Best Senior Citizen Apps for Elderly People - Apps for Elderly

Just like Spotify advertises “There’s a playlist for that”. Similarly, there’s an app for everyone, no matter whether you are a nerd or just a sucker for tech or a senior citizen looking for senior citizen apps. Fret not, the apps that we curated for senior citizens aren’t complex at all – it’s all simple [...]

How to Disable Proximity Sensor on Android

Proximity sensors are necessary when considering a smartphone for purchase. In the early days of Android smartphones, not every device had those sensors. But, nowadays, every smartphone includes those sensors. If you are not aware, proximity sensors are the ones which help you turn off the screen while you are on a call (in proximity [...]

How to Tweak Rooted Android using GravityBox Unlocker

GravityBox, you might have heard about it before. But, it’s the next best thing for you if you like tweaking and rooting your Android device to make the most out of it. You can do a lot of things – but you need GravityBox to work in order to tweak a rooted Android smartphone. For [...]

Games Like Boom Beach that are Very Similar to Boom Beach

Boom Beach is an incredibly popular mobile game developed by Supercell for Android and iOS. It is a strategy game similar to Clash of Clans but takes a modern approach with the weapons, soldiers, and overall concept. Even though it still has a good playerbase and people love it for what it is – unfortunately, [...]

Best Free Call Blocker Apps for Android to Block Calls and Text Messages on Android - Free Call Blocking Apps for Android

It can be incredibly annoying to receive calls and messages from strangers. They are just a complete waste of time and also sometimes threatening as well. If you are receiving calls or text messages from unknown people, then you are not alone. It is one of the biggest problems of phone users, and thankfully, there [...]

Top 5 Best Free Android Flashlight Apps - Best Flashlight Apps for Android

Oh, come on, don’t be silly! Why would I need a flashlight app for Android in 2019? Well, I bet, that is what you are probably thinking right now. And, that would be my first though as well – if I was not the one writing this article. However, there’s a lot of useful features [...]

Top 5 Best Minion Avatar Creator to Create Your Minion Avatar

Minions! My favorite! Well, whose isn’t? They’re the perfect little animated creatures with a real minionese language. Heck, I could go on about it, like – Kanpai! – (for Cheers) and so on. But, no matter how funny they are, they are cute as well! And, what if we had some minion avatar creators as [...]

Apps Similar to Showbox - Top 7 Best Android Movie Apps Like Showbox

Showbox is a very popular Android movie app to let you stream latest movies and TV shows for free. Even though it is believed to be the best place to stream pirated (new content) – it is very risky. No matter whether you use it on your phone or Android TV – I would not [...]

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