Best Free System Information Utilities to Check System Specs Windows - How to Find System Specs on Windows 7

A PC consists of dozens of hardware components, and each of them serves a different purpose. Your PC does have the option to see some basic information regarding CPU, GPU, RAM, Sound and few other essential components. However, what about all the components of the PC and detailed information about each one of them? Well, [...]

How to Add Digital Signature in Word Doc - Best Digital Signature Software to Add Digital Signature in Word - How to Sign a Word Document Digitally - Insert Electronic Signature in Word

In this digital age, we use digital editors to write documents, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs. While we digitally work with documents, the need of signing the document and inserting the digital signature to authenticate them also persists. However, it can be tedious to scan the document and sign it, and then scan [...]

6 Best Free Instant Messaging Program Clients for PC

Instant messaging programs and apps are big things on smartphones with apps like WhatsApp, Viber, Kakaotalk, and Skype all having this feature built-in to make chatting easier. However on the PC, the experience is not as comfortable or at least, not powerful enough than a PC deserves. It’s simple and fast to manage multiple instant [...]

Edit Windows Context Menu Add Item - Windows Context Menu Editor - Windows Explorer Context Menu - Windows Context Menu Cleaner

If you download a lot of programs and install them carelessly, there is a good chance your Windows context menu (right-click menu) will be quite stuffed. Many programs add their functions to the context menu, which leads to a bigger and untidy context menu. This increases the total load time of the context menu and [...]

It can be really frustrating to solve a technical problem over call or message. For both the user and the technical support provider, it can become a nightmare with confusions in every step. This is where screen sharing software can solve all your communication problems, and see any type of process on screen in real-time. [...]

Browsers control most of your internet activity, so having a good browser is of utmost importance. If you use a browser that can’t fulfill your browsing needs, it will surely affect your internet experience. We have access to dozens of browsers, each made to take care of different needs. Some focus on performance, some have [...]

How To Resize Images in Windows - Best Image Resizer Tools for Windows - Picture Resizer Tools

The original size of an image is not always accepted when you try to print or upload the picture. This is especially important when you need to upload a picture to the web, as different websites have different requirements of image size. Fortunately, resizing an image is a fundamental task, and there are dozens of [...]

Smart Defrag - Best Free Defrag Software -Best Free Disk Defragmenter - Best Defrag Program

Hard Drive Defragmentation is very important for the smooth working of your PC. With use, the data is stored in random locations on the hard drive, this leads to slower processing as system must locate the data by going through non-required files/folders. Defragmentation process puts all the bits of data in a sequence, so it [...]

CPU Overclocking - How to Overclock GPU - How to Overclock CPU - Best GPU and CPU Overclocking Software

No matter how much high-speed CPU or GPU you purchase, somehow you will always have that feeling of not having enough. New machines are being released every year with faster processing power, so we won’t blame you if your machine gets outshined rather quickly. If you think your machine isn’t powerful enough for your needs, [...]

How To Find Out if You’re Being Spied On in Windows - Best Malware Removal Tool for Windows - Best Rootkit Finder Software Tool for Windows

Privacy is a big issue in today’s world. Everyday, there is a new news regarding privacy concerns, and both individuals and corporate are target of these issues. A big contributor to these privacy issues are spying software. There are many types of spying software available these days, which will let you spy on any PC [...]

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