17 Prank Sites with Funny Prank Ideas and Mind Tricks to Play on Your Friends

Every time you hear the work prank, you probably automatically think of April 1st. It’s the day when everyone has permission to do the dumbest things and get away with it. I don’t believe you need to wait for April to find funny prank ideas or mind tricks to play on friends and have some fun. Since there are many online prank sites that help you come up with funny prank ideas throughout the year.

With these funny prank ideas, getting a good laugh should be something you can do all the year round. You might prank your friends by placing a whoopee cushion under them or something more original.

If you have been trying to think of great ways to troll your friends but merely can’t think of anything then this is the list of prank sites with funny prank ideas you need.

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17 Prank Sites with Funny Prank Ideas and Mind Tricks to Play on Friends

You will find 17 great prank sites that will give you funny prank ideas and tools you need to fool your friends in ways they would probably never expect. Isn’t that the whole point, that they don’t expect it?

1. Hacker Typer – Type Like a Hacker

Don’t you ever wish you could type as fast as a hacker can? We have previously listed best typing software to learn to type faster. However, it’s different. Sometimes it seems as if they are just pressing any key, but that’s obviously not the case. They create these long lists of codes that make absolutely no sense to us but can easily be read by them.

Hacker Typer is a site where you can pretend to type like a hacker. You will make your friends believe you’ve become one. When you first enter the site, you will only see a black screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left-hand corner. Just begin any keys as if you know what you’re doing and impress your friends with your ” typing skills.”

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2. Fake Windows Update Screens

Do you want to make your friends believe that you’re still using Windows 98? I know! It’s insane, right? With Fake Windows Update Screens, you can get them to think that you’re either using Windows 98 or that your Windows computer is updating. This is not only good to prank friends but to prevent others from using your computer.

If anyone ever asks you if they can use your computer, you can always say, they can’t because it’s currently updating. Once they leave, you can just go about your business again. The site also has an updating screen for Mac and Linux as well. If you want to go full-screen, just press F11 or press Enter to get a Blue Screen of Death.

3. Zuzoz – Prank Your Friends with Fake News

Do your friends have a service they can’t live without? For example, how would they react if they read something that notified them that WhatsApp was closing? Or, that Facebook was hacked and can’t be recovered? Hopefully, none of your friends have heart conditions so you can prank them by creating your own Troll Post.

With Zuzoz it’s possible and easy. You start off by choosing an image that the prank site has, or you can add the URL to the one you want to use. Then, enter a caption and a description of finishing off your Troll.

4. FartScrolls – Add a Fart Noise Every Time You Scroll

It’s probably not the most original prank, but you have to admit that it’s a funny prank idea. If you have a blog and you want it to make fart noises every time someone scrolls, FartScrolls is a prank site that can make it happen. They will provide you with the code you will need to enter to set everything up.

5. Geek Typer – Hacking Simulator

Hacker Typer is a great prank site to make your friends think you can type like a hacker, but it doesn’t beat Geek Typer. With Geek Typer, you not only get to fool your friends into thinking you can type like a hacker, but you can also add the graphics.

How to Pretend to Type Like a Hacker - Best Prank Websites- 17 Prank Sites with Funny Prank Ideas and Mind Tricks to Play on Friends

Unlike Hacker Typer, this prank site adds some great graphics that will make your friends think you hacked into important sites. You will get image popups that hackers get when they’ve successfully hacked into a site.

If you fail to access the site, you get the typical access denied, but if you keep insisting you will even get sirens. The site will even blink red telling you that there has been a breach and warning everyone to evacuate.

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6. Shady URL – Make URL Suspicious and Frightening

Admit it, whenever someone sends you a URL, you try to read it. You want to see if you can get an idea of what was sent to you by finding the keywords in it. It’s something we all do, but with Shady Url, you can scare your friends. How? What Shady URL does is that it transforms any URL you paste in it, into a URL with really suspicious words in it.

I entered a TechReviewPro URL, and I got a URL with the words stolen iPhone in it. The shady URL still takes you to the original site, but your friends are going to panic when they see scary or suspicious words in the URL.

7. Joker Greeting – Send Your Friends a Greeting Card with Music That Never Stops

Let me start off by saying that this prank card is real. You can buy a greeting card for a special occasion such as a birthday, and the music will not stop playing. Usually, when you purchase a Birthday card, the music stops playing when you close.

The Best Pranks for Special Ocassions - Best Prank Websites- 17 Prank Sites with Funny Prank Ideas and Mind Tricks to Play on Friends

Not with this card, it will continue to play non-stop for three hours. The only way to make it stop playing is to either hit it with a hammer or burn it. You can get this prank greeting card by going to Jokergreeting.com and getting your card for $10.

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8. Don’t Press The Red Button

The more someone tells you not to do something, the more you want to do it. This is especially true when the other person doesn’t give you an explanation as to why you can’t or shouldn’t do something.

If you want to make your friends skin crawl, then send them this prank sites’ link and tell them not to press the red button. Repeat that they must fight the urge not to click on it. That is only going to increase their curiosity, and when they click on it, they will enjoy a funny prank.

9. Great Big Stuff

Another great prank site that can help you prank your friends is Great Big Stuff. With this site, you can buy things that usually come in small sizes such as a pencil or a table lamp, that have been blown up. All the things on this site are ten times bigger than their normal size.

The Most Original Pranks to Play on Your Friends - Best Prank Websites- 17 Prank Sites with Funny Prank Ideas and Mind Tricks to Play on Friends

The prank site offers you a large variety of categories for you to choose from. You can either select Office Supplies, Toys, Games, Food, Drink and much more!

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10. News of Future – Future News of Year 2020

I’m sure you’ve heard that saying that the future is now, right? With News of The Future, you can find you friends into thinking that the fake news that this futuristic site published is real. Let’s just hope they have never seen it before, but if they haven’t you can make them believe that they are already offering trips to outer space.

11. JibJab – Funny Holiday Cards and Merry Christmas Cards

Since holidays is almost here, you can prank your friends and still be in the holiday spirit with JibJab. It’s a funny prank site where you can create different videos using the face of family and friends. You upload a picture and make some adjustments to the person’s face.

The face is then added to the body of an elf or something else and then the funny video start playing. You can add a maximum of five people. You can also make videos for other special occasions or just because.

12. Nyan Any Link

Some may hate it while other love it. That little kitty that leaves the rainbow trail can help you prank your friends. It will make them think they have some virus when it’s just an innocent joke.

The Best Online Prank Sites - Best Prank Websites- 17 Prank Sites with Funny Prank Ideas and Mind Tricks to Play on Friends

Only add the link you want to send to your friends and click on NYAN. You will get another link below, and that’s the one you need to send to your buddies. When they click on it, they will be taken to the site, but suddenly they will see the little kitty, and it’s rainbow fly across the screen with music and all.

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13. GIF Dance Party

Another great way to prank your friends is with GIF Dance Party. Tell them you’ve found the best music video of all time and that you can’t wait to show it to them. You’re going to have to hold back on laughing, or they will begin to suspect something.

The GIF Dance Party Prank - Best Prank Websites- 17 Prank Sites with Funny Prank Ideas and Mind Tricks to Play on Friends

Once you have them believing that they are about to see the best music of all times, they will only see a dancing teddy bear, a dancing work, a dancing frog and a little girl busting some impressive dance moves. You can add or remove dancers to make it even more hilarious.

14. WhatsFake

A prank site that is going to help you create fake WhatsApp conversations is WhatsFake. You can create the most outrageous conversations and edit them how you please. With this, you will make your friends believe you had any conversations with anyone.

15. What’s Wrong With This Room?

The person you are going to play this prank on might not like it, but you will sure like it. Send the link to the What’s Wrong with This Room site. It will be just the picture of a small apartment, and after a few seconds of them looking carefully, something creepy will pop out at them.

16. Urban Prankster

If you and a group of your friends want to pull a prank on your entire neighborhood, Urban Prankster is where you can get some excellent prank ideas. It’s a prank site with YouTube videos of a group of people that pulled off some great urban pranks that I thought was great. They are funny prank ideas and worth trying.

17. The Scary Maze Game: Classic Online Prank

The best pranks can be pulled off when the persons don’t expect it. That’s what The Maze Game does. It makes them believe that the purpose of the game is to get the dot through the lines. After a few simple levels, the game gets harder. When they’ve made it through the hard part, a scary prank is waiting for them at the end.

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With these prank sites, you will get so many funny prank ideas on how to prank your friends; you won’t know where to start. You could easily prank all year long and still, have ideas left. How do you prank your friends? Let me know in the comments.

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