Must Know Facts About Evolution and Growth Of Facebook – [Infographic]

Friends, Family, Fans, Followers and Facebook these 5 – F hold an important role in our lives. These are the special 5 – F with whom we share the best of our memories and experiences of life. Out of these five, one that has become most popular is – Facebook.

Facebook is getting increasingly more and more popular with every second that passes away. No doubt about the fact that, now a days it has become an integral part of our livelihood. Founded by Mark Zuckerberg on 4th of February 2004, it has attained immense growth in last a decade and has become a new definition of social media. The story of evolution and growth of Facebook has set up a new land mark for many of social media experts and internet marketers.

Facebook has significantly evolved and grown since it came to existence in 2004. According to a popular BBC Technology reporter, Dave Lee, Facebook now has more than one billion active users every month. There are currently 219 billion photos on Facebook, 1.13 trillion ‘likes’ and 17 billion check-ins.

Making it simple to understand these facts, I’m sharing Must Know Facts About the Evolution and Growth Of Facebook – [Infographic] today.

Social Networking Giant Facebook not only helps in Connecting with Friends but also in Marketing Your Business.

Before that let me tell you the funny part of this story. Facebook has attracted our younger generation more than any other age group. For many teenagers, having a Facebook account is more important than holding the proof of identity of citizenship which they acquire later.

There is rarely any day when teenagers can sleep without checking their Facebook accounts – something that is really an online asset for them. Facebook is working like sleeping pills which makes a great impact on teenager’s personal as well as social life.

Aren’t we on the verge of including Facebook in our Basic Needs ?

Facts About Evolution and Growth of Facebook :

Must Know Facts About Evolution and Growth of Facebook

Infographic Credit : Xcellent Media

The Pro View from TechReviewPro

In this story of evolution and growth of Facebook, one fact that must be attached is that – Facebook has also grown from connecting friends to internet marketing, social media marketing, advertising and various kinds of business. Thus, Facebook has opened a wide range of opportunities that you can grab to earn money from Facebook with proper social media marketing skills and smart work.

However, do let me know if you have any story about Facebook via comment section below. I’m waiting eagerly to hear your story.

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