Top 10 Best Free Online Logo Maker Sites to Create Custom Logo for Free

A Logo is the first identity of any Brand, Industry, Company or Organization. When you are starting a business blog or website, it is the beginning of a wonderful organization which would later turn out to be a brand. So it is recommended to get a logo for your brand. But when it comes to branding, you really need to be careful. There are plenty of free online logo maker sites and tools that help you to design an eye-catching and attractive logo yourself.

In other words, if you want to create your own custom logo for free without paying a hefty price to professional logo designers, there are many free online logo makers to help you. Logo - Best Logo Maker

We have previously discussed that Logo is one of those 4 must have things that you need from the first day of business. But if you are looking to create an awesome logo for your business, you might want to have a unique and fantastic logo that suits your choice as well as your company or organization criteria. But to be very frank to you, Creating a logo is not a simple job. And sometimes, it is very expensive to get it from a professional logo designer.

If you can afford to spend big bucks, its good idea to go with professionals else go to Fiver or its alternatives and get it for $5 only. But if you are like me who want to enjoy the joy of doing creative things, you should do it yourself.

According to Wiki Article,

A Logo is used to aid and promote instant public recognition. If you run a company or a brand, at least a logo is must for branding. A logo is defined as graphic mark or symbol commonly used by commercial enterprises.

If you are a great lover of arts & design and love to do all those kinds of stuff from your own efforts rather than getting done from professional logo makers, then you might be wondering how can you create your own custom logo for free.

Do you want to know which free online logo maker sites and tools I use to create a logo? Then stay tuned as I’m sharing a list of 9 best free online logo maker websites that let you create a logo yourself easily.

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Though there are many free online logo maker sites that help you design an eye-catching professional logo but not all of those online logo makers are free. Some need to be downloaded as online logo maker software while others require you to pay logo designing subscription cost. But the logo maker sites I’m sharing may be termed as “free online logo maker no download tools” as they allow you to create a custom logo without downloading anything.

Just visit the free online logo maker sites and start creating a professional logo of your choice. However, when creating a professional logo, I would recommend you to make sure few key points – Keep your logo short and simple, never copy other brands logo style, be creative enough to design something that reflects your brand’s personality thus conveying the message to people that what your brand belongs to!

Now check out these free online logo maker websites.

1. PicMonkey – Best Online Logo Maker

Let me start with my favorite. PicMonkey is my favorite online logo maker because of it’s easy to use and intuitive DIY interface. It is not just a logo maker tool, instead, it’s a complete graphic design solution. You can design a logo, business card, flyer, poster, infographics, invitation card, and social media graphics including YouTube thumbnails.

PicMonkey - FREE Online Logo Maker Tool

Creating a logo using PicMonkey is very easy. Simply go to PicMonkey and open a blank canvas for your brand logo. There are lots of logo templates as well, which you can choose from. Each logo template is customizable. You can change color, fonts etc. Either create a logo with available graphics and fonts or add your own custom graphics and fonts. Once done with logo designing, you can export the logo with transparent background.

2. VistaCreate – Free Animated Logo Maker

The animated logo maker by VistaCreate is probably the most powerful and feature-rich tool for building brand logos of any kind, including logos with on-demand animation effects. Build company logos of different shapes and purposes, customize colours and fonts, resize objects and apply more tweaks – all in a handy visual logo editor, at no cost.

VistaCreate Free Animated Logo Maker - Simple Online Logo Maker to Create Free Logo Online

Thanks to the diversity of logo templates, you’ll be able to find a perfect visual vibe in a few minutes of surfing through designs. Once you are satisfied with the result, download your logo as a video, GIF or share it via social networks or email.

3. Logaster – Free Logo Maker and Generator

Logaster is one of the best online logo generators which helps you to create your logo in a few minutes. You’ll be able to browse through hundreds of logos, all of which are extremely customizable in terms of name, slogan, business type, and color.

Logaster - Free Logo Maker and Generator - Online Software for Logo Design

After selecting your business type, Logaster’s logo creation wizard generates designs that fit your business. Download one of the ready-to-use logos or edit the concept by moving text and design elements around to several pre-set locations. All Logaster’s products are delivered not only in raster (JPEG, PNG) but also in vector formats (PDF, SVG).

4. Free Logo Maker – Make Free Logos Instantly

Free Logo Maker is one of the best free online logo maker website that allows you to make free logos instantly. It is simple to use and its easy user interface allows anyone even non-designers to create eye-catching professional logos. So if you don’t have designing skills, you don’t really need to worry.

Best Free Online Logo Maker Websites - Free Logo Maker - Google Logo Maker

Free Logo Maker has already designed logo designs available from which you may use anyone as per your choice. After selection of design, you may enter your brand name and customize the logo accordingly. As you are done with customization, you may download your logo for free. However, if you need high-resolution vector graphic of your logo, you need to pay $9.99/logo.

5. Online Logo Maker – Free Logo Creator

Online Logo Maker is yet another free logo creator that allows you to create your custom logo for free. Unlike other so-called “free online logo maker” sites who promise you for professional logo designs and then try to charge you when you start downloading your custom logo design, the free logo creator of Online Logo Maker helps you get your custom design for completely free.

Online Logo Maker - Free Logo Maker to Create Custom Logo - Facebook Logo Maker

It has a very simple to use logo maker applet where you may select your brand name as logo text and customize the logo design by selecting and editing any of the logo symbols from over 1000 well-designed logo symbols already available to choose from. After creating your logo, save the logo project and download logo for free.

6. Logo Type Maker – Free Logo Maker

Logo Type Maker is a free logo generator software tool which allows you to create your own logos in less than 1 minutes. Simply enter your company’s brand name and click generate logo button to create logo quickly. After that, you are provided with various free as well as customizable logo designs.

Free Online Logo Maker - Create Your Own Professional Logo for Free

You may also categorize logo designs based on your industry. Edit and customize the logo and get your logo for free. You are also allowed to personalize your logo by changing color, font, shape, size, add Clip-ARTs and play with positioning and effects.

7. Free Logo Design – Create Free Logos Online

Free Logo Design is a simple and free logo solution for those who want to create a custom logo without downloading anything. Creating a logo with free logo design tool is quick and easy as you simply need to type company name and select category to start creating logo online for free.

Free Logo Design - Best Free Online Logo Design Software Tool to Generate Logo for Free

Free Logo Design calls itself the fastest and easiest way to create free logos online. It allows you to choose a logo from various logo designs provided from a huge number of categories. After selecting the desired logo design, you may edit and customize the logo to get free logo online in 3-quick steps.

8. Logo Snap – Free Logo Generator

Logo Snap is yet another best free online logo maker website to design stunning logo easily. Logo Snap offers you to create your logo in three easy steps. The first step lets you choose your profession where you select your desired category. In the next step, you have to choose your design style/symbol. And finally, you have to customize your logo as per your choice. Isn’t it so simple?

Best Free Online Logo Maker Website - Logo Snap - YouTube Logo Maker

Once customization is complete, you can either save it for future or download. Though make sure you have created a free account for doing so.

9. Logo Yes – Free Online Logo Design Software

Logo Yes is again easy to use, free online logo maker tool that lets you design a logo of your choice in three quick steps. First, you have to select an image which suits your business, then add text and customize them adjusting image position, selecting different available text fonts, flipping images etc.

Best Free Online Logo Maker Website to Create Logo - Logo Yes - Custom Logo Maker

Logo Yes has some wide variety of categories to select your business related image and also a large number of fonts are available that would surely suit your needs. So once completed, you may click next to preview it. If it looks good, go ahead to download the logo, if not go back to edit. If you are sure, download it for free. However similar to Logo Maker, it also requires to pay $0.99 to download the high resolution of your logo.

10. Logo Genie – Online Logo Design System

Logo Genie is yet another three step logo designing website in the list of best free online logo maker websites that lets you create stunning logos effortlessly. Logo Genie is a place that would be surely loved by creative people. The three steps designing process involves selecting a category of your company, inserting text and tagline and then downloading the custom logo.

Best Free Online Logo Maker Website to Design Logo - Logo Genie

With Logo Genie, you may not only design logo for your brand but also it allows you to create awesome business cards for your company at ease. The ease with which even non-designers can design stunning logo makes this logo maker site an amazing logo design tool.

11. Logo Garden – Free Logo Design Online

Logo Garden is another free online logo maker websites that allow you to create your logo for free. It is a very useful DIY [Do-It-Yourself] website to design stunning, eye-catching and attractive professional logo. It allows you to quickly design a logo within three steps. First is to select the category of your company, then selection of symbol and finally customizing colors and text.

Best Free Online Logo Maker Free Download - Design Free Logo - Logo Garden

Once completed with customization, you may save or download your logo for free. Like Logo Genie, you may also design the business card for your company with Logo Garden.

12. Logo Maker – Create Your Own Logo Free

Logo Maker is a free logo design software that lets you create your own logo for free within few minutes. It is simple to use fast online logo creator and allows you to create free logos up to a limited maximum number of 6. However, if you need more than 6 logos, you need to pay them.

Logo Maker - Best Free Online Logo Maker to Create Custom Logo Designs for Free

It is a quick online logo maker as you may quickly create logos with its four-step quick logo designing process. First, you need to select your brand industry and icon for the logo, next you need to edit logo and customize the layout after that save your logo design and finally download the logo for free. You need to create a free account for downloading the free logo.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Though you may pay professional logo designers to design an attractive logo, that is not possible when you are low on budget. Also, there isn’t any guarantee that the designer would come up with a logo of your choice. All you can do is – provide him instructions but when it comes to design, choices of two-person can never be the same. So you might end up wasting money as well as comprising with your choice.

However these best free online logo maker websites ensure that you don’t end up regretting as using these logo maker tools, you may design stunning professional logos of your choice. Hope this post would help you to design your brand’s logo of your choice. Do you know about any other best free online Logo Maker sites or software tools?

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  • jef

    Don’t use it is a scam they say that the web version is free but it’s not. They don’t tell you up front that the free version is just a link from their site you can not download it and who wants a link. Why can’t companies be up front so someone that waste their time on scam sites.

    • Rob

      Abhishek, Logomaker has not turned scam. We still offer a free logo to anyone who wants it. Simply create your logo, save it and create an account, then download the free logo code–it’s an html snippet to put on your website where you want your logo to display. If you want the file, simply a “save file” function to save it to your hard drive. High resolution files are available for purchase for those customers who want them. This has been our business model since we launched in 2004 and will continue to be. As for not telling people upfront… it’s clear on our FAQ and in several other places on our website.

      • bush

        i do not see the save a file option all i see is purchase the logo. could you please help.

  • Kat

    I just stopped by to say thanks for including us on this list. We’ve been providing free logos since 2003 and don’t plan to stop!

    – the free logo makers

  • Kaye

    all of these sites mentioned are deceptive in nature in that they all pretend to be free, and then snooker you into providing your email and name and then once its time to download, require you to sign up to subscriptions, buy cards or other priced merchandise. I created a logo using Microsoft word and its picture database REALLY FOR FREE. The lesson is not be so lazy, it could cost you a ton of spam and other sites using your email.

  • lumar

    Don’t use It is a scam. I’ve created one Log and bought higher resolution using my credit card. It’s supposed to be a one-time payment, but it turns out they charged monthly to my credit card! There’s no way to contact them, the website no longer exist!

  • Dan

    I would like to see a website where you could “pair up” with a designer and share a canvas with them. A bit like how there are online shared text editors. I think it would help those of us that lack in creativity 😮

    I’m working on my own vector logo editor ( and it can certainly be a pain to do any advanced graphics tools using technologies that are compatible with older browsers.

  • Repeat Logo

    Logogenie didn’t work very well for me!

  • Elie

    Thanks for the list! I stumbled across the other day and was very pleased! Easy and free 🙂

  • Binod Jha

    All are good but you haven’t mentioned my favorite logo maker tool Canva.

    Thanks! for sharing!

    • Hi Binod,

      Glad you liked them. Canva is also my favorite due to the level of simplicity it offers. However, the biggest disadvantage of Canva is the design or icons I like are usually paid ones and I’m not interested to pay them for just an icon that I can find somewhere else for free. That’s why I rely on these free online logo maker services.

      Thanks for commenting!


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