Top 3 Best Visual Translator Apps for Android and iPhone

A translation service always comes in handy for every traveler. Not just limited to them, but even if you never leave your city (just like me) you will still need the use of translator apps to help you communicate with someone online or a tourist to help them out.

Now, usually, text translation is easy and it is just a search away. What about visual translator apps?

Suppose you have an image that has written something over it or a signboard for instructions in a foreign country. It would be an inconvenience to type it in to translate it into the language you know, right?

So, an app that could just scan through the image and translate the text should do the job. And that’s where visual translator apps come in handy. There are a few visual translator apps for Android and iPhone that are actually good and do the work perfectly. But finding these visual translator apps is not as easy as it could be.

Top 3 Best Visual Translator Apps for Android and iPhone

But fret not! We understand your concern and that’s why we have put together this article to help you find all the useful visual translator apps for Android and iPhone in a single place.

1. Google Translate

Best Visual Translator Apps for Android and iPhone

Undoubtedly, with the biggest search engine and all that data, Google Translate is easily the best and most effective visual translator app available for both Android and iPhone.

You can translate by using voice functionality, text, or using the camera. It is worth noting that Google Lens and translate isn’t the same, Lens just helps you give you information about what you see in the image, not a translation.

In addition to the functionality of visual translation, Google Translate also allows offline translation depending on the settings for your preferred language and downloaded database. It also lets you translate instantly even while you are using another app by popping up as a floating bubble similar to Facebook Messenger.

2. Microsoft Translator

Top Visual Translator Apps for Android and iPhone

Microsoft Translator is yet another impressive service that can also be used as one of the most effective visual translator apps. It is also available for both Android and iOS.

Similar to Google, Microsoft’s Translator is also pretty accurate and you can rely on it. So, it all comes down to your preference if you like using Microsoft services over Google or the opposite. Here, you can also download data for offline use and translate text without needing an active Internet connection.

The visual translation works flawlessly through the camera and it is also interesting to see that you can create and translate group chats as you type in. You can check out the list of supported languages and explore it.

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3. Waygo (iOS only)

Best Visual Translator Apps for iPhone

Waygo is an interesting visual translator app tailored for iOS that supports limited languages. The languages include Chinese, Japanese, and Korean.

For instance, if you want to translate things that only focus on these three languages, Waygo can be a solution. Of course, it is a niche-specific visual translator and may not be useful for every scenario but you can compare it with the other two visual translator apps mentioned above and decide.

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Other Visual Translator Apps:

There aren’t many useful visual translator apps as accurate as to the ones mentioned above. However, in case you want to explore more options, you might just try hitting the Play Store or the App Store to search for a “camera translator” to find a few listed camera translator apps that can act as visual translator app.

Honestly, I do not like any of the options listed, more or less because they use Google Translate at its core. So, better use Google Translate, right?

But, I do want to mention Baidu translate if you want to use the browser to translate stuff. In addition to that, there’s also a Photo Translator that you can try (it contains in-app ads).


Visual translation apps should definitely make it easier to decode what something means if it’s written in a different language that you are not aware of.

Of course, you can just use something like Duolingo to learn a language, but it is time-consuming and it is not the solution always.

Hope you found this list of visual translator apps to be useful. Feel free to let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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