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Android is one of the most popular mobile operating system. We often use our Android devices every single moment from calling to messaging, checking mails, listening music, playing games, adding reminders and moving from one apps to another etc. As we daily use our phones we have lots of interesting and important data in our phones. So we always think to backup our android device data with best android data recovery apps to secure our data.

The advantage of  taking backup of our data is that we can always restore our important data even if unfortunately we lost our phone or accidentally we deleted them from our phone.

Some of the mobile phone company running on Android operating system, offer an assistant to backup call logs, messages, contacts, media files and settings. But what about those devices that don’t have any such assistant file ? Such device users need to install best Android data recovery app to backup and restore their SMS & contacts along with other important data.

Best Android Data Recovery Apps - Super Backup

But as the Android’s play store is a dynamic app store where new apps keep coming every now and then, so it becomes quite difficult to choose the best Android data recovery app among them.

If you are having such type of devices then you are at right place. Here I’ll tell you about the ways to backup and restore android devices and data with best Android data recovery app.

If you will Google about tips to backup and restore android device then you will get many results with step by step process. Which are just a waste of your time. Because why to waste your time in performing different steps of long tutorial if you can do it easily by an apps ?

Okay, here I’m sharing easiest and superb way to backup and restore android devices using best Android data recovery apps.

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Super Backup : Best Android Data Recovery App

Though you can backup and restore android device data by connecting to PC but for this you have to depend on other device. This app will help you to backup your data with your own device. So let’s talk about the best Android data recovery app.

What is “Super Backup : SMS & Contacts” ?

Super Backup is a light weight fastest data backup app in android Play store. You can backup contacts, sms-messages and other important data and files/folders using this android data recovery app.

Not only contacts and sms, but also apps, call logs, bookmarks, calenders etc. can be backed-up and restored.

So all you have to do is – Install the app [Download link] and take a backup of your important data.

Super Backup - Best Android Data Recovery App

What After Taking Backup ?

After taking backup, you can share it with e-mail and also upload it in your Google Drive as per your wish. Thus making it easier for you to access your data on any other Android devices.

How to Restore Android Device Data Using Super Backup Android Apps

You can get free version of this best Android data recovery app in play store but for Ads free you will have to go for pro version.

Note : Super Backup offers backup and restore app data features but only to rooted phones. [Drawback]

You can also schedule automatic backups and upload to Google Drive.

If your phone comes with inbuilt storage then the default backup folder is in internal storage. So if you want to restore your android device data please change the location of backup file in your external SD card.

Changing Device Backup File Location in Super Backup Android Data Recovery Apps

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The Pro Review from TechReviewPro

Super Backup is a very useful and best Android data recovery app that ensures you will never lose your data again ! I think it is a must have Android app, if you think your data are important for you. Just install it and do settings….rest is done by apps itself. So now no need to perform step by step lengthy and tricky process to backup and restore Android device data.

Do you know any other best Android data recovery apps that work similar to Super Backup ? Do let me know via comment section below. Also, share how do you backup your Android device ?

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