5 Best Free Mobile Security Apps to Protect Your Phone

In smartphone world security is a major concern. You think that none can get access to your phone. Right ? But the reality is different.

If ever you lost your phone or someone stolen your phone, your all data and important files get revealed. Also, now a days some apps contain malwares as clever application developers put some malicious codes while development of apps. Though such apps are hard to found on popular app market like Google Play Store, App Store etc. but it’s always wise decision to safe and guard your mobile security with best free mobile security apps when your smartphone matters a lot for you.

Best Free Mobile Security Apps to Protect

Today, I’m going to tell you about such 5 best free mobile security apps that not only protect your phone from malwares but also notify you if your phone is lost or stolen. Yes, now you don’t have to worry about loosing your phone.

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5 Best Free Mobile Security Apps to Protect Your Phone

Though there are so many apps available in Android app markets as well as in iOS App Store and selecting best free mobile security apps among them is quite tough. Let me tell you, paid apps have slightly advantages over free apps. But some of the free apps are outperforming paid apps and hence when it comes to your Android mobile security, it never matters whether your apps are paid or free.

So let’s talk about 5 best free mobile security apps that really works as paid one :-

1 ) avast! Free Mobile Security

You might be well known with avast for Windows PC because it is famous for its outstanding security performance. As avast is famous for PC now it is very much popular for mobile security with 7 million recommendations.

avast! Free Mobile Security is one of the best free mobile security apps. It offers users Anti-Virus protections, add a firewall to block hackers.You can also filter incoming calls and SMS messages. Now, you can also track your network or wifi data usages.


avast - Best Free Mobile Security Apps

Avast monitors your security status and warns about affected websites. Also, it auto corrects your mis-typed URLs.

Avast Anti-Theft provides a remote control options for locating and recovering your phone, if it is lost or stolen. Though avast! Free Mobile Security is available without any cost in app store but for more features you can upgrade your membership plan by paying some money.

2) McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee is also a well known security apps which is now available for mobile devices also. McAfee allows you to scan your android or iOS devices in deep.

It helps you to understand how apps are accessing your personal information and help you to keep your data private. Now you cannot be harmed from fake links, QR codes, emails and social networking sites.


McAfee - Best Free Mobile Security Apps

If unfortunately your phone is lost or stolen you can locate it on map, you can also lock, erase and backup it easily with this best mobile security app. Like avast, it is also available in app store without any cost and you can also upgrade it.

One notable thing about McAfee Mobile Security is that it offers CaptureCam. CaptureCam is a feature by which McAfee captures images of person trying to unlock your screen with wrong PIN, password, or pattern. And McAfee will notify you with an email including images of that person. Sounds good ? Yea, it is !

3) Lookout Security

Lookout is also one of best free mobile security apps available in app store. It offers a good quality anti-virus service that clean our phone as well as our sd card in deep. It is a very trusted app that’s why it has got millions of downloads.

Lookout security also detect users who are trying to access your phone with wrong PIN, password and pattern send an email regarding that person. Lookout automatically save your last location when your battery is getting low or your phone is shutting down.

Lookout - Best Free Mobile Security Apps

It also offers backup and restores features so now with Lookout Mobile Security, backup your data and restore it in any smartphone or tablet you wish.

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4) 360 Mobile Security

360 Mobile Security performs virus scans, trash cleanups and memory optimization in a single touch. Accelerator & Power saver manage background apps to make your phone faster and save power.

With call and SMS blocker you can block unwanted calls. Save your mobile data by monitoring your data usage.

360 Mobile Security - Best Free Mobile Security Apps

360 Mobile Security is also one of best free mobile security apps because it also offers Anti-Theft protection that maximize the chance of recovering your phone or its data if your phone is lost or stolen.

5) NQ Mobile Security 

Now your phone will be safe whether you are playing games, videos or doing some work on it. NQ Mobile Security offers Anti-Virus protection that protects against spyware, malware and hackers.

NQ Mobile security works same as all the above listed apps. It offers everything to the users like backup & restore, locate, lock erase or wipe your phone and protect our phones from malwares virus and fake links on web.

NQ Mobile Security - Best Free Mobile Security Apps

It also offers secure browsing like auto correct URLs, blocking web shields etc. You can get it from the App Store, Android Play Store etc. and you can also upgrade it because NQ Mobile Security offers premium version at only $19.99 per year.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Friends, these are the best free mobile security apps that secure your phone from malware and these apps also help you to recover your phone if it is lost or stolen.

So I’ll suggest you install any of these best free mobile security apps in your smartphone, tablets or any other similar devices and get free from the fear of losing your loving smartphone.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. Did I miss any? Consider to share it with me in the comment section below.

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