9 Super Smart Tips and Tricks to Click Beautiful Selfies Naturally

Now, we live in a world where people are becoming more and more photogenic. And “A selfie” is another addition to the list of various types of photos. Though there are many camera apps that allows you to click beautiful selfies. However, other photo editing apps are available that allow you to edit photos like a pro, yet nothing can outshine the charm of a perfect selfie.

Technically, a selfie is a self-clicked photo of oneself or a group that is taken from the smartphone’s front camera. We often see selfies of various celebrities and stars that seem to be perfect and then try to imitate it. Few succeed, while the others fail at taking such perfect selfies.

Super Smart Tricks to Click Beautiful Selfies

But before imitating, everyone need to know the simple fact that – there are a few things that should be kept in mind while taking a picture, be it selfie or a normal picture. Fortunately, the good news is that you need not to have a giant phone with powerful camera to click the perfect selfies.

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9 Super Smart Tips and Tricks to Click Beautiful Selfies Naturally

The steps to a perfect selfie are very simple to learn and execute. Not merely steps, but there are a few more types of selfies that one can try anywhere, anytime. So stay tuned and follow the simple tactics mentioned below to accomplish your impression of the perfect selfie.

1. Experiment with Different Angles


Selfies can never become unique and beautiful until and unless they are taken with different angles. Tilt your phone at some angle, or tilt your face. Both give an extremely positive and adorable effect to your selfies. Moreover, it’s not only about the people in the picture; but particularly angled selfies enhance the background also quite beautifully. And ultimately, adds to the selfie making it even more adorable.

2. Be Natural !


Nothing can beat the beauty of natural light when it comes to clicking pictures and of course, selfies too. So, as soon as you decide to take a selfie, hunt for some natural source of light. However, camera apps that provide natural-like filters and effects can also be tried.

3. Try Height Selfies


Height selfies are the newest and the most trending type of selfies. Unlike other selfies, whenever you take a height selfie whole of your body is framed in a single pic – from head to toe. As these kinds of selfies expose your body in a single pic, it adds life to your selfies.

4. The Two-Hands Selfie


Now, two hand selfies are a bit common but many of us fail at taking a perfect Two-Hands selfie. Hold your phone with both the hands and keep it exactly in the middle, in front of your face. Press shutter, and you have clicked the perfect two-Hands selfie. These kind of selfies look even more beautiful when taken at different angles.

5. Mirror Selfies


A mirror selfie is the mother of all selfies and are the only selfies that are clicked with the phone’s back camera. These selfies are very simple to click – just stand in front of a full length mirror and press shutter. Not only simple and adorable, you can also take funny selfies of yourself via distinct-shaped mirrors placed at various places.

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6. Try Corners


No, you need not to stand in a corner while taking this kind of selfies. Instead, you have to place your phone at such an angle that your face settles in any one of the four corners of the frame – top left, top right, bottom left or bottom right. When taken with closeup, such selfies capture only your face. But when captured from a distance, such selfies can capture the scenic beauty too.

7. Use Supportive Devices


Yes, by supportive devices we actually mean selfies sticks. No group selfie can cover all the people until and unless you have a very tall person in the group. However, there comes a new device – selfie stick that can let you take adorable group and height selfies. Since selfie sticks don’t cost much, they are easily affordable. You just need to press the button concerned with the stick to take a beautiful selfie.

8. Express Yourself


Yes, no selfie is complete until and unless you express yourself to the fullest. Laugh, smile, cry, pout or stretch your neck. Each expression adds some unique and unmatched quality to your selfie.

9. Ease the Shutter Process


Well, you have decided and executed the perfect pose for your selfie but as soon as you stretch your hand to shutter, your selfie is disturbed. It is one of the most apparent reason for many selfies getting adversely tweaked because of the inconvenience caused to press of the shutter button. The best patch for this issue is to set volume buttons as shutter buttons so that selfies can be clicked via your thumb and you need not to stretch anymore.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Click beautiful selfies is an art. And any art needs practice for perfection. We have been asked many times for tips to take good selfies. So we have compiled above the list of 9 super smart ways to take beautiful selfies, for our audiences. Hopefully these tips and tricks will help you click beautiful selfies. However, if we missed any, let us know using the comment box below.

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