Top 6 Best No Crop Apps for Instagram (Android & iOS)

Instagram is unquestionably the image-sharing app in the current trends. You got to have an Insta account if you want to influence people or promote your creations or simply just socialize.

Whatever it is you do – or want, Instagram does not do well with portrait photos. It lets you crop it (which is too close) but it does not zoom out to display the complete portrait picture.

Now that you’re here searching for no crop apps – you already know why you want it. So, in this article, I shall mention the best no crop apps available for Instagram on Android and iOS.

6 Best Paid and Free No Crop Apps for Instagram

Similar to image editing or photo editing apps, you will find a bunch of no crop apps as well.

To avoid installing useless applications from Play Store, I recommend you choose the one that “works”. Here are my suggestions for the best no crop apps for Instagram:

1. Square InPic – Photo Editor & Collage Maker

Square InPic - Photo Editor & Collage Maker - Best No Crop Apps For Instagram

Platform: Android

Square InPic is a quite popular photo editor and collage maker which helps you create no crop photos for Instagram.

As you can see in the image above, the picture wasn’t cropped – but the blur effect makes it more attractive. It’s not just limited to the Instagram worthy editing, you can also utilize it for generic photo editing purpose.

You also get the option to add some cool emojis to your photo. In addition to all that, you do get the ability to adjust the photo (tweak the brightness, contrast, etc.) and add a filler of your choice. It is definitely worth trying out!

2. Square Insta Pic

Square Insta Pic - Best No Crop Apps For Instagram

Platform: iOS

If you were looking for a no crop app to utilize for Instagram on your iPhone or any other iOS device – this might be a good pick. Square Insta Pic may not be the most popular application on the app store – but it is one of the best ones to get the job done.

Similar to the previous one I mentioned for Android, it also lets you tweak and adjust your photos. The blur effect, the collage editing, and a few more editing options are available as well. You can also post the full-size photo with staw (background colors) instead of blurring it.

Also, you get to add the stickers to your photo when needed. Overall, it is one of the nicest apps on the App Store for iPhone as a no crop app.

3. No Crop & Square for Instagram

No Crop & Square for Instagram - Best No Crop Apps For Instagram

Platform: Android

Yet another option if you have an Android device. It is a very popular application to share full-sized photos with some fine adjustment options available.

Unlike other no crop apps, it may not feature a lot of editing tools – but it does what it does best and that’s why it is one of the popular options out there.

However, it does include a lot of filters to choose from. So, if you want to make your no crop photo pop, you can try the filters included with this app. Also, do note that the app contains in-app ads – may not be annoying, but you get the option for in-app purchases to rid of it.

4. Square Fit Size – Collage Maker Photo Editor

Square Fit Size - Collage Maker Photo Editor - Best Free No Crop Apps For Instagram

Platform: Android

There’s plenty of no cropping apps for Android – and this is one of the decent ones we could find for you. Compared to the other no crop apps in this list – this could prove to be a bit more feature-rich with the ability to edit photos.

The adjustments or editing tools are quite useful in making the photo look great. And, as a cherry on the top – it also supports making the portrait photos better without needing to crop and upload it to Instagram.

However, the only let downside here is that – it includes in-app advertisements, but no optional in-app purchases to get rid of it. So, unless you mind that – you’re good to go.

5. InSquarer – No Crop for Instagram

InSquarer - No Crop for Instagram - Best Free No Crop Apps For Instagram

Platform: iOS

Fret not, we’re not leaving behind the iPhone users. This is a pretty great no crop app that you’d want to utilize for Instagram on iOS devices.

However, you need to purchase it for $0.99 which isn’t much – but I must mention it. Apart from the fact that it is a paid application, it is a dead-simple application without any in-app advertisements.

Unfortunately, the app is no longer maintained – so you won’t receive any new feature updates. If you require a no-nonsense app for Instagram pictures, you must try it out.

6. Instasize: Photo Editor & Collage

Instasize: Photo Editor & Collage - Free No Crop Apps For Instagram

Platform: Android and iOS

A pretty popular Instagram collage maker app for both Android and iOS users. Yes, it is available on Play Store and App Store as well.

Mind you, this may not be one of most feature-rich photo editors. However, the premium-grade filters and the ability to customize the photo for social networks is a good thing. So, not just limited to Instagram but you can also edit your photos for other social networks.

In addition to all the basic features, if you are a premium subscriber, it will unlock exclusive filters and tools to utilize for your pictures. Of course, that is optional – but if you are someone who looks for some premium exclusive to try, this is for you.

Download: Play Store | App Store

Other Options To Explore for No Crop App

We did mention that you should stick to our recommendations first. However, if you are still not satisfied or want something else with the no crop apps for Instagram, you can hit the Play Store or App Store to search for more available options.

As a note, you should look for no cropping applications that do not include ads or if it does – it should include an in-app purchase option to get rid of it.


Now that you know of the best no crop Instagram apps – it is time for you to test them for your personal usage. You might like filters on one and the editing tools on the other, so try our mentioned suggestions to find what’s suitable for you.

Personally, Instasize is my favorite. However, that is just subjective to my usage. So, it wouldn’t hurt to try them all and find out what you like.

Do you have any suggestions to make? Did we miss any of your favorite no crop app for Instagram that deserved a mention?

Let me know about it in the comments below.

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