10 Best Paid and Free Games Without WiFi – Best Offline Games for Android

Playing free games without WiFi has become a common trend these days. The reason being, the data connection cost is increasing day by day, and you can’t get access to a high-speed internet connectivity or WiFi connection everywhere. There are many no WiFi games that you can play without WiFi but still, having more offline games to play on you phone doesn’t hurt.

While we surely need an active Internet connection if we want to utilize our Android device to its fullest. It is not something optional nowadays but a necessity. However, even if we take into account a good Internet connectivity on your device, there surely will be a time when you would experience no connection at all (down for maintenance) or poor connectivity at a place you visit. That’s the time when you’ll need free games without WiFi.

We know that most of the games available on the Play Store require an active Internet connection to at least get connected to the server or sync the game data. So, what will you do at a place where there’s no Internet connection? Moreover, you are a mobile gaming buff! You’ll be stuck getting bored and would have nothing to kill your time at a place where you have nothing else to do.

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10 Best Paid and Free Games Without WiFi – Best Offline Games for Android

Fret not; there are sufficient offline games for Android that you could utilize to kill your boredom and be able to play wherever you are without worrying about an Internet connection (but wait! you still need a data connection to download them!).

We have already shared best offline games for iPhone. In this article, we will take a look at 10 of the best offline Android games. These are the best free games without WiFi for Android that you can play without the need of data connection.

1. Shadow Fight 2

Shadow Fight 2 is one of the best offline games for Android suitable for action lovers across the globe. It is a free game you can play without WiFi. You just have to download the game once (With no other additional in-app data download) from the Play Store. Shadow Fight 2 being the sequel to Shadow Fight is an action-packed game.

shadow fight 2 - best offline games - Top 10 Best Free Games Without WiFi | Best Offline Games for AndroidYou will be able to fight being in a 3rd person mode, where you can see yourself and your opponent. You are already a great warrior in the game, but you have got tons of problems which you can only solve after defeating all of the bad guys. As you keep on progressing with the game, you will get enough points to upgrade your weapons and armor. The game also presents you with in-app purchases which you can utilize to upgrade yourself faster.

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2. Lazors

Lazors is an impressive offline Android puzzle game. It is free to install and does not require an active Internet connection to play. That means Lazors is a free game without WiFi. Lazors puts the concept of laser beams reflecting through the mirrors and passing through the transparent surfaces respectively.

lazors - offline puzzle games for android - Top 10 Best Free Games Without WiFi | Best Offline Games for AndroidYou will have to hit all the targets by reflecting the beams which follow a particular pattern. The reflected beams would move the block to help complete the level. Lazors bring in more than 280 levels. Trust me; it is definitely a no WiFi game worth installing.

3. Plants vs. Zombies 2

Plants vs. Zombies 2 is also one of the best offline Android games to have installed. It is yet another type of a puzzle game. Unlike other boring puzzle games, it presents you with a fun twist, i.e., Zombies.

plant vs zombies 2 - best offline games for android - Top 10 Best Free Games Without WiFi | Best Offline Games for AndroidIf you are a user who loves to kill zombies and also want to experience a puzzle game, this would be it. You can get the joy of puzzle solving as well as tower defense in a single offline game for Android. In a nutshell, you have to deploy the plants (upgrade them as well as you earn points) and put them in order on your garden to defend against the wave of zombies approaching destroy your house.

4. Asphalt Nitro

Asphalt Nitro is one of coolest offline Android games for Android users who love to experience the speed thrills on their Android devices. Unlike Asphalt 8, Asphalt Nitro is a compact version of what it is like. It presents you with a similar experience, and if you have played Asphalt 8 earlier, you will definitely keep it installed to play it offline.

asphalt nitro - Top 10 Best Free Games Without WiFi | Best Offline Games for AndroidAsphalt 8 is one of the best offline racing games for Android that also works offline, but it requires a lot of initial downloads. So, we thought of adding Asphalt Nitro to this list which is convenient for most of the users.

5. Limbo

Limbo is indeed one of the best offline Android games you’ve yet to experience. However, it isn’t available for free. It costs you around 5 USD. It is an adventurous game filled with horror (surprising elements!).

LIMBO - best offline games for android - Top 10 Best Free Games Without WiFi | Best Offline Games for AndroidYou are a boy searching for your sister at a mysterious place. You may find the place to be just like on every other game, but as you progress, you will definitely dig for it. It is one of the best-paid games without WiFi that you can play offline on Android.

6. The Room Three

The Room Three is a fun filled offline puzzle game for Android that costs you around the same what Limbo costs (i.e., 5 USD). It is a paid game without WiFi that works offline as well. A lot of users appreciates the Room 3.

the room 3 - best offline games for Android - Top 10 Best Free Games Without WiFiSurely, the developer team has put a lot of effort creating it in the first place. We won’t mention what exactly you will have to do, but if you are a puzzle game lover, it is a masterpiece to have installed.

7. Stickman Downhill

Stickman Downhill is a funny offline Android game. It features the most iconic yet funny character – stickman – which could cheer you up while you are stuck with boredom. All you have to do is tap on it to get it moving and then according to the height the obstacle you find decide your elevation and your landing angle.

stickman downhill -offline funny games for android - Top 10 Best Free Games Without WiFi | Best Offline Games for AndroidIt may look like its meant only for kids but trust me an adult will find it equally interesting and tough as you progress.

8. Vector 2

Vector 2 is one of the best endless runner games available for Android. It is a sequel to the evergreen – Vector – game. Here, you will have to run (not to get caught) and pass through a challenging course which includes obstacles.

vector 2 - Top 10 Best Free Games Without WiFi | Best Offline Games for AndroidHowever, with the Sequel, you get to utilize high-tech gears and equipment to make your running experience even more exciting!

9. Air Hockey Ultimate

air hockey ultimate - offline games for android - Top 10 Best Free Games Without WiFi | Best Offline Games for AndroidAir Hockey Ultimate is an impressive offline game for Android that you can play without WiFi. It is highly addictive offline game for Android. The game supports single player mode, two-player mode, or championship mode (With 4 participants in total). It offers smooth gameplay and attractive graphics. Moreover, it is entirely free offline game to play without WiFi.

10. Angry Birds: Star Wars 2 Free

Love star wars? Also a fan of Angry birds? Well, it is the best of both worlds. Angry Birds incorporating the aura of Star Wars through the characters utilized in the game.

angry birds -star wars android game - Top 10 Best Free Games Without WiFi | Best Offline Games for AndroidYou get the ability to join the pork side (it is fun!). With birds and porks both, you get a plethora of game levels to play all day long.

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You should surely have offline games installed to help you through the most difficult time of network connectivity. Once installed, you do not have to care about the Internet connection.

We believe that you’ll bookmark this page if you are a real mobile gamer. We’ll keep this up to date. And, also let you know your thoughts about which game do you think could be the best offline game for your Android device.

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