Top 125+ Best Free Proxy Sites List – Free Proxy Server Lists 2020

Free Proxy Sites List is like the lifesaver for those who try to access blocked websites in a particular region. Many times, it happens with us that when we try to access any websites, we see an error message that this web page is not available or this website or web URL has been blocked in your region. You know why? It is because individual URLs or websites are blocked by our internet service provider [ISP], govt. Or school/college Wifi administrators etc.

Therefore, when you try to access video sharing websites, social media or gaming websites from your school/college campus, usually you’ll get an error message that this web page is blocked and you can’t access the requested web page. Such restrictions can be very annoying and irritate you if you are a serious gamer like me. So if you still want to access these blocked websites ethically, the best way to do so is by using any of the free proxy servers from our free proxy sites list as given below.

Top 125+ Free Proxy Websites List 2015 - Best Proxy Servers

Though I have already shared free VPN Android apps to access blocked websites in your region and these are even a much better way to access a particular website than the proxy server because Virtual Private Networks [VPN] are very safe and secure. But if you want to access blocked websites on your desktop PC or non-android devices, you may hardly find any VPN. Also, all of the Virtual Private Networks are not free. Then free proxy websites become a necessity for bypassing such restriction via the proxy server.

So before I share with you the new list of top free proxy sites list to help you access blocked websites via best proxy servers, let me tell you the basics.

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What is a Proxy Server and How Proxy Websites Works?

Wikipedia says, “In computer networks, a proxy server is a server (a computer system or an application) that acts as an intermediary for requests from clients seeking resources from other servers.”

In other words, A proxy server acts as a communicator between you and blocked websites. Think yourself and the blocked websites as strange peoples, both of you don’t know each other and also the blocked websites’ server doesn’t wish to know your identity. But proxy server introduces you to the blocked websites by hiding your identity and let you make a connection with the fresh identity that the blocked websites love.

For a better understanding of the working of proxy servers and proxy websites, take a look at this illustrative visual.

Top 125+ Free Proxy Sites List - Best Free Proxy Websites Servers 2015

This way the proxy web servers help you by providing you a different IP that is not blocked on the website you want to access. In some cases proxy servers are very helpful in saving you from threats and attacks by avoiding thefts from stealing your information like the server of free proxy websites is very secure.

Free Proxy Servers List - Top Best Free Proxy Sites List 2015

The proxy sites hide the identity of the users, there is also a term known as Reverse Proxy. Do you know, what is Reverse Proxy? Okay, let me tell you.

Wikipedia says, In computer networks, a reverse proxy is a type of proxy server that retrieves resources on behalf of a client from one or more servers. These resources are then returned to the client as though they originated from the proxy server itself.

What Else Do You Need to Know About Proxy Servers?

If you are looking for more information about the proxy server and firewalls, take a look at this wonderful Slideshare presentation by Mehdi Poustchi Amin.

Here is what you’ll learn:

  • What is a Proxy?
  • Main Purpose of Using Proxies
  • How does a Proxy work?
  • Proxy Types
  • Popular Hardware and Software Proxies
  • What is a Firewall?
  • Main Purpose of Using Firewalls
  • How does a Firewall work?
  • Firewall Types
  • Popular Hardware and Software Firewalls

How to Use Free Proxy Servers?

Using free proxy servers is simpler than you could ever think. Just go to any of free proxy websites from the free proxy sites list given below and enter the URL of your desired webpage or the blocked websites that you wish to visit. And you can easily unblock them and make yourself stand out of the restricted area.

Though some (not all) of free proxy sites are quite clever, they might steal your information like Credit card details, passwords, etc. personal information. So beware of such proxy servers and avoid providing details to them.

Out of the various free proxy sites list present over the web, many contain viruses, adware, malware, spyware, etc. So make sure you use a strong antivirus on your device.

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Top Free Proxy Sites List – Best Free Proxy Servers 2020

However, to protect you and keep you on a safer side, today I’m sharing Top 100+ Free Proxy Sites List which provides free proxy servers. Few of these sites provide you feature for changing your IP, many other contain HTTPS support, and some are very secured with SSL also. So make the best use of these free proxy sites list.

  1. HideMyAss []
  2. Hidden Digital Info – []
  3. Anony Mizer – [] (14 days free trial)
  4. K Proxy – []
  5. Don’t Filter – []
  6. Working Proxy – []
  7. Proxy 2014 – []
  8. Prox Me Call Me Names – []
  9. Change IP & Country – []
  10. VTunnel – []
  11. Proxy 2014 – []
  12. Just Proxy – []
  13. Extreme Proxy – []
  14. Unlock My Web – []
  15. Proxy Site – []
  16. Proxify – [] (3 days trial)
  17. Free YouTube Proxy – []
  18. Proxy – []
  19. England Proxy – []
  20. Unblocker – []
  21. Fast USA Proxy – []
  22. New IP Now – []
  23. Anonymouse – []
  24. Fast School Proxy – []
  25. Remove Filters – []
  26. Rapid Proxy – []
  27. Ninja Cloak – []
  28. Proxyo – []
  29. DeFilter – []
  30. Quick Proxy – []
  31. Free Proxy Server – []
  32. Free You Proxy Tube – []
  33. The Best Proxy – []
  34. VPN Browse – []
  35. Monster Proxy – []
  36. Hide Me Ass – []
  37. UK – Proxy – []
  38. Proxy One – []
  39. Hide The Internet – []
  40. Web Proxy Free – []
  41. World Cup Proxy – []
  42. View Youtube – []
  43. Proxay – []
  44. Host App – []
  45. Proxy Pirate – []
  46. Fun Proxy – []
  47. Hide N Seek – []
  48. Orange Proxy – []
  49. Free Public Proxy – []
  50. Push Proxy – []
  51. Cool Proxy – []
  52. Proxy Tube – []
  53. Free Open Proxy – []
  54. Hope Proxy – []
  55. Safe Proxy – []
  56. Private Surf – []
  57. Europe Proxy – []
  58. Stealth Proxy – []
  59. SSL Proxy – []
  60. Proxy Power – []
  61. Web Surf – []
  62. You Server – []
  63. Greatest Free Proxy – []
  64. Mega Proxy – []
  65. Crazy Proxy – []
  66. IP Switcher – []
  67. Hide My Trax Proxy – []
  68. Stardoll Proxy – []
  69. Proxy 4 Freedom – []
  70. Fish Proxy – []
  71. See Proxy – []
  72. Surf Proxy – []
  73. Sporium – []
  74. Saoudi Proxy – []
  75. Proxy Browse – []
  76. Proxy Internet – []
  77. Ca Proxies – []
  78. Proxy 2015 – []
  79. FB Proxies – []
  80. PK Proxy – []
  81. America Proxy – []
  82. Suede Proxy – []
  83. Korea Proxy – []
  84. Brazil Proxy – []
  85. ECXS – []
  86. Zalmos Web Proxy – []
  87. Canada Proxy – []
  88. King Surf Proxy – []
  89. US Proxies – []
  90. US Proxy – []
  91. Zacebook – []
  92. Your Proxy – []
  93. Intern Cloud – []
  94. Pro Intern – []
  95. Singapore Proxy – []
  96. Work Host – []
  97. Travel VPN – []
  98. Fast Time – []
  99. Rexoss – []
  100. Hide IP Proxy – []
  101. Just Unblock It – []
  102. Go Proxy – []
  103. Network Bypass – []
  104. Me Hide – []
  105. Proxy This – []
  106. PHP Proxy – []
  107. Xite Now – []
  108. 4Ever Proxy – []
  109. KProxy Site – []
  110. Surf for Free – []
  111. Unblock Proxy PK []
  112. 12345 PK []
  113. Ruuh Free Proxy []
  114. Free Web Now Proxy  []
  115. Go to Proxy []
  116. Proxxxy  []
  117. Free-Proxy []
  118. Best-Proxy []
  119. Germany-Proxy []
  120. Fast-Proxy []
  121. Fastest-Proxy []
  122. Anonymous Proxy []
  123. New-Proxy []
  124. Proxy-Site []
  125. Unblock-Proxy []

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Free proxy sites list is really helpful in changing your IP, accessing blocked websites, removing school-colleges wifi firewall, watching YouTube videos, surfing Facebook, Twitter, and other social media and more importantly, surfing anonymously in a very secure way.

Using any free proxy server from these free proxy sites list is very easy. Hope these free proxy sites list will help you. Do you want to add any more proxy server to this list? Use the comment box below.

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