How to Learn Coding Online ? – 13+ Excellent Programming Resource Websites

Learning “How to Code ?” had to be simpler but unfortunately it isn’t so. When newbie coders start to learn coding from scratch, the complex codes and dark command prompts of traditional programming software makes them quite before even they start. But fortunately, there are some excellent programming resource websites that help you learn coding online.

Computer programming and coding is no longer the bread and butter of hard core programmers and coding geeks only. In fact, if you have desire to learn to write codes, you’ll certainly end up making coding and programming your playing tools.

Where to Learn Coding Online - 13+ Excellent Programming Resource Websites to Learn Coding Online

Today, I’m showcasing 13+ Excellent Programming Resources. These are the most popular educational websites that teach you how to code online. Some of them are completely free while other have only few areas for free access. For learning advanced coding skills you may choose their paid programming courses also.

13+ Excellent Programming Resources to Learn “How to Code Online ?”

If programming languages like HTML, PHP, CSS, Ruby, Java, C , C++, C#[Pronounced C-Sharp], Python, SQL etc. make you scared then you are at right place as I’m going to uncover 13+ best ways to learn coding online. So go through this collection and unlock the unlimited coding potential within you.

1. Codecademy

If you want to learn to code interactively for free then Codecademy is the place for you. Codecademy is so far the most popularly known website where you may learn to code online for free.

Codeacademy - Learn to Code Interactively Online for Free

Whether you want to learn HTML & CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Python, Ruby, PHP or other skills like how to make an interactive website, learning angularJS, Rails etc. – create a free account on Codeacademy and get started learning various coding skills.

2. Code Avengers

If you want to learn coding in an interactive way having fun then Code Avengers are the one who takes care of you. Though they have less courses to offer as compared to Codecademy but all the lessons are designed very flexible such that you may start, stop or resume lessons anytime.

Code Avengers - Learn to build websites, apps and games with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python

It takes only 12 hours to complete a course at Code Avengers. By registering to their free courses you may learn to build websites, apps and games with HTML, CSS, JavaScript & Python.

3. Code School – Learn to Code by Doing

Code School is another powerful coding resource to learn coding for free. They have a handful of video tutorials, screencasts and coding challenges to challenge you and sharpen your coding skills in an interesting manner.

Code School - Learn Coding by Doing

At Code School, they motivate you to learn by doing. Their courses are known as path. So they have paths like – Ruby Path, JavaScript Path, HTML/CSS Path, iOS Path, Git Path, Electives Path etc.

So just take any one of these paths and reach your destination.

4. Khan Academy

Khan Academy is like an interesting playground where you can learn anything and everything for free in an interactive way having all the fun. So just start by creating free account and get access to their hundreds of videos, animated visuals and many courses.

Khan Academy - Learn Coding and Computer Programing Online for Free

Though Khan Academy offers a wide range of courses to help you learn online – subjects like Mathematics, Science, Economics and Finance, Arts and Humanities as well as Computer Programming languages. But their Computer courses are well optimized for your programming and coding needs.

5. PhpAcademy

PhpAcademy offers free web development tutorials and resources through their hundreds of powerful and informational video tutorials to help you learn PHP, CSS, JavaScript and many more.

PHPAcademy - Learn PHP and web development for free with Powerful Video Tutorials and Resources

Alex Garrett – Senior Web Developer & Founder of Phpacademy is a very helpful guy. You may subscribe to his Phpacademy channel on YouTube to enjoy free video tutorials on PHP and other web development resources. There is also PHP forum where all expert developers hangout and help the new learners.

6. Treehouse [Code Racer Earlier]

The Code Racer which was earlier a competitive platform to race with coders and improve coding skills, has now become Treehouse. Treehouse is the place for learning web designs, web developments and many more.

Treehouse - Learn Web Design-Web Development and How to Code Android-iOS Apps

Though not all the courses are free and you may choose from their premium courses by paying either $25 per month or $49 per month depending upon courses and skills you want to gain.

HTML, CSS, Design, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, WordPress, iOS and Android apps development, Python, Java and other coding resources for app development are the various courses offered.

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7. CodeHS

CodeHS is another powerful website to learn coding online. They work on a simple concept “Learn to code at school or at home“. CodeHS has a highly reputed community of qualified expert programmers and coders who are always there to help you when you struck in coding.

CodeHS - Best Way to Learn Coding at School or at Home Today

The basic programming and coding courses are free but for advanced learning, you may select their premium courses by paying either $25 per month or $75 per month. Problem solving, JavaScript, Game programming, animation designing and other visual creative learning are the various courses offered at basic and intermediate level.

8. Udacity

Udacity has probably the highest number of video tutorials and online courses for learning to code online, web designing and development, developing Android apps or iOS app developments, using Git and GitHub tutorials, Java programming etc.

Udacity - Learn Advanced Level Coding Skill to Become Mobile Developer Online

The videos are created by real instructors and professors from top professionals, so in videos you’ll be watching Google, Facebook and other top brands employees instructing you how to code. But my recommendation would be to enter Udacity to sharpen your coding skills rather than learning basics as tutorials are quite advanced level.

9. Coursera

Coursera is another powerful educational platform which partners with top universities and organizations worldwide to offer courses and video tutorials online for free. You may sign up for free and choose from a wide variety of courses from categories like business, arts, science, computer programming, IT and Design etc.

Coursera - Learn Programming and Coding Skills Quickly Online for Free

As the learning resources are available in various languages, so no matter wherever you live or whatever language you speak – Coursera has best ways to help you learn coding and other skills online as you may quickly select and switch to the language of your choice.

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10. Scratch 2.0

Design, development and coding etc. are all about imagination, creativity and skills. So if you want very basic level of exercise to improve your creativity, imagination and skill to break logical problems in small parts and solve them – Scratch 2.0 is the place for you.

Scratch - Learn to create stories, games, animations and other visual programming online

In other words say, if you want to learn something from Scratch, Scratch 2.0 which is a free learning resource website takes care of it. It is perfect place for next-generation coders, programmers and designers like your child who is just starting out with only basic English language in his pocket- He’ll surely learn a lot here.

Let your child learn to create stories, games, animations and other visual programming very creatively on international platform with Scratch 2.0.

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11. The Code Player

TheCodePlayer helps you to learn coding online in such a manner that you start playing with codes online. All you have to do is unlock the secret walkthroughs by subscribing to their email list. Once you do that by entering your email, you get access to their large number of video resources and tutorials.

TheCodePlayer - Learn HTML5 CSS3 and Many More Coding Stuffs Online

Whether you want to learn HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL or latest advanced courses like creating Google material design effects, creating 3D hover effects, creating Grid animations effects, creating snow effects, binary tree etc. – TheCodePlayer has everything to help you learn such cool stuffs from scratch.

Other Programming Resources to Learn Coding Online

12. CodingBat – Code Practice with Simple to Get Started Warm-up Demo

13. HTML5Rocks – A Resource for Open Web HTML5 Developers. It is a Google Project.

14. SQL Zoo – SQL Tutorials to Deal with MySQL Databases.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

As Larry Kim, Founder and CTP of WordStream says in his post,

Coding isn’t just for the supergeeks anymore – getting a little code under your belt is an incredibly valuable skill.

So start learning how to code online and get your hands dirty with codes. Anyways, these extremely valuable educational websites are already there to help you as powerful programming and coding resources.

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