6 Best Free Online Fax Services to Send a Fax Online for Free

When new technologies emerge and establish themselves, we expect the old ones to be dead — or, somewhat dead. There are a lot of things on that list, ranging from telegram to typesetting printing. And, some of you might put Fax in the list, which isn’t entirely accurate, for that matter! It’s so because Fax is still used in some places.

The Deal about Online Faxing

Fax, as you may know, is the telephonic transmission of a printed material! Now, however, we don’t have to depend on those lagging telephonic wires to send fax messages — if there is one of the free online fax services with you. We have already guided you on how to send a fax online for free. And now, you will be able to send fax messages using your Internet-connected computer and the online faxing platform works as a bridge between the actual faxing network and you. So, the advantage is that: you will be able to fax the document as instantly even when you don’t have a dedicated & fully-fledged Faxing machine on your side. And, this online method is reasonable when you don’t have many faxes to be received or sent.

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Top 6 Best Free Online Fax Services to Send a Fax Online for Free

In this post, however, we have listed out the best free online fax services we came across. Of course, there may be a few limitations, as the process of connecting the internet and the old telephone line isn’t that easy. However, when you are in a hurry, these services will be of help.

1. GotFreeFax.com

GotFreeFax.com is one of the trusted names as we think of free online faxing. Starting with the limitations GotFreeFax has, you can send fax documents to the United States and Canada only. As long as you stay in the free plan, each fax is limited to three pages, maximum. Similarly, the daily sending limit of the free fax is 2. Despite these, when you need one important page sent, you can count on GotFreeFax.com

GotFreeFax free online fax services to Send Fax Online for Free - Best Fax Services

Using the online platform is way too easier and there is no reason to sign up or to complete that kind of processes. In its home page, it requires you to enter Sender and Receiver information, such as the name, company, Fax number, Subject, Email, etc. There are two methods to add content to your fax message. You can either type the full text with basic formatting or upload a PDF/Doc/JPG to the server.

Check Out GotFreeFax.com

2. eFax.com

eFax.com is a professional online faxing service available, given that you would tolerate the severe limitations. There are two options you can follow. You can either choose the eFax free plan, which curtails all the features and just lets you receive ten inbound pages a month. Alternatively, if you like full features, you can choose the 30-day-trial of standard eFax.com account, where you can send and receive up to 150 pages per month.

eFax send fax online for free - Best Online Fax Services to Send a Fax Online for Free

Being a professional online fax service, you get a lot of features in the free trial of the premium version. For instance, you have a dedicated mobile app for sending and receiving fax messages, electronic signature options, secure faxing and large file sharing, for that matter. For the single-time usage, eFax.com free trial would be enough, but for long-term usage, you would have to think of purchasing the actual service, which is expensive even then.

Check Out eFax.com

3. Faxzero.com

Here comes another free online fax service to send fax online for free. In the free version of the site, however, you are limited to the US to Canada. However, given that you’d be ready to pay, you can check out the International Fax section and it lets you send fax messages to almost all countries. That being said, when you’re sure that the destination is either Canada or the United States, the free version will do the job. The number of pages is limited to three & cover; but, you can send up to five faxes each day.

Faxzero send fax free online - Best Free Online Fax Services to Send a Fax Online for Free

The process of creating and sending a fax document is similar to that of the service we have mentioned in the first position. You have options for both typing the document and uploading a pre-written document. The online fax service lets you upload a variety of files, such as PDF, DOC and DOCX. And, there are even options for uploading three files at a time and thus to combine those files to create a single faxable document. Of course, you have to provide details about the sender and receiver fax. Once you’re done, you can click the Send button to make sure that your document hits the right.

Check Out Faxzero.com

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4. PamFax

PamFax is a paid online faxing solution, which offers a convenient 30-day trial plan. During the free trial, you can send three pages as faxes. The best part is that PamFax has an excellent pricing plan even if you want to send a lot of faxes, after the free trial period. Of course, the platform offers a set of impressive features as well. Another factor we loved in PamFax is that a dedicated solution is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, BlackBerry, etc.

PamFax best online fax services - Free Online Fax Services for Sending a Fax Online

Other notable features we found in PamFax include the option to integrate Dropbox, Google Drive, Box or OneDrive. From these cloud storage sites, you can import the to-be-sent document and there is even an option to use PamFax with Skype if you wanted it. Others include web-browser support, support for up to 100 file formats, free and unlimited retrieval of fax documents, instant notifications, etc.

Check Out PamFax

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5. HelloFax

HelloFax is yet another truly professional online faxing service, but the difference is that there is a standalone & truly free account you can get. Another factor you would love is that HelloFax offers support for a big number of countries and the number is around 70. For each country, the limit of the maximum page varies. Apart from that, the free fax has a page limit of five in total. Well, despite being free, we don’t have to compromise features either.

HelloFax ree fax services online - Free Online Faxing Services to Send Fax Online for Free

For instance, international coverage of HelloFax is a great feature as we see it from a free user’s perspective. It’s also some other features such as editing and signing capabilities for each fax you send, a secure cloud-based storage for keeping all your documents, notable integration with service such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Evernote, etc. All in all, you are going to have tonnes of features without paying a single penny.

Get HelloFax

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6. MyFax Free

MyFax Free is another single-time free faxing solution you can go for. In this method, you don’t have any sign-up or account purchase. Instead of all that, you can send one fax by filling the details on the main page. The method is way too simpler. You have to fill in From and To details, in the most common form. For instance, you have to provide details such as name, company, country and fax number. Similarly, you have to provide sender details as well. Another nice feature of MyFax Free is that it is not limited to US or Canada.

MyFax Free free online fax services - Send a Fax Online for Free using Best Free Online Fax Services

You will be able to send free online fax to up to twenty different countries, by selecting the country code. Using this platform, you can send up to two faxes in a day, which is good for a random user. As we come to the case of creation of fax, you have file uploading and text typing option. In the uploading section, you can get PDF or DOC to bring your document into the fax platform.

Check Out MyFax Free

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

So, you have seen different kinds of methods to send free fax online. Particularly, there are two types. For instance, HelloFax and GotFreeFax.com are offering standalone options for sending free fax messages. On the other hand, as we come to the case of eFax or something else, only a free trial is available there. In the free trial, however, the features are limited and you will have to compromise something.

So, in that case, we would say the best option is to go for HelloFax, which offers a free account with all the standard features such as international coverage and digital signing capabilities. On the other hand, if you just need to send a single document via fax, you can select MyFax Free. Have you used any of these online faxing services? Well, if so, tell us what you think of them.

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