Top 9 Best Offline Games for iPhone You Can Play Without WiFi

We’ve already observed a lot of offline games for Android. Wouldn’t you find the same for iOS? Yes, indeed! Just like the Play Store, App Store features a lot of offline games for iPhone. You will definitely find some of the popular offline games on Android available for iPhone as well. If you keep them installed, you will be able to spend more of your time enjoying rather ending up doing nothing without an Internet connection.

Do note that we have mentioned only the best offline games available for iPhone. We haven’t ranked these according to what it offers but randomly. You should be the guest judging what is better for you according to your personal preferences. Now, read on to know about 9 of the best offline games for iPhone.

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Best Offline Games for iPhone to Play Without WiFi

There are times when you don’t have access to WiFi and you don’t have an active internet connection as well. Games that do not require an internet connection or mobile data are of great help in such times.

We have previously shared our extensive research about best No WiFi Games you can play without WiFi. These are the free offline games you need. However, if you are an iOS user and love playing games that do not need WiFi, you’ll certainly like this list of offline games for iPhone.

1. Riptide GP: Renegade

Riptide GP Renegade is not an offline iPhone game to be missed. It has been very popular among both the Android users and iOS users. Riptide GP, Riptide GP2, and Riptide GP: Renegade – all are major hits.

riptide gp renegade - best offline games for iPhone - Top 9 Best Offline Games for iPhone - No WiFi Games to Play Offline

The only sad part of it is – it is not a free game. However, if you are willing to spend on it, I bet it would not disappoint you with your decision. Riptide GP Renegade offers an incredible graphics quality being one of the compact offline racing games available for iOS.

You get the ability to customize the rider and perform stunts to refill nitro fuel. Riptide GP is a game utilized to benchmark and test gaming performance on high-end smartphones. Does that ring a bell which encourages you to have it installed?

2. Chameleon Run

Chameleon Run is yet another paid app (Sorry readers!). Similar to Riptide GP, this offline game for iOS is also worth the money spent on it.

chameleon run - best offline games for iPhone - Top 9 Best Offline Games for iPhone - No WiFi Games to Play Offline

While the offline game remains ad-free, the purchases would help the developer team maintain it to be as it is. Chameleon Run was available as one of the free iOS apps of the week. So, chances are you already have it installed.

It offers a great gameplay experience along with challenging levels. The game tests your reflexes which would reflect the perfect score.

3. MMX Hill Dash – Off-Road Racing

MMX Hill Dash is meant for the gamers who aren’t much into high-end graphics and action-packed sequence. But, a straightforward and decent game that works offline.

mmx hill dash - best offline games for iPhone - Top 9 Best Offline Games for iPhone - No WiFi Games to Play Offline

MMX Hill Dash presents a decent gameplay experience. You just have to race side-by-side and beat your opponent with a faster speed and better control. While it does work offline but you can connect your Facebook account to sync and invite friends as well.


BADLAND is an impressive offline game. It is unique to its concept and costs you around 2.5 USD. It is a side-scrolling adventure game that includes action as well. BADLAND does offer an amazing gameplay experience as well.

badlands - best offline games for iPhone - Top 9 Best Offline Games for iPhone - No WiFi Games to Play Offline

The character keeps on growing in numbers, and you will have to find a way to make out alive (at least one of them). In addition to the levels offered, you also get the ability to edit the levels and create your own to share with your friends. What more do you want?

5. Sonic Dash 2 – Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom is one of the most popular free endless runner games available for iPhone. Of course, the concept presented is the same you find with the Temple Run series. But, here, you will get a lot more obstacles and way more powers to you.

sonic dash - best offline games for iPhone - Top 9 Best Offline Games for iPhone - No WiFi Games to Play Offline

You not only get to run but also kick the enemies away. Sonic Boom offers the character to roll on and jump. In a nutshell, it presents a unique gameplay experience next to Temple Run and Subway Surfers. Overall, Sonic Boon is one of the best offline games for iPhone that you can’t miss to play offline.

6. Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure costs 4.99 USD. If you are ready to spend for an offline iPhone game worth your time, this should be the one. The game presents a physics-based gameplay and features exciting levels.

alto's adventure - best offline games for iPhone - Top 9 Best Offline Games for iPhone - No WiFi Games to Play Offline

Most of the gaming reviewers call it a beautiful game with beautiful graphics. I can’t deny with that thought as well. It is not just another stickman game(if you are confused) but also a perfectly tailored offline gaming app to kill your time on iPhone.


LIMBO is an expensive iPhone game. It would cost you around 4.99 USD. However, it is definitely worth it. It presents you with a mysterious world where a brother is on the lookout for his missing sister. As he keeps moving forward, the mystery unfolds the truth about the place not only being scary but dangerous as well.

limbo - best offline games for iPhone - Top 9 Best Offline Games for iPhone - No WiFi Games to Play Offline

If you are into adventurous games, this would be one of the best offline games for iPhone you should install. While it may not feature high-end graphics but it undoubtedly offers an immersive experience.

8. Tricky Test 2: Genius Brain

Tricky Test 2 would be your favourite time killer offline gaming app, I bet on that. It is an iPhone puzzle game which tests your brain with silly yet tricky questions. You already know most of the answers to the questions offered by Tricky Test 2. But, you will never get it right at the first time (unless you have experienced something similar already).

tricky - best offline games for iPhone - Top 9 Best Offline Games for iPhone - No WiFi Games to Play Offline

Along with the interesting questions, it presents you with a challenge to complete the set of questions within a limited time frame for a reward. If you give an answer to the questions wrong for three times, you will have to restart the game from Question 1.

However, the in-app purchases would let you continue from where you left. It’s definitely an offline puzzle game for iPhone worth try.

9. Space Racing 3D: Skyfall

Space Racing 3D is an intensive yet compact game dealing with super fast spaceships. There’s a lot to it than meets the eye. It is not just about racing, it is packed with mild action as well.

space racing - best offline games for iPhone - Top 9 Best Offline Games for iPhone - No WiFi Games to Play Offline

While you race to be the first, you will observe surprise gifts on the way that could contain either a booster pack or a missile. And, you can utilise the weapon to take down the one ahead of you. So, it’s both about fighting and racing at the same time!

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Offline games are the one that helps you spend your time while you do not have an active Internet connection or that you simply do not want to utilize your mobile data in order to be able to play a game on your iPhone.

We have listed out 9 of the best offline games for iPhone here. Which one would you go for? Are you interested in opting for any of the paid offline games mentioned above? If not, what is it that you look for when you want to pay for a game?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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