What are Digital Scale Apps? Best Digital Scale Apps for Android

Being open-source, Android is one of the most flexible mobile operating systems which offers functionality to do more than you could think. This had led developers to think beyond normal users’ imagination. Can you imagine the existence of digital scale apps available for Android and you being able to weigh nearly anything using these digital [...]

Best Authenticator Apps for Two-Factor Authentication on Android

If you don’t have two-factor authentication for your account, you should probably enable it quickly before your account gets easily compromised. No doubt, most of you reading this already have 2FA enabled for your online accounts. But, what authenticator apps do you use to access the 2FA code on Android? It’s easy to get carried [...]

How to Download Instagram Videos and Photos on Android and iPhone?

Instagram is a popular image/video sharing platform. In fact, it’s the most popular app at the time of writing this with over a billion active users. Even though they don’t officially share any numbers, there are third-party reports that give you a good idea of how popular it is. Considering the popularity of it, you [...]

How to Download Paid Apps for Free on Android?

No wonder that there a lot of good paid apps for Android available on the Play Store. But, is there a way to download paid apps for free on Android? Yes, but not everyone talks about it. You might have read blogs recommending APK sites which provide you the APK file to sideload the paid [...]

Mazec 3 Handwriting Recognition - Best Handwriting to text Apps to Convert Handwriting Into Text

With an ever-increasing number of smartphone users, scanner apps are all the rage now. It’s good that people now want to store their documents online. This not only reduces the chance of them getting soiled but also saves you a lot of space in your room. What about handwritten notes, though? We all have handwritten [...]

Best Nova Launcher Themes and Customization Tips for Nova Launcher

Nova launcher is known for its incredible flexibility and robust options. You can give your smartphone the best possible look and feel using Nova launcher. However, it is not just the launcher that comes into play. You also need to have the right combination of wallpapers and themes to make your home screen set up [...]

Best Reddit App - Top 7 Best Reddit Apps for Android

Reddit is a great social media platform. Unlike Facebook/Twitter, Reddit is all about communities in contrast to individuals. We’ll keep the discussion separate as to why you prefer to use Reddit – but for me, it’s just a superior social media platform information/quality-wise. But, why are we talking about Reddit apps for Android while there’s [...]

Top 10 Best Video Recording Apps For Android

There are times when you need to record videos on Android. Thankfully, Android smartphones come with amazing cameras these days which allows you to record amazing quality videos. But what if you want to take video recording functionality on Android to the next level? You’ll need a third-party video recording app for your Android phone. [...]

How to Install TWRP Fastboot Flash Recovery using TWRP Manager?

TWRP is a popular custom recovery image for Android devices. You will need to have TWRP installed if you plan on flashing a custom ROM or modding your smartphone with some interesting features. It sounds all cool and there’s a good amount of Android users utilizing TWRP. However, you should also note that using a [...]

It is always easy to transfer files from an Android device to another Android. However, when it comes to transferring files between different platforms, there are certain tools or methods that you need to remember in order to properly transfer the files from Android. Want to transfer files from Android to iPhone? Sure, no problem. [...]

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