Everything You Need to Know About Process of Getting Hired at Google – [Infographic]

Google receives resumes from over one million people per year. Almost everyone of them has really a dream of getting hired at Google. But it is a harsh truth that only 0.01% to 0.04% of them are hired while for remaining, getting hired at Google remains a dream. So what it takes to get a job at Google ?

Looking to apply for a job at Google ? As of now, Google is top most brand of the world. And usually for all tech candidates, getting hired at Google is their top priority. Tech experts from almost all fields like engineering, designing, coding, programming, security, hacking, networking etc want to get a job at Google. Of course, it requires skills and talent. But one basic fact that you need to know before applying for job at Google is – “Only talent is not enough“. So what it takes to make it big ? And how can you increase your chances of getting hired at Google ?

Everything You Need to Know About Process of Getting Hired at Google

Let’s dive into the process of getting hired at Google. Google always looks for smart team oriented people who are eager to take challenges. So when a problem arrives and you are the member of team, you may take the challenge and lead the way in appropriate time.

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What is the Process of Getting Hired at Google ?

Recently in an interview with Laszlo Bock, senior vice-president of people operation at Google it was concluded that more than half of the roles in company are technical roles. And for technical roles, mainly mathematical, computing and coding skills are assessed. But assessment mainly depends upon interview. So you are likely to be interviewed by a group of four-five people, so called “group of Googlers“. Based on their overall feedback you are likely to get hired (Source).

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We have a wonderful infographic from JobVine that depicts everything you need to know about getting hired at Google. Let’s check it out . . . Β ! πŸ™‚

Getting Hired at Google - What Does it Takes to Get Hired at Google ?The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Google is more focused on hiring individuals who have better leadership skills, role-related knowledge and Googleyness – How you collaborate with others. What is most important in assessment is – how you think and react rather than your skills and talent only.

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