15 Cool Notepad Tricks and Hacks to do Coll Things with Notepad

Notepad is a simple text editor with almost no support for advanced features like colours, pictures and other advanced document editing features. In most cases, it is used for removing formatting from the text as Notepad doesn’t paste original formatting, or for compiling code as it is very light and clean. Apart from that, there [...]


Having cool desktop backgrounds wallpaper on your PC may be one of the best eye-sight to inspire you with freshness whenever you are starting your working session. Being a workaholic if you are spending long hours near your desktop screen, then looking at the same desktop background wallpaper would really be very boring. However, there [...]

Microsoft-edge-browser - Cool Microsoft Edge Tips and Tricks For Windows 10 Beginners

Microsoft’s Windows default web browser is no longer Internet Explorer. The introduction of ‘Project Spartan‘ as Windows 10 default browser is a bold decision by Microsoft to improve its browsing property which means now Microsoft’s new browsing strategy is ‘Microsoft Edge‘ – a New brand name for ‘Project Spartan.’ Windows 10 users will have the [...]

Windows 10 Insider Preview - Why Windows 10 is Free

With the all news going around about the Microsoft’s Windows new version – Windows 10 and the Microsoft developers quite busy in providing it’s upcoming product the final touch before the official launch of Windows 10 on July 29, 2015, ever wondered why Windows 10 is free? Yes, Microsoft as per its promise, is ready [...]

Top 7 Best Google Voice Desktop Apps Clients

Despite the integration of Google Voice into Hangout SMS, the importance of Google Voice hasn’t gone down, and there are many fans of Google Voice who still love to call or SMS their favorite contacts using it on the web. Since there is no official desktop client for Google Voice(except Chrome extension), so you need [...]

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