How To Resize Images in Windows - Best Image Resizer Tools for Windows - Picture Resizer Tools

The original size of an image is not always accepted when you try to print or upload the picture. This is especially important when you need to upload a picture to the web, as different websites have different requirements of image size. Fortunately, resizing an image is a fundamental task, and there are dozens of [...]

Smart Defrag - Best Free Defrag Software -Best Free Disk Defragmenter - Best Defrag Program

Hard Drive Defragmentation is very important for the smooth working of your PC. With use, the data is stored in random locations on the hard drive, this leads to slower processing as system must locate the data by going through non-required files/folders. Defragmentation process puts all the bits of data in a sequence, so it [...]

CPU Overclocking - How to Overclock GPU - How to Overclock CPU - Best GPU and CPU Overclocking Software

No matter how much high-speed CPU or GPU you purchase, somehow you will always have that feeling of not having enough. New machines are being released every year with faster processing power, so we won’t blame you if your machine gets outshined rather quickly. If you think your machine isn’t powerful enough for your needs, [...]

How To Find Out if You’re Being Spied On in Windows - Best Malware Removal Tool for Windows - Best Rootkit Finder Software Tool for Windows

Privacy is a big issue in today’s world. Everyday, there is a new news regarding privacy concerns, and both individuals and corporate are target of these issues. A big contributor to these privacy issues are spying software. There are many types of spying software available these days, which will let you spy on any PC [...]

Command Prompt Tips and Tricks to Create WiFi Hotspot and Share Files

Many times, it happens that you wanted to share some files with your friend’s computer or connect to your friend’s or any person’s computer to play games on LAN but you don’t have the Ethernet cable to connect or any secondary storage devices like USB drive, SD card or external HDD to share the files. In such situation, [...]

Paragon Backup Professional Data Backup Software - Best Data Backup Software for Windows

How often have your PC crashed ? How often have you worried that all your data is lost and that you must start from the scratch ? Well, losing data and beginning from the scratch isn’t an issue if you are dealing with movies or some of your casual documents. However, when you’ve something confidential and [...]

Adware Removal Tools - Best Free Adware Removal Tools for Windows PC - Free Adware Cleaner Tools

Adware is a program that may get stored on your PC to show unwanted ads while you are online. They can be extremely annoying and also very sneaky, so it is quite common to be a victim of adware programs. On top of that, they are also good at hiding in your PC’s system, making [...]

Top 14 Best ePub Reader for Windows PC - Free eBook Readers for Windows

There has been a revolution in book reading with the introduction of eReading. There is no need of carrying heavy books with you anymore, or stuffing the shelf with books of all types and then manage them as well. You can get a dedicated eBook reader device, or better yet, get one of the best [...]

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