Download Geometry Dash APK 2.111 – Geometry Dash Full Version APK Download

Geometry Dash is one of the most addicting Android games that you’ll love playing. If you are like me, you probably love playing games on your Android phone. Just like any other Android games, you can search for Geometry Dash APK and download Geometry Dash app on your Android phone.

However, when you search for Geometry Dash full version APK download, you rarely find any trusted source for downloading the app. The problem with most of these downloading app sources is that they are heavily spammed with loads of ads, and when you try to download Geometry Dash APK for Android, you get an outdated version with lots of pop-ups and ads.

If you want a clean APK version of Geometry Dash game, thankfully, we have got you covered. In this post, you’ll find the APK file of Geometry Dash app for Android that you can quickly download on your Android phone. If you are iOS user and want to download Geometry Dash full version on your iPhone, you’ll also get Geometry Dash for iPhone.

Geometry Dash is one of my favorite games and recently, I was trying to download the APK file of Geometry Dash games on my Android phone but unfortunately, couldn’t as most of the sites offering the free download of the app were spamming users by redirecting from one source to another. I feel the pain of users, and that’s why I decided to write this comprehensive guide to help you download Geometry Dash on Android phone.

Geometry Dash Full Version APK Download

Geometry Dash is a Rhythm-based action platforming games in which you jump and fly here and there guiding your way to the cross the levels. You’ll also encounter nearly impossible challenges as the Geometry Dash game presents you with some dangerous passages and spiky obstacles. You have to keep jumping, flying and flipping your way through the world of Geometry Dash.

Some of the cool features of Geometry Dash App for Android are:

Geometry Dash Apk free full version downloadGeometry Dash is a very simple and straightforward game. It is quite easy to play. However, you’ll often find yourself spending endless hours playing Geometry Dash game for Android as it’s very addictive.



Geometry Dash APK FreeGeometry Dash for Android wins here as it doesn’t have any annoying in-app purchase. You can enjoy the full version of Geometry Dash APK for free without any limitation.



Geometry Dash APK Level EditorCan you believe it? The Geometry Dash game is one of those finest games for Android that offer you a level editor. You can use the level editor to build and share your own levels. Excited? Go and download the full version of Geometry Dash APK for free.



Geometry Dash APK Unique Sound TrackGeometry Dash game presents you with lots of challenging levels. You’ll find each level becoming tougher than the previous one as you progress from one level to another. Each of the levels has unique a soundtrack, and they’ll keep entertaining with the background music playing as you keep playing the Geometry Dash game on your Android phone.

Geometry Dash APK RewardsSome of the most addicting games are those that offer lots of achievements and rewards for unlocking. Geometry Dash game for Android is a similar one. It also has many rewards and achievement waiting for you to unlock as you keep progressing through the game.


Geometry Dash APK Custom CharactersGeometry Dash game also has a feature to allow you to edit and customize your character. Though you’ll love the default gaming character of Geometry Dash, the game provides you option to customize your character as well. Unlock new icons and colors to customize your character. Download Geometry Dash apk for free and try customizing your gaming character.

Geometry Dash APK Practice ModePractice Mode: As I mentioned earlier, each level is very challenging, and you mightn’t be well equipped with performing jumps, flips and fly to skip obstacles when playing for the first time. This happens! And it’s not shameful. The fact is the same happened to me as well. When I downloaded Geometry Dash APK on my Android phone and started playing the games, I found it very challenging. Thankfully the game had a practice mode where I could practice and sharpen my skills before performing my moves in the main battle. You may also use the practice mode to sharpen your skills before trying the primary levels.

Download Geometry Dash Apk for Free

Download Geometry Dash APK

Geometry Dash APK Download Version Info

What did you see above was the clean APK file of Geometry Dash APK available for free download. You can download it now and enjoy the free download of Geometry Dash app for Android. We have provided Geometry Dash full version APK for free download in this post along with the updated date. Please check this out below:

App Name Geometry Dash Apk
App Version 2.111
App Size 78.6MB
Download Link Download From Here
Rooted Device? No Need to Root Device
iOS Support? Yes. Available for iPhone

The Released Older Versions of Geometry Dash APK:

  • Geometry Dash APK 2.110
  • Geometry Dash APK 2.100
  • Geometry Dash APK 2.011
  • Geometry Dash APK 1.90
  • Geometry Dash APK 1.811

How to Download Geometry Dash Full Version for Free on Your Android Phone?

Geometry Dash app for Android is available for download here. Download full version of Geometry Dash APK latest version from below. Once you click the download button below, Geometry Dash app for Android will start downloading in your preferred browser; mine is Google Chrome.

Download Geometry Dash APK

Once you have downloaded Geometry Dash full version APK, Chrome will show you download complete success message “Geometry Dash full version APK has been downloaded” with an option to open the downloaded file. Tap on Open. You’ll see something like this:

Download Geometry Dash APK for Free on Android

For your security, Android doesn’t allow your phone to install unknown apps from third-party sources. But thankfully you can still install Geometry Dash APK on your Android phone.

Tap Settings and toggle on “Allow from this source” to give Chrome permission to install Geometry Dash app on your Android phone.

How to Download and Install Geometry Dash APK for Free

Go back and perform the install process again. Geometry Dash app will ask for certain permissions, tap Install and the full version of the app will start installing.

Download Geometry Dash APK 2.0 for Free on Android

Once you tap Install, you see the downloaded Geometry Dash APK file is installing on your Android phone.

Get Geometry Dash APK 2.1 For Free - Free Download Geometry Dash App for Android

After successful installation of Geometry Dash apk on your Android, you can tap Open; this will open the game for you.

Geometry Dash APK 2.1 Free Download for Android - Geometry Dash Mod APK

Voila! You have successfully downloaded the full version of Geometry Dash APK for free. The game is opening. Now start playing.

Geometry Dash APK 2.1 Full Version Download for Free - Get Geometry Dash App 2.1 for Free

Are you enjoying Geometry Dash game for Android?

Geometry Dash for Android: Geometry Dash APK Free Download for Android

The Play Store houses a lot of games. We encounter a couple of unique games that become the next big thing for Android gamers. Geometry Dash for Android is such a game. It is a unique take on how a game can incorporate endless running concept, puzzle, strategy, and pace.

Geometry Dash for Android is not by any means an easy game. It takes an interesting take on how to make things difficult by keeping it a unique and enjoyable experience at the same time. You would want challenges in a game! Won’t you?

Geometry Dash game for Android is available for $1.99. It sure is an affordable game with interesting content. Let us now get to know more about the game in details.

Package Size

Geometry Dash after installation occupies 87.39 MB of space. You would not want to install a game that would force you to free up space by deleting some of your important files and documents.

For an Android device, a game less than 100MB of this kind is good to go.

The User Interface

Geometry Dash for Android provides an easy to use interface. You get all the options at a single place which makes things quickly accessible.

Free Download Geometry Dash Full Version Apk 2.1 - Download Geometry Dash Mod APK for Free

The user interface is decent and not graphics-hungry. The game could easily run without any hiccups in a lower end device running Android Lollipop. If the user interface remains fast throughout and is easy to get comfortable with, who would not want to have a UI so good?


You would not find any fancy features in this game. However, an important feature which you get with the full version of Geometry Dash (not with the Lite version) is – Level Editor.

Geometry Dash Apk Free Download - Download Geometry Dash for Android

The Level editor lets you define a custom level of your choice. There are a lot of tools associated with the Level editor. You may just be making the next best level the developer has ever seen. If you do not want to put a lot of effort into making the best level yourself, you could try making a level which is fun to play with crazy implementations.

The Gameplay/Walkthrough

It offers a similar gameplay that you would expect from any side-scrolling game. However, it might not be the easiest thing on the Planet. You will have to practice a lot to pass through the levels featured quickly.

Download Free Geometry Dash APK on Android - Geometry Dash APK Free

Geometry – as the name mentions – includes a variety of shapes regarding obstacles and characters. So, it lets you select a character as well (the protagonist!). You can choose to have a face, no eyes, only colors, along with the ability to choose a shape for your character (Square, Circular, etc.,)

You just have to tap to jump. And, that’s what you’re going to do all the way. If you tap and hold, the character will keep on jumping. So, you will have to be fast with an insane response time to be able to tackle the obstacles and maneuver the killer objects (you will get to know when you play it, a surprise!).

A few of the levels featured cannot be unlocked unless you complete the rest. In total, there are 22 levels present. And, with the coming update (v2.2), you could expect a couple more levels as well!

Some of the levels that you should definitely try are:

  • Fingerdash
  • Blast Processing
  • Electrodynamix
  • Electroman Adventures
  • Clutterfunk
  • xStep (very interesting!)
  • Can’t let go

These are the levels that stand out from the rest. But, to easily complete these, you need to utilize the experience you gained from all the other levels of Geometry Dash APK not mentioned here. So, it is even now!

Download Geometry Dash Game for Android - Geometry Dash APK Free

You could observe two modes listed while selecting a level of your choice. A normal mode and a practice mode. You can also track your progress right there. In case you are not able to complete at least 30% of the level in normal mode, you should probably opt for the practice mode to improve the chances of scoring higher when you play in the normal mode next time.

You may not find a separate option to get started with the practicing mode. So, you just need to launch a level of your choice and then hit the pause icon to find quite a few options. Simply, click on the Diamond icon to switch to the practice mode. With practice mode enabled, you will be introduced to the checkpoints system. In a nutshell, you will get the ability to continue from the point you last died at. So, essentially it should reduce the number of tries to complete the level. And, when you are done, it would be easier to complete it in the normal mode (at least in a few numbers of tries).

The background music incorporated in the game is very good! You will also be able to create a level using the Level editor to make things even more interesting. It requires you to create an account if you want to stay in touch with your friends and compete with them on the leaderboards. You could also observe the top 100 players listed in the leaderboards.

Download Geometry Dash Apk Free - Geometry Dash for Android

Pro Tip

Patience is the key! And, if you want to get a perfect score in the normal mode, utilize the practice mode as much as you can!

Geometry Dash App Info

App Version 2.111
App Size 78.6MB
Download Link Download From Here
Rooted Device? No Need to Root Device
iOS Support? Yes. Available for iPhone

How to Play Geometry Dash APK Games on Android?

Geometry Dash App for iPhone

You might also think that if Geometry Dash app for iPhone available? So good news here for iOS users: Geometry Dash App is available for iOS. You can download it from App Store. However, unlike Android OS where you can download full version Geometry Dash apk for free, iOS doesn’t offer the free download of Geometry Dash app on your iPhone.

Although Geometry Dash Lite version is available for free download on iPhone, the main app is paid. You can buy Geometry Dash on iPhone for just $1.99 from App store. However, you want to test Geometry Dash game on iPhone for free, the only choice you have is to try: Geometry Dash Lite (although with limited access).

What’s New in Geometry Dash 2.111 APK?

If you are looking to play Geometry Dash game on Android, Geometry Dash 2.111 is the best version to go for. You can download the full version of Geometry Dash APK for free using the download link provided above.

You can enjoy Geometry Dash Lite version free download from Play Store as well, however, we would recommend playing the full version of Geometry Dash app rather that it’s lite version.

If you are wondering, what’s new in the latest download update of Geometry Dash APK for Android, you should read the below-mentioned features:

  • New Level ‘FingerDash’ – You can enjoy the all-new experience on the latest download of all new Geometry Dash full version APK download as a whole new experience of new level ‘Fingerdash’ has been added.
  • Spider Gamemode and lots of new objects – What I love most about Geometry Dash gaming app for Android are the various objects it offers. The Geometry Dash 2.111 APK is packed with all new set of objects and Spider Game mode as well.
  • New Quests and Collect New Rewards – As you know in Geometry Dash full version APK, you may go through various quests and collect rewards as well. The Geometry Dash APK 2.111 has got even better with new rewards, quests and daily levels added.
  • Bug Fixes and Editor Improvements – Geometry Dash APK offers a powerful and efficient level editor where you can use your creativity to create your own levels. In Geometry Dash 2.111 APK, the level editor has been improved a lot and various bug fixes have been noticed.

What’s Coming in Geometry Dash 2.2 APK?

  • Many new icons and effects are coming in the upcoming version of Geometry Dash app that is: Geometry Dash APK 2.2.
  • The full version of Geometry Dash will feature a new community shop in its upcoming version Geometry Dash 2.2.
  • You’ll also get weekly demon challenge in Geometry Dash 2.2 APK for Android phone.
  • In Geometry Dash 2.2 App for Android, you’ll enjoy some cool new demon chests.
  • Download Geometry Dash APK 2.2 on Android to enjoy new folders and level sorting experience.
  • With Geometry Dash 2.2 full version APK download, you’ll get level leaderboards where you can see how much score it requires to top the table in each level.
  • If you are experiencing a few bugs and crashes in Geometry Dash APK 2.111 like some rewards being duplicated etc., you are not alone. Many users experiencing this bug and the developers and worked on these tweaks and bug fixes to provide you better user experience in the upcoming version of Geometry Dash game for Android i.e. Geometry Dash 2.2 APK.

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Geometry Dash for Android is available for just $1.99. You can also find the Lite version listed at the Play Store if you want to try Geometry Dash for free. However, with the Lite version, you will not find the level editor feature and will find a couple more restrictions along with it.

So that’s the way how you can download free Geometry Dash app on Android and iOS. This was the article about how to download Geometry Dash full version APK for free. I guided you how to play Geometry Dash game unblocked. We discussed how you could enjoy Geometry Dash game on iPhone. I have also provided the latest version of Geometry Dash APK file for you to download. So download it for free and enjoy free download Geometry Dash app on Android.

If you liked this article, please consider sharing it with your friends on social media. Have you tried Geometry Dash Apk for Android already? What do you think about Geometry Dash for Android? Is it good enough? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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