Top 10 Best Ethical Hacking Sites to Learn White Hat Hacking for Beginners

In the digital era that you live in, it’s always a good idea to know as much about computers and technology in general. The more you know how to do certain things the more it benefits you. You can either help others who aren’t too tech-savvy or get a better paying job.

Unfortunately, not everyone uses his/her tech skills to do good. Those people are called black hat hackers and are the ones responsible for stealing users Emails, credit card information, addresses, etc.

The white hat hackers are the people who use their hacking skills for good. They are the ones companies hire to try and break into their systems on purpose. They do this to find any weak points the system might have. If they find any, they report them to the company. But, Where can you learn ethical hacking?

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Top 10 Best Ethical Hacking Sites to Learn White Hat Hacking for Beginners

Learning how to hack is complex, especially if you are a beginner. However, there are many white hat hacking sites that help you to learn to hack. So if you want to learn to hack like a pro, certainly you’ll have to start as a beginner sooner or later, so that you may become a pro later.

1. Hack This Site

Hack This Site is commonly known as HTS. This site is a security and hacking site that Jeremy Hammond created that teaches various levels of hacking. There are challenges for beginners and even advanced techies. Don’t worry; you won’t have the FBI knocking at your door since all of this works in a safe and legal environment.

Where to go to learn ethical hacking - Learn to Hack - Top 10 Best Ethical Hacking Sites to Learn White Hat Hacking for Beginners

Hack This Site has over 1,800,000 members that are in your same or similar situation. Hack This Site has all sorts of challenges that turn you into a great ethical hacker.

If you are a beginner you will start with basic and realistic challenges, then programming mission, applications mission, steganography mission and new missions. You can choose to be informed by accessing the site’s Blogs, News, Articles, Lectures and other resources.

To take advantage of the site you will need to create an account, but you can rest assure that you will always be browsing on HTTPS.

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2. Hack a Day

Hack a Day is another popular ethical hacking site that I think you are going to like. With this site, you get the latest in hacking news and tutorials on networks and hacking. If you want to be a part of a site where the hackers go for info, then this is your site. You will also receive all sorts of content that will get you on your way to becoming one of the top ethical hackers out there.

You get information such as computers networks, hardware hacking, signals and much more. All of the users of the site also get the latest hacking news on any cyber attacks that have occurred, so you will always be updated. If you have a hack that you would like to turn in, just click on the submit tab and send your hack in.

3. Hacking Tutorial

If you’re looking for an ethical hacking site where users are active with comments and all, then you’re going to love Hacking Tutorial. The site has an excellent design to accompany all the great ethical hacking tutorials you will find. The site has so many articles to offer that you won’t know where to start.

At the top of the blue bar, you will find all the categories the site has to offer. You can choose between topics such as hacking Tutorial, Hacking Knowledge, Phone Hacking, Hacking Widget, Online Tools, Tips and Tricks, and Free eBooks and Reports.

Hacking Tutorial offers you articles such as:

All of the articles have the images you will need to understand what the tutorial is trying to teach you thoroughly. If you do run into something you don’t understand, you can always leave a comment and get the support you need.

4. Evilzone Forum

If you’ve already found your favorite ethical hacking site and you just need support from professional hackers, Evilzone is a good place to go. This is a site that encourages hackers to participate in the forum.

How to Become an Ethical Hacker - Learn how to hack - Top 10 Best Ethical Hacking Sites to Learn White Hat Hacking for Beginners

You will find an endless list if questions and answers to all sorts of topics. To raise your questions you will also need to register, but that is a small price to pay for the excellent knowledge you get in return.

The forum is divided into several sections such as Hacking and Security, Software and Tools, Beginners Corner, Network Security, Digital Forensics and much more! The ethical hacking site has colors that will not blind you since they only consist of, white text, and back and gray colors.

5. Learn Hacking

Learn Hacking may not be a forum, but it sure offers you some very useful ethical hacking tutorials. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or if you are an advanced hacker, there is something for everyone. In the beginner’s section, you can read articles for Antivirus, Cool Computer Tricks, Facebook Hacking, Internet Hacking, Video Game Hacking, Google Chrome Tricks, and more.

In the advanced hacking section, you can read articles on topics such as Pen Testing, Virus Hacking, Website Hacking, Linux Hacking, Backtrack Hacking, WiFi Hacking and more. If you also want to stay informed on the latest hacking news there is a section for that too.

6. HellBound Hackers

Just in case you’re not familiar with HellBound Hackers, it’s one of the most famous ethical hacking sites out there. On this site, you are going to find a large variety of security related problems alongside their solutions.

You can read up on topics such as Encryption, Programming, Cracking, etc. This ethical hacking site has the best design so far and colors as well. The site might look overwhelming for beginners, but if you Google the sites name you will get some useful options.

For example, you will see options for Discussions Forum, New to Hacking, Basic Web Hacking, What is Hacking, Articles, and FAQ. If you’re at the site’s main page, you will see a series of options such as Discussion Forum, Rooting Challenges, Submit News, Issues, Encryption and the list keeps going and going.

7. CEH: Certified Ethical Hacking Course

If you want to learn ethical hacking by taking an official and recognized course, them you need to visit CEH. The initials stand for Certified Ethical Hacker. Here you will learn from scratch everything an ethical hacker will know and you will even have a certificate to show off.

How to learn ethical hacking - Learn how to Hack - Top 10 Best Ethical Hacking Sites to Learn White Hat Hacking for Beginners

The purpose of the credential is to set up and govern minimum standards for credentialing professional into specialists in what is considered ethical hacking. At the end of the course, you will be given a 125 question exam that lasts four hours, The text delivery is ECC EXAM, VUE and is multiple choice.

8. Break The Security

The easier a site is to read the better. That’s what Break The Security is and much more. It’s a good looking ethical hacking site where you can get the latest in the hacking news, Hacking attacks, and tutorials that will teach you what you want to know. The site’s information is separated into three sections; Ethical Hacking, Hacking News, and Hacking Tutorials.

In this last section, you can learn everything a beginner needs to know such as What is Doxing, What is Computer Worm, Introduction to Cryptography and other basics you can’t leave behind. The site also offers courses you can take to become a certified ethical hacker.

9. Sec Tools

With so many threats out there, it’s only natural that many of us are worried about our security. When it comes to hacking, there is so much to learn, but you have to start somewhere. SecTools is that place where you can start and learn everything there is about network security.

The site offers you a large variety of security tools you can get to know. In each of the articles, you get a detailed explanation of what the tool is and what it is capable of doing. The articles also have user rating, Wikipedia link for more information, and a download link you have instant access to the tool.

It’s also a site with active members that may have the same questions as you. The site also offers you security tools such as Password Audit, Sniffers, Vuln scanners, Web Scanners, Wireless, Exploitation, Packet Crafters and more.

10. Hacker Academy Training Platform

There may be various places that can offer to give you a certificate when you complete their course. But if you want to go to a trusted name, you can go to Symantec and enjoy their Hacker Academy Training Platform. They have award-winning teachers that will not only teach you what you need to know, but they are also authors, developers and security practitioners.

In this hacker school, you will be placed in real-world scenarios so you can get your hands dirty. These live simulations are in interactive lab environments. It teaches you what you need to know by doing it and not just reading.

The ethical hacker school is not free, unfortunately. If you want to get the standard package ($49/Month) that includes:

  • Full access to all standard module and instructor-led videos
  • Downloadable hands-on labs to practice what you have learned
  •  You can also track your progress with skills assessments as well

If you decide to go with the Pro package ($69/Month) you get:

  • Completion certificates
  • Cloud-hosted interactive labs accessible from anywhere
  • Downloadable hands-on labs to practice
  • Tracking how well you’re going with skills assessments
  • Full access to all standard module and instructor-led videos

If for some reason you are not happy with the course, the company has a very simple refund policy that allows you to cancel everything within 30 days. You won’t be asked to give any explanation.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Thanks to these great ethical hacking sites you are going to be able to learn everything the black hat hackers know, but to use them for a good purpose. I guess it’s something like Star Wars; you can either choose to use the good side of the force or cross over to the dark side.

Hopefully, you will stay on the good guy’s side and help protect those who need protecting. Now it’s time to choose which one of all the ethical hacking sites options you are going to go with.

Some offer more than others, but the one you choose will depend if you are willing to cough up some cash or just learn on your own through reading and asking in forums. Which option do you think you are going to use?

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