10 Best ePub Reader and eBook Reader Apps for Android

While you try reading a book (hard copy), it might turn into a nightmare if you are not a reading buff. However, nowadays, digital technology makes everything portable and more fun. With eBook reader apps, you could have a rich experience reading a book, whether that deals with the academics or if it is just for fun.

Well, trust me, you do not need to get an Amazon Kindle for it. You just need to have some of the best ePub Readers and eBook Reader apps (that’s the same thing!) for Android. With everything going digital, reading is not an exception. Reading ebooks or ePub on the go can be tricky if you don’t have any ePub reader or eBook reader apps installed on your Android phone.

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Top 10 Best ePub Reader and eBook Reader Apps for Android

We have previously shared a list of best PDF reader to read PDFs on Android. In this article, we have compiled a list of 10 best ePub reader and eBook reader apps that you can make use of.

1. eReader Prestigio: Book Reader

eReader Prestigio is one of the best eBook reader apps for Android. There are not any chances that you might have missed getting it while searching for an ebook reader app on the Play Store.

If you want a dedicated eBook reader app that supports ePub file and also features an in-app store to purchase eBooks for children and adults, this would be the best one. However, with this ePub reader app installed, you can read books in a variety of formats (PDF, ePub3, text, HTML, DJVU, and so on).

eprestegio - best ebook reader apps - Best ePub Reader and eBook Reader Apps for Android

As a bonus, you also get to read audiobooks right from the app. So, it’s something we missed as one of the best audiobooks apps for Android. It is definitely an honorable mention for the said purpose. Keeping aside the reading support, it does present you with a rich reading experience as well (meaning it offers a good UI).

If you are on the way to work or traveling somewhere, you can turn on the text-to-speech mode to keep up with the story you were reading. It will be a perfect one to have installed, lots more to explore about it by you!

2. AIReader: Any Text Book Reader

AIReader is a mixture of simplicity and features. It is undoubtedly one of the best ePud reader apps for Android. The user interface is dead simple but still provides a rich reading experience. It supports text-to-speech as well to help you read your favorite eBook anywhere.

AI reader - best ebook reader apps - Best ePub Reader and eBook Reader Apps for Android

It also supports multiple file formats that include – fb2, fb3, txt, mobi, and so on. Do note that you will not be able to open DRM protected files through AIReader. To enhance your reading experience, it offers you a one-page mode and two-page mode considering your screen orientation (whether it is in the landscape mode or portrait mode).

3. FBReader: Favorite Book Reader

FBReader is yet another excellent free eBook reader app for Android. Just like other ePub readers, it supports a variety of formats as well (PDF, DJVU, etc.). However, to try accessing other file formats, you would need to install additional plugins from the Play Store.

FB reader - best ebook reader apps - Best ePub Reader and eBook Reader Apps for Android

The user interface is simple yet clean enough to keep it attractive for modern users (kids!). FBReader also lets you highlight a certain piece of text which you think are important enough. This ebook reader also brings along an integration support for Dictionaries.

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4. Aldiko Book Reader

Aldiko Book Reader is one among the most loved eBook reader apps for Android. It does give you the access to search for eBooks from a variety of public libraries. Aldiko Book Reader offers two versions of the app, the one mentioned here is free. And, you could also go for the premium one.

aldiko - best ebook reader apps - Best ePub Reader and eBook Reader Apps for Android

Here, you get an entirely dedicated ePub reader which supports only one additional file format (PDF). Besides, it supports DRM protected files as well. The user interface may not be much impressive, but it is a good one.

5. Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader is an interesting eBook reader app which implements the material design perfectly to give you a rich eBook reading experience. Along with ePub files, it does support other file formats as well (like mobi, PDF, CBR, and so on). It also provides access to public libraries from which you can download eBooks as well.

moon+ reader - best ebook reader apps - Best ePub Reader and eBook Reader Apps for Android

Moon+ Reader brings along five different modes of scrolling which would help you customize the reading experience. Just like on any Kindle device, you can decrease the brightness of your screen or enable the healthy mode to dim the screen while keeping your eyes away from stress.

6. Universal Book Reader

Universal Book Reader is a fantastic eBook reader app available for Android. A famous dev team – MobiSystems, has developed it. Unlike other eBook reader apps for Android, Universal Book Reader app supports converting other file formats (txt, CBR, cbz, azw, etc.) to ePub or PDF format.

universal book reader - best epub reader - Best ePub Reader and eBook Reader Apps for Android

So, even if you do not like this for reading purpose, you can make use of it as an eBook file converter. It does offer a pro version to it where you need to purchase a premium key to unlock the full version where you get rid of the in-app advertisements and also get text-to-speech support.

7. Kobo eBooks – Read Books

Kobo Books is a fully fledged eBook reader without an option to let you manually upload ePub files. It presents you with one of the biggest eBook libraries where you could find tons of quality eBooks to read.

kobo books - best ebook reader apps - Best ePub Reader and eBook Reader Apps for Android

Kobo Books brings in a great user interface to deal with while keeping it free to install. Also, when you sign up, you will get 5 USD as a free credit to make your first purchase on Kobo Books.

8. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is what you should have installed if you were searching for a dedicated eBook reader app which features a broad range of popular books to choose from.

amazon kindle - best epub reader - Best ePub Reader and eBook Reader Apps for Android

It contains an in-app dictionary which you can utilize while tapping on a word to take a look at what it means. If you are an Amazon Prime user, it should be the one you must have.

9. Google Play Books

Google Play Books is an excellent choice to have installed as an eBook reader app for Android. Although, it does not let you read other file formats but does let you upload PDF and ePub files to your library.

google play books - best epub reader - Best ePub Reader and eBook Reader Apps for Android

The chances are that you already have it installed but never tried it. It’s definitely a choice as one of the best ePub readers for Android.

10. EBookDroid – PDF & DJVU Reader

EBookDroid is one of the best eBook readers if you are using a smartphone whose screen size is less than 5.2″. Well, that’s what we experienced while using it. You won’t get a great experience on wider screens, but you could definitely give it a try.

ebook droid - best ebook reader apps - Best ePub Reader and eBook Reader Apps for Android

It supports a lot of file formats that include ePub and PDF files. It does let you highlight text, perform free-hand annotations, and create text notes.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

These 10 of the best eBook reader apps should suffice your thirst for spending a quality time reading eBooks or ePub files on Android. We’ll recommend you to install the ones that support ePub files if you already have a great collection. In either case, you will have to try each one of them to see whether the in-app store is good enough for you.

If you do not want to utilize ePub files but directly purchase eBooks and keep reading them, then Amazon Kindle and Kobo Books should do the job.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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