TRP Guides: How to Send an Anonymous Email from Anonymous Email Account?

Sending an email is simple, but not always you would want the receiver to know who sent the email. Creating an email account with fake details might seem like a good option, but it is certainly not a secure way to send an email anonymously. Anyone can track the source of the email without too much effort. So how do you send an anonymous email securely? 

Fortunately, there are many services that will let you send an anonymous email with an anonymous email account that will be extremely hard to track. Such services are perfect for sending prank emails, providing helpful information anonymously, avoiding Spam messages or just show your affections to your crush anonymously.

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How to Send an Anonymous Email from Anonymous Email Account?

Some websites may require you to create an anonymous email ID to send and receive emails, and others may just take your message and send it to the receiver using their own email. Today, we will show you how to send an anonymous email and introduce some convenient services to do so.

Warning: You can’t make an email anonymous even by using third-party services. However, they should be hard enough to be not tracked by an average individual. So don’t try to do any illegal activity that may force regularities to track you, as they will be able to track you with some effort.

How to Send an Anonymous Email from Anonymous Email Account

Tip: To make your anonymous email even harder to track, try using a VPN service to hide your IP address and then access the anonymous emailing website of your choice.

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Send An Anonymous Email with Guerrilla Mail

There are many services for sending anonymous emails, but we found Guerrilla Mail to be incredibly easy to use while being completely free. You can also try other services that we have mentioned below, and they offer unique features that might entice you.

Guerrilla Mail lets you create a temporary email address to send an email that is easily destroyable with a single click. You can both send and receive emails, and all the received emails destroy after one hour.

They will provide a random email address which you can use or edit to create a custom email address. Once the email address is set, make sure “Scramble Address” option below is checked. As email addresses are not protected by a password, you need to scramble the email address to make sure the receiver doesn’t access it.

Guerrilla Mail- Best anonymous email sending service to send email anonymously for free Guerrilla Mail- scramble address - How to send an anonymous email from anonymous email account for free

Now click on “Compose” below to start composing your anonymous email. You need to provide receiver’s email address, subject and the email body. You can also attach a file if you want with a size up to 150MB, could be a good way to send large files as well. When you are done, just press the “Send” button above to send the email.

Guerrilla Mail - compose anonymous email to send email anonymously for free from anonymous email account

The receiver can reply to your email, which will be saved in Guerrilla Mail interface, or they can report abuse to stop receiving any emails from Guerrilla Mail. You can click on the “Forget Me” button next to your email address to delete it immediately. Otherwise, it will be deleted after 24 hours.

It should be noted that Guerrilla Mail does attaches your IP address with the email, which may let the user at least know in which country or city you are.

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Other Good Services to Send an Anonymous Email

Below are some other handy anonymous email services that are mostly free and offer unique features.

1. Secure Email

If you are very much concerned about your anonymity, then Secure Email is an excellent choice. It will let you create a free email address with a domain offered by Secure Email. All emails sent from this email address will not have IP address attached to them and they will be delivered through an encrypted connection.

Secure Email- Secure anonymous email sending service to send an email anonymously for free

Such protection should be more than enough for most users. However, it is a paid anonymous email sending services. If you are serious about sending anonymous emails, then go for Secure Email.

2. Send Email

Send Email is a very straightforward and simple tool with least bells and whistles. You just simply need to enter recipient’s email address, subject and your message to send it away. An anonymous message will be sent to the recipient and there will be no option to track you. However, if you would like to receive replies as well, then you also have the choice to give up your email address to Send Email. Yes, you will have to risk your email address, but Send Email ensures that recipient will never receive this email.

Send Email- Simple anonymous email service to send an anonymous email for free

Similar to other services, if you will use this service for the illegal purpose, then your IP and Email (if provided) will be given on proof. Send Email also has an option for email receivers to blacklist their email and never receive emails from Send Email.

2. Anonymousmail

If you are looking to craft your emails and also want to send files, then this anonymous email service is perfect. It is a very feature rich service, but it will force you to give your email address as well. Your email address will be hidden, but they keep it for security reasons. The unique thing about Anonymousmail is its feature rich text editor and the ability to attach files with the email (up to 2 MB).

Anonymousmail- feature rich anonymous email service to send email anonymously for free using anonymous email account

Its text editor will let you do everything a standard text editor can do, including, change formatting, add links, add images, anchor text, add signs, change the style, add bullet lists and more. You also have the option to provide a separate email address to receive emails, but this is optional.

3. AnonymousFeedback

AnonymousFeedback is perfect for both novice and advanced users. It comes with the option to quickly send your anonymous email or configure and craft your email according to your need. You can just send a one-time email or give up your email address to receive replies as well (it will stay anonymous).

AnonymousFeedback-customize anonymous email to send email anonymously for free using anonymous email account

You can quickly send the message without any confusion or click on “See more options” button to see more options. In more options, you will be able to preview the message and see how the receiver will see it. Furthermore, you can also add a Subject line and also give the name of the sender. It is better to use the “See more options” as you can personalise your email for more impact.

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The Pro Review From TechReviewPro

Sending an anonymous email is handy in many situations, just make sure you don’t use this service for illegal purposes. If anyone would like to track you for something illegal you have done, the anonymous email sending service will cooperate with them completely to reach you (you are warned). Although, if you need to send a secret admirer message, play a funny prank or even if just want to send a free email while your email service is down, then these services are perfect.

Guerrilla Mail will give you the most control over your anonymous emails, but you should also give Anonymousmail a try if you want to send files and make your email beautiful. If you know any other good anonymous email sending service or have any questions regarding these services, feel free to let us know in the comments section below.

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