VyprVPN Review: Fastest VPN for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

With the online security concerns and cyber threats like hacking, spoofing, etc. looming over your head, you need to browse privately and securely hiding your identity on the internet these days. The reason is internet browsing, and online transactions are no longer safe without secure VPN services.

Previously, we have featured 20+ Best Free VPN Android Apps who allow you to browse anonymously but since these free VPN apps rely on other third-party VPN services, you need to invest in powerful premium VPN services like VyprVPN which has its inbuilt software, servers, and support, in order to provide you with the most secure and fastest VPN service.

VyprVPN - Most Secured and Fastest VPN for Windows-Mac-iOS-Linux-Android

Why Do You Need Secure and Fast VPN Services?

In your daily-life when you are browsing the internet, your internet service provider connects you to the requested website’s URL by exchange of data packets. So basically anyone having packet data sniffers can view the information being shared via your IP [Internet Protocol] address easily – may be your internet service provider, any hacking mind or even the owner of your Wifi-network if you are using at public places.

This may not be a major concern if you are just browsing, but if you are making online transactions or sharing sensitive files online, then you need to be concerned about it because you think you are safe but your data and online privacy are at stake. Therefore, you need secure VPN services.

How a Virtual Private Network like VyprVPN Enhance Your Online Security?

A virtual private network connects you to a secure server from its network of servers which encrypts your data being sent or received. Thus, with a VPN service, your data transferring is encrypted between you and your VPN servers only – no third parties are involved.

How Does Virtual Private Network Work - Explained Diagram VyprVPN Review

Apart from this, the most beneficial part of using secure VPN services is that any hacking minds trying to get access to your data or know your IP address can’t gain access to your real IP address because they are shown other random IP address of your VPN network server.

Thus, VPN services add an extra layer of security for your online protection.

VyprVPN: The Most Secured Fastest VPN Service for Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android

Now that you have learned how beneficial VPN services are and why secure VPN services are needed for your safe and secure browsing needs, you must be wondering how to choose perfect VPN service for your needs?

With many premium VPN services available in the market, we have got to review one of the most popular VPN service – VyprVPN to feature on TechReviewPro for the first time.

About VyprVPN:

VyprVPN is one of the most popular VPN services by Golden Frog which is increasingly becoming people’s first choice VPN during recent few months. It claims itself to be the fastest VPN with most secured virtual private network servers.


Golden Frog – the creator of VyprVPN, was established in 1994, but it was 2009 when they launched VyprVPN, and since then it is encrypting internet connections, protecting online privacy and providing access to restricted websites in a particular region.

With over 700 servers located in 50+ global server locations with 200,000 IPs – VyprVPN has a very powerful inbuilt virtual private network that allows you to connect to secure VPN servers at blazing fast speed and without any restriction over dynamic server switching. Since their servers are located at various global server locations so you may connect worldwide using their fast VPN.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose VyprVPN Services

There are many reasons why you need to choose VyprVPN services for your online protection, but here I’m listing top 5 reasons:

1. Simplicity – Easy to Set Up

VyprVPN is easy to set-up. You just need to create a free account and download the app for your preferred operating system or device. With one- click connect button, you’ll be able to set-up and connect to VPN easily. It is possible only due to easy user-interface and simplicity.


2. Accessibility – Available on Multiple Platforms

Unlike other VPN services who work on certain operating systems or devices, VyprVPN is a multi-platform VPN service which works on almost all devices – no matter whether you are connecting using your Windows PC, Mac OS, iOS devices, Linux or Android smartphones. VyprVPN even has a router applet that users can flash onto their Tomato-based Routers.

VyprVPN - Best VPN Servers for Multiple Operating Systems

3. Highly Secure and Fast – Uses Latest Chameleon Technology

VyprVPN services are highly secured as it uses 128 to 256-bit PPTP to encrypt your files while sharing. Unlike other VPN services which lack connection speed, with VyprVPN you’ll get ultra-fast blazing connection speed. With the inclusion of their latest Chameleon technology, VyprVPN has taken itself one-step ahead of its competitors, especially in places like China or in the Middle-East, where countries actively censor the Internet and block VPN connections.

Fastest VPN Service - VyprVPN Server for Fast Video Streaming through VPN

4. Live Chat Support – In Case You Need Help

For any non-technical user, what really matters is – powerful support so that whenever you get stuck, you may get quick help. After testing VyprVPN service for around a week, all I can say is that their 24 x 7 x 365 chat support is amazing.

5. Unbeatable Extra Goodies Like Free Dump Truck Storage

Since VyprVPN is a Golden Frog’s products and Golden Frog has created some other security apps like Dump Truck and Cyphr, so it provides you other services integration with VPN account for free which you’ll never get from other VPN services.

Get Extra Goodies for Free with Free VyprVPN Account

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Which VyprVPN Plan is Best for You?

VyprVPN is multi-platform VPN service which means you may easily access VPN on your multiple devices with a single account. This confirms that you don’t need to create multiple accounts to access VPN on your PC, Smartphone or Tablets – no matter whether you are switching your device from Windows OS to Mac, Linux, iOS or Android, etc.

With availability on multiple operating systems, it becomes quite important to select the right VPN plan based on your needs. VyprVPN offers you three plans to choose – Basic, Pro and Premier.

VyprVPN Review - Plans and Pricing Details

Features and Pricing of VyprVPN

1. VyprVPN Basic:

The basic VyprVPN plan allows you to connect to secure and fast VPN services with the single connection which means with basic plan you may access VPN on a single device. It provides you unlimited data usage accessibility with 128-bit PPTP encryption.

Apart from this, you’ll get 10GB Dump Truck Storage that lets you transfer files in an encrypted and secure ecosystem with other co-workers up to 10 GB of file storage. The basic plan costs $9.99 monthly, but if you buy an annual subscription to the basic plan, you’ll save a lot as it’ll cost only $6.67 per month.

2. VyprVPN Pro:

The VyprVPN pro plan costs $14.99 per month, but if you buy annually, you’ll easily save much more money as it comes with a price tag of $8.33 per month for annual customers. Compared to basic plan where you are limited to a single connection, it provides you more flexibility for unlimited data usage as you can use VPN services over two connections simultaneously.

Even with the VyprVPN pro plan, your data, files as well as the connection is highly encrypted with 256-bit PPTP and NAT Firewall. The inclusion of L2TP/IPsec and latest Chameleon™ technology that allows you to bypass internet blocks and get access to services blocked in your country by unblocking service restrictions makes it a better choice over the basic plan.

Also, you’ll get 25 GB of Dump Truck Storage to store or transfer files securely among your co-workers.

3. VyprVPN Premier:

The premier plan costs $19.99 per month when you choose to pay bills monthly, but if you choose to pay annually, you’ll end up saving a lot as you’ll still be getting top-notch premier VyprVPN service for just $10 per month. The premier plan allows you to access VPN services over three connections simultaneously.

You’ll get all the features and facilities including latest Chameleon™ technology that you usually get with pro plan, but also, with VyprVPN Premier plan, you’ll get 50 GB of Dump Truck storage by Golden Frog. Such huge data storage is precious for your business needs.

My Take on for Selection of Best VyprVPN Plan:

If you are an individual with basic VPN facilities requirements, go for the basic plan as it is cheap as well as valuable but if you want more independence over multiple connections and much more secure encryption – Pro plan is the right choice for you. However, for higher business needs, the premier plan does the magic with ultimate beauty.

You may get the most secure and fastest VPN Service following the link – Start Free Trial for 3 Days with 7-Days Money-Back Guarantee.

What Didn’t I Like About VyprVPN Services?

No doubt, VyprVPN service is one of the most powerful VPN services that keep your online protection its priority without compromising the connection speed. But what I didn’t like is their price tag which is quite higher as compared to their competitors.

However, since they are providing unbeatable fastest VPN service, so it is quite justified but with basic plan you are very much limited even after paying a hefty price – this is not fair. I wish they should include NAT firewall and latest Chameleon technology with the basic plan also.

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

VPN services are need of modern era just to ensure your online privacy and security. While you must not compromise with your online protection, it is a wise idea to invest in fast and secure VPN services like VyprVPN. Even though the price is quite higher, their quality of services is unbeatable, and you’ll never regret after buying.

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So what are your views about VyprVPN? How do you compare it with other VPN services? Let me know using the comment box below.

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