 languages.

The text to speech software also has an app you can install on your phone for free. iSpeech also has personalized embedded and cloud solutions for text to voice and voice recognition as well.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

When it comes to choosing a text to speech software, there are quite a few to choose from. Here you have the best TTS software programs out there, so your search is cut down drastically. Which one do you think you are going to use?

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